Moving a hot tub is not simple, but it's definitely worth it|Appliance dolly for moving a hot tub|Relaxing in a tub||The costs of moving a hot tub
Moving a hot tub is not simple, but it's definitely worth it|Appliance dolly for moving a hot tub|Relaxing in a tub||The costs of moving a hot tub
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May 13, 2018

Guide for moving a hot tub

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A hot tub is your favorite thing in a house, especially after work or hard day. Now, it is time to move, you found the perfect house, but you want your tub. You don't want to leave it. Moving a hot tub is not a simple job, but it is definitely worth it. Moving services NYC can do that for you. Your job is only to enjoy in a hot tub after moving. It is one of the most difficult household items to move. A hot tub is not just for relaxing, there are a lot or health benefits. Heat opens up your blood vessels and it is allowing blood to flow more easily. Also, buoyancy reduces stress on your muscles. The heat and steam help with sinus headaches.

Relaxing in a tub

A hot tub is your favorite item in a house, especially after a hard day.The easiest way to move a hot tub is to not move it at all. But, if you’ve decided that leaving your favorite home spa behind is not an option, then let's begin. First, you have to decide how can you do that. Do you need a help, or you can do it by yourself?

The easiest solution is to hire a moving company

Your best course of action is to hire someone to move your hot tub for you. Especially if you are moving somewhere far away. For example, you can hire long distance movers NYC. Why worry and make it harder, when you have someone to do that for you. You have already enough problems, and you are dealing with moving anxiety. It is the easiest and the safest solution for moving a hot tub.

Moving a hot tub by yourself

On the other hand, you want to try and move a hot tub by yourself. You will need the right equipment and plenty of manpower. The weight of a typical hot tub is about 850 pounds, so be prepared. Follow these steps:

  • Find at least 4 helpers - Moving a hot tub, as we mentioned, is not easy to do.
Appliance dolly for moving a hot tub
  • You will need a proper equipment such as appliance dollyYou will need a proper equipment - The equipment includes 1 appliance dolly, 4×4 wood pieces, a couple of four-wheeled furniture dollies and some moving straps.
  • Basic knowledge -You or a helper should have basic knowledge about how to drain and disconnect a tub.
  • Rent a large truck - Measure your hot tub, then rent a moving truck. The best truck for this job is a truck with a ramp, so you won’t want to have to lift the tub.
  • Draining and disconnecting - Unplug the spa completely from electrical currents, gas lines, and other connections that the hot tub has. Then wrap all of the cords up into the wooden enclosure. Make sure that the hot tub is drained and dry completely.
  • Bring out a hot tub from the house- Helpers should be at each corner of the tub. Then lift the tub off the ground high enough to slide the 4x4 boards under and slide furniture dollies at the tub's front and back sides. In the end, If your dollies have straps, secure them to the hot tub and use an appliance dolly if you have to deal with stairs.
  • Insert a hot tub in the truck - Finally, the hot tub is out, now roll the tub up to the truck’s ramp and tie it inside of the truck. Drive safe.

The costs of moving a hot tub

The average costs of moving a hot tub are 350-400 U.S. dollars. The total cost for an installation will vary based on the hot tub you have. The foundation for a hot tub is also important because it is heavy, so check that in your new home. Options for foundations are cement slabs and gravel patios. A gravel patio will run an average of $1,700 and cement slabs average is $2,100. Other things are the delivery and transport requirements and the electrical needs. Check these things in your new home: A 240 volt 50 AMP neutrally protected with GFCI, 50 AMP for your main breaker box, GFCI installed next to the hot tub (at least 5 feet away) and also a hot tub needs to be wired directly into control pack. The total costs for electric installation are about $700. You may need to get a permit for this project.

The costs of moving a hot tub

Calculate how much money you will need for this project.

Do you want to buy a hot tub? This is what you need to know

You want to slow down, relax and find balance. A hot tub is a perfect thing for that. People also purchase hot tubs for physical ailments. But, pay attention and check everything.Make sure there is enough room for a hot tub and make room for drainage. They must be drained and refilled every 3-4 months. Also, probably the most important thing make sure the correct type of electric is installed. Do not forget to ensure a proper ventilation is you want your tub outside. Avoid walking on grass or dirt and other debris before entering your tub. Once you enter the hot tub, you will not ever leave it.Moving a hot tub, as you can see, it's not a cheap and easy project. But, we hope that we helped you with this guide. Moving your "best friend" is definitely worth it. You can move it by yourself or simply hire a moving company to help you. Imagine, after so many problems and stress around moving, you can sit in your hot tub and enjoy. You will forget all the problems that you have. And that doesn't have a price.


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