Renting a moving truck in NYC|Moving truck|Truck cabin
Renting a moving truck in NYC|Moving truck|Truck cabin
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October 2, 2020

Tips for renting a moving truck in NYC

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If you are moving into a new apartment, you will most likely need more than a car to move all your belongings. Large essentials such as beds, tables, chairs, and sofas can be safely transported in a moving van. Of course, the safest way is to hire furniture movers NYC to help you move. But, sometimes you want or need to do it yourself. If you've never rented a van for transportation before, here are a few things you might need to know before renting a moving truck in NYC.

Know what size to rent

Trucks of different sizes are available for you and your belongings. The most important thing is to choose the right size. If you plan on moving a lot of large pieces of furniture, you will need a longer truck. But if you only have a few things, you can ask the moving company for their smallest van.

Moving truck

Most moving trucks have the size of 14 to 26 feet

Ask for rates of renting a moving truck in NYC

Get a quote from at least three NYC moving companies. Some charge hourly, while others can charge by the day, weekend, or week. This will help you figure out how to plan your move so that you only have to pay the minimum amount.

Make your reservation in advance

You might think you have rented a truck a week in advance by filling out an online form. However, the night before the start of the move, you can find that online truck moving apps did not guarantee you a van. So you can get stuck without a truck. A lesson to be learned here? You should avoid moving day disasters and make a reservation in advance and receive confirmation that a moving van is likely to be waiting for you on a moving day.

Thoroughly inspect the moving truck inside and out

Inspect the entire vehicle before renting a moving truck in NYC. Make sure tires, signals, and headlights are in working order. Watch out for scratches or dents that look minor but can cost you a lot of time. Double-check for damage inside and report it to the company representative so you don't get blamed. Most truck rental companies will mark this on your rental documents before you sign it.

Feel comfortable with the truck

If you are used to driving a smart car, mastering the transition to a huge truck will not be easy. Ask if you can sit in the driver's seat for a moment to make sure you are comfortable with maneuvering. If not, try asking a friend who has experience with larger vehicles to drive the truck for you.

Choose insurance

If anything happens while you or your friend are driving the van, you will need insurance. It will cover the cost of the car and any of your belongings damaged in an accident. Even if the insurance ends up unused, it would still be a great idea because it would probably give you peace of mind while driving.

Bring it back in good condition

If you enjoyed some food on your way back to the truck rental company, clean the truck and wipe up any crumbs or leaks. If the truck is not spotless when you return it, some companies may charge you extra. Also, don't forget to return it with the amount of gas that was in the tank when you first drove it.

Truck cabin

Make sure the cabin is spotless before you return the truckNo matter if you are moving your belongings to your new house or Long Island storage, renting a moving truck in NYC is an important step. And if you follow these tips, you will have no trouble with it.


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