mover with a mask on|girl sitting amongst moving boxes|moving during Covid 19 safely
mover with a mask on|girl sitting amongst moving boxes|moving during Covid 19 safely
Relocating to NYC
May 12, 2021

Top tips for moving during Covid 19 safely

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Are you relocating soon, but the looming threat of COVID-19 is bringing you anxiety? Capital City Movers NYC will help you with moving during Covid 19 safely! When relocating, your wellbeing should be the number one concern. Every relocation poses its unique challenges, but the ones that happened in 2020, and that are yet to happen in 2021 are special - the global pandemic is one variable more to take into account. It affects everything, from working hours and the number of people in the companies, to simple crossing of different regions. That’s why your top priority should be moving during Covid 19 safely. To find out how to stay safe, keep on reading!

girl sitting amongst moving boxes

To avoid getting in touch with people, do everything you can yourself, and leave the hardest parts for the movers.

Do everything you can yourself

The step number one is to try to do everything yourself. Don’t turn to cross country moving companies NYC right away - do what you can yourself, and leave the hardest parts for them. That way, you’ll avoid unnecessary contact with anyone. Declutter and pack everything you can. Call the people that you know have been vaccinated or isolated, or that have maybe even had COVID-19 and have successfully recovered. All of them can help you with the tasks that are simply too hard or dangerous to be done by one person.

Leave the home when the movers come

When you first call the movers, communicate with them that you won’t be at the home. Given the situation, it will be reasonable. Of course, you can be there to welcome the movers and show them around - while distancing, but leave shortly after to reduce the risk of infection. They can call you when they finish, or you can stay in the yard or a certain room to be more easily available if needed. That will mean that you’ll need at least a cup of coffee and one foldable chair.

Moving during Covid 19 safely can’t be done without masks

The ultimate necessity if you want to be moving during Covid 19 safely are masks. But there are even more measures that you can take to ensure safety:

  • Prepare the beverages for the movers before they come, and cover them with the plastic sheet. Use the throwaway cups that can’t be reused.
  • Have the movers place the items in some Long Island Storage, and not go into your home.
  • Place the disinfectant at the entry of your home.
  • Demand that everyone else wears masks.
  • Disinfect your home before and after everyone leaves.
  • Keep the distance of 2 meters at all times.
moving during Covid 19 safely

Moving during Covid 19 safely can be done only if you strictly follow the medical guidelines!

Book reliable moving services to ensure that you will be moving during Covid 19 safely

In the end, it’s important that the movers you hired are reliable, trustworthy, and that they respect your health. Let them know about the measures that you want to take, and if they’re against it - simply don’t hire them. If you already did, but they protest, distance yourself from the moving sight, and wait until everything is over to show up again. Your health should be your number one priority at any moment, but especially when you’re relocating. Moving during Covid 19 safely might be exhausting, but it’s necessary. Give your movers a call to have a move specifically tailored to your wishes!


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