Are you ready for decluttering your childrens bedroom? Start with shoes and clothes!|children|kid
Are you ready for decluttering your childrens bedroom? Start with shoes and clothes!|children|kid
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February 28, 2020

Tips for decluttering your child’s bedroom

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Decluttering your child's bedroom can become quite a chore. This, of course, depends on the amount of time you were postponing this task. Toys everywhere, clothes lying around, and much more, can simply give you the feeling of "I can't deal with this right now". And it somehow becomes a thing that you never feel like doing.And then you want to redecorate, perhaps hire fine arts movers, and all of that suddenly needs doing. This is the time when you might need a bit of organizational assistance. And that is exactly what we are going to provide, in this article. From advice on clothes and toys to artwork, school work, and video games, we are going to provide you with the best solution! So, the question is:

How to prepare for decluttering your child's bedroom?

The process of decluttering can actually go rather fast if you have an organizational scheme in mind. You can also contact your movers Long Island if you have any particularly difficult items to remove. Simply by going through the items below and forming a plan, your decluttering efforts will be enhanced! With that in mind, here is the list:

  • What to do with clothes?
  • Store old toys
  • What to do with books when decluttering your child's bedroom?
  • Artwork and school work
  • Decluttering your child's bedroom - DVDs and video games
kid's clothes

Start with old clothes! Donate or give everything away!

What to do with the clothes?

Your kid will most likely have clothes that either do not fit, or they do not want to wear them. While you may be upset that they don't want to wear auntie Karen's cardigan, it is, ultimately, the kid's choice. Obviously, this will require the presence of the child, both to try things out and to tell you what they will not wear.

Store old toys

Again, when dealing with toys, you need to involve your child in this process. They need to choose what they want to keep and what they don't want anymore. Before tossing anything in the garbage, even if it is broken, ask your kid if they really need it. Most of the time they will not need it, and it will be safe to dispose of it. However, you do want to prevent resentment if you throw away something that your kid cares for deeply.

What to do with books when decluttering your child's bedroom?

The books are easier to deal with, comparatively. Simply create two piles of books. One that your kid is reading or will read in the future, and another one that is outgrown. Of course, all the books that your child did not like will go into the second pile, as well. If you don't want to throw your kid's books away, you can pack them for storage in a day!

kid reading a book

Keep all books that your kid is still reading or like so much.

Artwork and school work

This may be the hardest part of the process. You never want to throw away something that your kid made. Those are all memories. However, if there is a lot of artwork/school work lying around, simply take the pieces that have the most memories associated with them and you can throw away the rest. You can also create a display cabinet for your fondest memories.

Decluttering your child's bedroom - DVDs and video games

Finally, there will most likely be some combination of DVDs and video games in your kid's room. Sorting them out is something that you need to let your children do. Most of the time, they will be happy to do it on their own, as it evokes great memories. If they refuse or show disinterest, simply threaten that you will throw it all away and look at how quickly they will get down to work.


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