Phone is one of the items that you should pack in your essentials bag!|medications|phone
Phone is one of the items that you should pack in your essentials bag!|medications|phone
Moving out of NYC
March 19, 2020

What to pack in your essentials bag for a long-distance move?

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When undertaking a long-distance move it is really important to take extra care with packing. You need to take extra care when packing not only your belongings that will be transported but your essentials bag, as well. Some of the things that you definitely need to pack in your essentials bag are medications, spare clothes, valuable items, and some snacks and water. If you have extra space, you may wish to put some entertainment items like a portable console inside as well. During the move some of your items may not even arrive in your free storage NYC solution, if you have one. During those times, when you don't have the access to the rest of your stuff, the essentials bag will be your only friend, so to speak.

Prepare for the relocation - pack your essentials bag in advance!

That is why you really need to take care when thinking about what to put inside this bag. Consider the following:What should you pack in your essentials bag?

  • Medication and toiletries
  • Spare clothes
  • Phone and the laptop
  • Jewelry and valuable items
  • Pack enough snacks and water in your essential bag

Don't forget to pack medications in your essentials bag.

What should you pack in your essentials bag?

Basically, everything that is essential for you needs to be inside the bag. Consider spending a couple of days with only the items within the bag. If you can honestly say "yeah, my life will be alright if I only have these items" then your bag is complete. However, even if you don't think you might need some items, consider adding the following:

Medication and toiletries

Your regular medication should go into the bag. Simple as that. You can't afford to be in a situation where you need your meds and you don't have them. The same goes for toiletries. Hygiene is really important, especially in these challenging times, so you need to be well-stocked and prepared. If you ask any of the New Jersey movers about what people complain that they did not bring, it will be these items.

Spare clothes

What happens if your clothes get ruined somehow? That's right, you take spare ones from the bag. Jokes aside, you really need to have a change of clothes inside the essentials bag. You never know what can happen to you at any given point. Having a set of clothes on the ready will make it a lot easier if something does occur to your regular set.

Phone and the laptop

Obviously, you will want to have your connections with the world with you at all times. To be quite frank, most people consider these two to be the most essential items. Before food, even. However, if you are planning to ship your laptop and other valuables, you should know how to pack them for shipping in advance.


Your phone and laptop should also be in your essentials bag!

Jewelry and valuable items

Small valuables also need to be within the bag. While not really essential for your day to day life, these items will be a lot safer with you than with any mover. Also, in a really tight spot, they can come quite handy, too. Make sure to keep them safe. They can literally be your lifeline.

Pack enough snacks and water in your essentials bag

Finally, make sure that your essentials bag contains plenty of water and snacks. This is to make your trip to your new home a lot more enjoyable, in case you can't get refreshments or snacks easily.


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