NYC home staging ideas|NYC home staging ideas|NYC home staging|NYC home staging|NYC home staging ideas|NYC home staging|NYC home staging
NYC home staging ideas|NYC home staging ideas|NYC home staging|NYC home staging|NYC home staging ideas|NYC home staging|NYC home staging
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May 22, 2018

Efficient NYC home staging ideas

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The cut-throat NYC real estate market has driven many new trends in the industry. "Home staging" has taken off in the past couple of years and it became the staple of any NYC listing. Today at least 38% of realtors stage every home they are selling while another 14% stage only the difficult properties. Don't forget there is a big difference between home staging and interior decorating. The latter is meant to individualize the space while staging is general and meant to appeal to a broad audience. Some of the today's biggest experts in the industry started off by researching "staging" on Google, just like you are doing right now. So here are some of our efficient NYC home staging ideas.

Efficient NYC home staging ideas start simply

Price and location are key to any home sale, that said it takes more than a nice interior to sell a property. Nevertheless, home staging has been proven successful and is becoming a staple of every real estate listing in NYC. These are the simple bare essentials you need to follow to execute an efficient NYC home staging:

  • If a place is dark add light, this can be simply accomplished by adding mirrors.
  • Make sure to highlight the best qualities of your home, such as view.
  • Use a neutral palette with strategically placed pops of color.
  • Look at other listings in your neighborhood to see what they are doing.
  • Inexpensive details such as a scented candle or a fresh coat of paint can go a long way.

These are the basics for any home staging and you should be able to execute them with ease, in the process accentuating the full potential of your property. If this wasn't enough for you and you want something more "in debt" for your NYC home staging project keep on reading our article.

Get rid of the clutter

Whether you are moving or looking to stage your home for a sell or both, this rule keeps reappearing in the real estate world! Why not kill two birds with one stone? Not only that you will have less stuff to move, but your home will look more spacious as well. So before you start looking into moving costs NYC, try cleaning your space from all the excess stuff and your relocation will be cheaper by default. Give your interior a hard look and try to get rid of everything that sticks out and keep only what brings joy to your everyday life. We know it's harder than it sounds.

NYC home staging ideas

Getting rid of excess stuff will be beneficial in more than one way

Keep your furniture away from walls

A lot of people tend to keep all their furnishing against the wall, nurturing a misconception that this will make living space seem bigger. Open any "home interior" magazine and you will see the error of your ways. Try to push the furniture away from walls and position them into conversational groups. This will make the traffic flow in a room more obvious and easier to use in everyday life, not to mention that it will make your living room look spacious and trendy.

NYC home staging

Keep your furniture in cozy conversational groups

Room makeovers

If you have a useless room in your home that is used to put stuff away as some makeshift storage unit, it's time for a change. Try giving this room a new purpose by cleaning it up and redecorating it, this will then raise the price of your home. By adding a cozy armchair, a side table, and a reading lamp you can make this into a cozy reading spot. The possibilities are endless and the end goal is always the same, get the full potential out of your real estate.

NYC home staging

The cozy reading spot is a good makeover idea.

Lighting is everything in NYC home staging

If you wondered how expert staggers get their listings to look so good, it's probably because they know how to manipulate light. This is a major factor for any successful NYC home staging, and you can achieve it too with some expert guidance. Try to accumulate a total of 100 watts for every 50 square feet of your home. To achieve this increase the wattage in your light fixtures and lamps. If you want to take it up a notch use this golden rule and make sure you have all three in your home:

  • Ambient (general, overhead)
  • Task (pendant, under-cabinet or reading)
  • Accent (table and wall)
NYC home staging ideas

Lighting is everything in home staging.

Be creative with your art display

If you are like most people you hang your art on high points, in a circle around your room. This practice makes your paintings almost invisible. Before you start researching fine arts movers NYC tries to be more creative about positioning. Brake up the line and hang your art in a creative way which will make your space pop. Try different groupings and levels to start.

NYC home staging

Be creative when you are hanging your art.

Use the right accessorize

Make your living space special by using the right accessorize and do it in odd numbers. Items should also vary in size and weight, making it a dynamic display. Don't just line them up on your coffee table, try placing them in a triangular shape. Always put larger items in the back and smaller in front. If you want to step it up a notch use different colors and textures. When it comes to your couch or bed, use fabric layering and pillows of various sizes and texture. This will give your place that high-end magazine look and possibly drive up the price as well!

An inexpensive way to stage a kitchen

Upgrading your old kitchen can be quite expensive but a good investment if you're looking to raise the price of your real estate. If you can't afford new cabinets, just get new drawers and door fronts. To visually upgrade the dishwasher try using laminate paper to cover the front of it. You can also contact the manufacturer to see if they sell just the front panel. Make sure your kitchen is clutter free as well and nice and clean of course.

Make your bathroom look like the spa

If your bathroom is in dire need of repair think about investing some money into hiring a professional tile painter. A professional can make your bathroom look amazing and with the addition of accessories, your prospective buyers will think they are in a legit spa. Put on items such as candles, decorative baskets with rolled up hand towels and a nice artisan soap. Chain stores such as Target offer amazing decorative items for bathrooms with prices to match. If you're not looking to spend any money a deep clean and de-cluttering will do the trick.

NYC home staging

De-clutter your bathroom as well and use decorative details to make it look like the spaNYC home staging has never been easier with these savvy tips and tricks. Staging your home will give you a much-needed edge in the competitive NYC real estate market. Especially if you are at a more modest price point, staging can drastically increase your profit. Here at Capital City Movers we highly encourage any action that will be beneficial for you and your future home. We hope this article will help you reach your goals.


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