|a woman - impact of moving house on your mental health|women laughing
|a woman - impact of moving house on your mental health|women laughing
Relocating to NYC
March 26, 2021

The impact of moving house on your mental health

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People usually forget that moving is not just relocating things from one place to another. It is a group of tasks before, during and after the moving day. When you move, there are not many things that you can do besides packing. But, the actual move can do a lot to your mental health. It is not always easy to move, especially if you have figured your life in the previous place. When it comes to moving, you just need a good and respectable NYC moving company. But, if you want to prepare mentally, here are a few things that you should know about the impact of moving house on your mental health!

How big is the impact of moving house on your mental health?

Even though you could move without any problems, some people have more troubles than others. If you belong in this group, see how the move can change your mental state:

  • Stress
  • Leaving friends behind
  • Culture shock


Stress is probably the biggest side-effect of moving. Even though you may have started on time and did everything right, you will most likely still feel stressed out and exhausted. It is usually about the hypothetical questions of whether everything is going to be okay. It is natural but it is also important that you acknowledge it. You should relax and de-stress if you can. If you have started on time, you will have time for this. But, the most important part of making the move less stressful is to prepare for the move on time!

a woman - impact of moving house on your mental health

Stress is the biggest enemy when moving!

Leaving friends behind

Relationships that we forge with our loved ones are very important. We are social beings and that means that we have to establish bonds with other people. Once you do it, it is hard to cut them. That is one of the problems when moving. When you move, you are moving away from your close ones and you can't see them all the time as before. It is certainly enough for you to feel down and depressed. The good thing is that you can easily find new friends, neighbors, coworkers. You just have to be open to new opportunities and you will do it.

women laughing

Moving away from your friends is another bad factor for your mental health

Culture shock

Depending on where you are moving, you can get shocked by the new place. It can make you feel like you do not belong there. The important thing is for you to understand and handle culture shock after the move. You should learn about the new place as much as you can because everything will be more familiar once you relocate. You will certainly adapt easier if you avoid doing this.

Reduce the impact by handling the relocation properly!

Time after the move can affect your mental state, but the move itself also may have its impact. What we mean is that if you do not handle the move properly, you will have problems that could disrupt your overall wellbeing. You need to start on time and have the right Jersey City movers by your side. If you handle the move right, you will minimize the risk and you will most likely be less stressed than the other way around.A moving company is even more important if you are moving a lot of heavy and bulky items like furniture, kitchen appliances, pool tables, etc. It is important that you have experienced furniture movers NYC and let them take care of everything. Prepare for the move adequately and you will see the difference!


Moving house doesn't come easy. Even though it may seem that you are totally alright now, bad feelings could come later to haunt you. The impact of moving house on your mental health is big and you should address this matter properly! When you have this in mind, you can prepare and maybe even prevent this by doing something before the move. We hope that your move will not be that bad and that you will be able to continue as before!


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