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October 10, 2018

How Long Should You Schedule Your Move in Advance?

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When relocating to a new place, you may ask yourself about the right time to schedule your move. It is no secret you should give notice to your movers about your relocation. However, there are many factors that affect the time frame. Keep reading and find out when is the perfect time to schedule your move in advance.

The last-minute movers


The last-minute movers will move you to a new location without ant notice.There is one situation when you don't have to schedule your movers in advance. The only situation when that is not a requirement is when you have to move in a hurry. Last minute moving companies specialize in last-minute relocations. They are trained to deal with any kind of moving situation when they have to act quickly and move your belongings in a hurry. You may use quality movers in New York City if your landlord kicks you out of the apartment without any notice or you have to relocate in a day or two for business purposes. However, using the last-minute movers for your relocation may cost more than you average move. If you have to relocate at the last minute, consider using the moving service that offers a flat rate when moving your belongings without much notice.

Moving to your new home

Moving to a new home can be a big task. The entire process will require planning and great organization skills. There are many things to organize before finding quality relocation companies NYC to help you move your belongings.

to-do list

Put on paper all the task for the moving day.The first step is organizing your paperwork when moving out of state. If moving to another continent, you should handle all the traveling paperwork for your relocation. Getting your visa and other documents you need should be the first step. After that, you should make sure to find your new home. No matter if you decide to rent or buy your new residence, consider hiring professional assistance. In most cases, when moving long distance, you may not be present to inspect the property in person. That is why it is best you have someone representing your interests while negotiating.If you plan to hire professional movers for your relocation consider decluttering your home before contacting your movers. Make sure you dispose of the old items you no longer need. Also, you will downsize the moving expenses if you sell or donate the items in good condition you no longer use. That way your movers will give you the better moving estimate NYC for your relocation.You will organize better if you make a to-do list and put on paper all the move related tasks. Consider calling your movers after you finish most of the preparations for your move. Before you schedule your move, make sure you calculate your moving budget and know your moving timeline. This information will be useful to your movers for organization purposes.

How long should you schedule your move in advance?

Scheduling the movies in advance has many benefits. You will have peace of mind and the more will be able to organize better if they have more time to prepare. That is why it is best to schedule your move as soon as you find the best movers that suit your needs. Your preferred movers will need time to work out the logistics of the move and organize in advance. Consider that you should schedule your move few months in advance during the busy moving season. On the other hand, you should give your movers plenty of notice when moving out of state or you have other specific relocation needs. Keep in mind that every relocation process is different. That is why many aspects of your move may influence your decision about how long you should schedule your move in advance.

The distance of your move

The distance is another factor that will affect your notice to your movers.

  • When moving across town, you don't have to worry about booking your movers months in advance. Your relocation specialists in NYC may not need more than 2 weeks notice o fit your relocation into their schedule.
  • If you are moving within the same state, you may need to give 4 weeks notice in advance. One month will be enough for your movers to work out the logistic of your move.
  • Moving cross country may be more complicated. That is why you should let your movers know in advance when you are moving. Usually, movers will need about 8 to 12 weeks notice With that time-frame, movers will be able to coordinate the details of the move.
  • When moving long distance or interstate, make sure to schedule your move 3 or 4 months in advance. This will be enough time for your movers to work out the details and plan the long distance move.

The moving date


The timeline of your move and the move out date are very important for your movers.The moving date is one of the main factors that determine how early you should schedule your move in advance. If you are moving during the peak moving time, the end of the month weekends, make sure to let movers know 2 or 3 months in advance. If your moving date is not during the busy moving season, 4 weeks notice will be plenty of time to organize the perfect relocation.

The size of your move and the complexity of the job

Relocating the big amount of items will require a lot of time to organize. That is why you should notify you movers few weeks in advance about the size of your relocation. On the other hand, the complexity of the move can be another important factor for your movers. If you have special requirements or need additional moving services, schedule your move a month in advance. That time frame will be enough to organize all the equipment they need to work more efficiently without delays.


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