Pros and cons of using a moving pod to move out of state|Using a moving pod to move out of state|Writing down|Time
Pros and cons of using a moving pod to move out of state|Using a moving pod to move out of state|Writing down|Time
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October 22, 2018

Pros and cons of using a moving pod to move out of state

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Moving out of state is never easy. You have to organize, plan and research much more than you would have to if you were moving locally. Every mistake that you make will cost you since the journey your possessions are taking is long. Furthermore, if you hire a professional, they will cost you a price that might be staggering. All in all, it might seem like a good idea to handle the move yourself. But, when doing so, you probably will be using a moving pod to move out of state. Well, you need to think twice before you get yourself one. Many factors determine if using a pod is a good idea, and we are here to give them to you.

What you should know about moving pods

Before you start weighing out the pros and cons of moving pods, you need to be familiar with what moving pods are. In a nutshell, moving pods are sizable containers in which you can store pretty much all kinds of items.

Using a moving pod to move out of state

Using a moving pod to move out of state is sometimes necessary. Therefore, you need to know as much as you can about them.


Moving pods come in many different types. Most of them differ in the material and in size. Knowing all the different types will give you a better idea on which one is best suited for your move. Moving and shipping companies use corrugated boxes in 90% of relocations. That is because they are made out of corrugated fiberboard which is light, tough, and recyclable. But, even they come in different sizes and types. Make sure that you have a clear idea on how much room you will need before you start looking for a moving pod. You can also get a moving pod that comes with climate control. These can manipulate temperature and humidity and therefore help preserve your items. This is especially useful when moving fragile items and fine art. Talk with you fine art movers to find out more.


The price of your container will depend on a number of different things. Total time spent renting, the condition of return, when and how the container is paid for, all play a part. Therefore, you need to research companies in order to find a container that is offered in conditions that are best suited for you. Some of the top companies that offer moving pods are:

  • U-Haul U-Box
  • U-Pack ReloCube
  • PODS
  • Go Mini's

Before you decide on whether or not using a moving pod to move out of state is a good idea, talk with as many companies as you can. Know what you are saying no or yes to.

Pros of using a moving pod to move out of state

Now that we know what a moving pod is, we can go over what are the benefits of using one. Before we lay out the pros, remember that a moving pod is just a tool. Whether it will be of use or not is, in biggest part, dependant on you and the moving company that is working with you. Find the best Long Island movers so that your move goes as efficiently as possible.

Packing on your terms

One of the biggest causes of stress when moving to a different state is clutter. Because you are moving a large number of items, you need to lay them out all around your living space. So, in essence, you are sentencing yourself to live in clutter for the start of your packing until moving day. And that can, sometimes, take weeks. Even more, if you are trying to sell your house in NYC. If you want to avoid that, you best get yourself a moving pod. That way you can simply place all the packed items into a pod and not let them clutter your home. Avoiding needless stress is what every person should do.


When you use a moving pod, you have all the time you need to load it properly.


Furthermore, you are in total control of loading. Usually, when people move, they have to load everything within an hour. The more time they take to load, the costlier their move will be. Therefore, they rush and end up making a mistake. And if they are moving out of state, they are certainly going to end up paying for it. That is why you need to get a moving pod. By having a moving pod you give yourself enough time to load the pod properly. Make sure that you put enough padding and you distribute the weight evenly. Do not leave any room for your items to move around. You can change, adjust, and readjust whenever you think is necessary. You can correct every mistake, but you need to have enough time to do so.

Cons of using a moving pod to move out of state

As with everything in life, when it comes to moving pods there are pros. And then there are cons. While using a moving pod to move out of state is sometimes a good idea, there are situations in which it is not wise to do so.

Writing down

Consider writing down all the pros and cons of using a moving pod to get a better idea.

Hidden costs

You need to be careful when talking with the company that is providing you with the pod. Sometimes they will not mention the costs of transporting the pod to your home or certain extra charges that happen if you do something outside the agreement. Make sure to completely understand the contract you are signing before you sign it. Get legal representation, if you think it is necessary.

No control

No matter how good you packed your possessions, there is simply no way to protect them from everything. And once they are taken, they are taken. You will no longer be able to influence the place they are stored in and how they are treated. Some companies have storages that are in such bad conditions that rats and mold can get into moving pods. Every time you are using a moving pod to move out of state there is a chase that they won't reach the destination in prime condition.


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