house|Figuring out how to boost house value.|Feeling of a clean home|Landscaping|Ways to Boost House Value|
house|Figuring out how to boost house value.|Feeling of a clean home|Landscaping|Ways to Boost House Value|
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November 16, 2018

Ways to Boost House Value

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As any real estate agent will tell you, selling a home in NYC is no easy matter. Usually, people get surprised by the difference in the amount they were hoping to get, and the amount in which the house gets estimated. Well, in order to reduce that amount and make the most out of selling your home, there are a couple of things you need to do. Sure, they may be a bit difficult and troublesome. But, if you manage to do them properly, you will successfully boost house value and yield a much larger profit on your sale.


Before you start doing anything in order to boost house value, you need to make a solid plan. Only if you consider a house as a whole can you figure out how to approach fixing it up. Furthermore, you will have a clearer idea on what needs to be done, if you are able to do it yourself and will the improvements pay off. Rember, you are doing this to boost house value, not make the best home possible.

Figuring out how to boost house value.

Money should be your only objective when selling a house. That is why you want to boost house value.

Cost vs value

The first tools you are going to use when increasing your home value are pen and paper. You need to write everything down and figure out which improvements are worth the money spent. If the improvement will cost more than the increase in value, you shouldn't do it. But, how much will those improvements cost and how much will they increase the value of your home? Well, to know that you need to talk to a professional. Hire a reliable real estate agent and let them help you with your plan. They will also have a reliable home improvement service, for those jobs that you cannot tackle on your own.


Another thing you will need to consider is how competent you are. Look, it's it nothing personal. You may be a quite competent person. But, do not let yourself lose money on your home because of your ego. People have been flipping property for ages and there are things that, as a rookie, you simply cannot know about. Get yourself a real estate agent and get some professional carpenters to improve your home and boost house value. Make sure that you can trust the people you hire, as you will have to work with them for quite a while before you sell your home. Similar to looking for Jersey City movers, you want to look for, and interview as many professionals as you can, before you settle on the best one.

Room by room

Final advice regarding the plan of the improvement is to go room by room. A lot of people start planning and fixing up their entire house. And, while the professionals helping you will have no objections, you will force yourself to live in a constant mess for months. That is tremendous stress to put on yourself and anyone living with you. When you start to boost house value do it room by room so you can organize your life around the project. You can simply get moving boxes NYC, and pack the entire room before remodeling it. That way you have an easy access to everything that was in the room.

Small things that boost house value

Apart from the big improvements on your home, there are smaller, quicker improvements that can easily boost house value. The beauty of these improvements is that they are the biggest bang for your buck. You don't need any special tools, so you won't have to spend money on things you will only use once. And, you don't need any professional help, if you follow some simple guidelines. Before you do any major improvements, make sure to do these things so that the value of your home is large as it can be.


This may seem like something that is painfully obvious, but surprisingly many people seem to forget doing it. Clean your home. And we don't mean that you just vacuum it and swipe the dust. No. We mean the full house cleaning. Go into every corner of the house and make sure that it is as clean as it can be. Wash your windows. Clean your toiler, thoroughly. Go to your kitchen and pull things away from the walls. Only then can you see dirt that has collected over the years. Go to it room by room and be as thorough as possible. After that, you only need to keep your NYC home clean. People know the feeling of walking into a clean house, and you will see how much they are willing to increase the price for buying such a house.

Feeling of a clean home

A clean home has a certain feeling to it, that cannot be replaced or mimicked.


Next thing to do is to paint your home. Painting is a cheap and easy way to make your home look fresh and taken care of. Figure out the optimal color for every room, and go at it. Preferably, you want to clean and paint the same room. That way you can more easily get the things out of the room, fix it, and then put the things back. Make sure to use eco-friendly paints so that your home is as healthy as possible. Plus, mentioning that your home is painted in the eco-friendly paint is bound to boost house value.

Small landscaping

Even to this day, we are amazed at how a little landscaping can yield a tremendous increase in home value. Mow your land, plant a couple of bushes and a tree and witness how your home value doubles. People that check out your home will do so from the moment they see it. Therefore, if they see a well-maintained lawn, they will think "Now this is a house worth living in." And that is exactly the reaction you want.


A little landscaping can go a long way.


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