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November 15, 2022

Tips to finding rental storage in NYC

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Finding the ideal storage facility for your belongings can be challenging when you live in a busy metropolis like New York. You can find a decent renting storage unit in NYC with the help of a few pointers. You might need to store some of your belongings because New York's homes are often somewhat tiny.

Find storage that you can maintain

Storage in NYC can range in price from $350 to thousands of dollars depending on size and location. Before you hunt for storage, you must first complete several tasks. These are listed below: 

Type of storage

It would be simpler to find storage if you know what kind is required for your belongings. This is significant since there are various forms of storage, including commercial, long-term, and short-term.

The amount of time you need storage

Storage may be permanent or only temporary. Before you rent a storage facility, take this into account because of the fee. Some units have a minimum short-term storage requirement, and some will pay more to store short-term. When evaluating storage companies, consider this. 


It is crucial that you adhere to your spending plan and are not taken by surprise by any fees or expenditures. Find the best rental storage in NYC that fits your budget by checking your budget. 

You can start looking for a storage facility once you have all the information. 

How do I find a storage unit?

Research, search, and ask around. The ideal way to find the perfect storage unit is to visit the facility and inspect the unit in person. Find and compare several storage companies to determine which is best for you.

Start looking in your area, and move to the surrounding neighborhoods too. That way, you’ll have open options.

The area you’re looking at

Another important consideration while shopping for storage is the location. It can be challenging to obtain storage in the location you want in NYC due to the high demand. For this reason, starting your search early will help you avoid disappointment. 

Compare a couple of storage units to find the perfect one for you

The storage facility should be as close as possible to your house. Since you can frequently travel back and forth without having to worry too much about the distance. Even while some storage facilities in NYC have inexpensive prices, they are often in disrepair. So, consider the locality, accessibility, and management style of the storage unit company.

Tip: Remember that cheap doesn’t always mean best.

Look for the size you want.

Depending on what you need to store (a car, boat, furniture, clothes), finding the right size for your belongings is important. This is because storage size sometimes depends on where the area is. Most storage units in New York City’s downtown are too small to store items as big as a car.

Though there are a few car storage places, they are expensive and may not have long-term car storage. They can cost up to $1,000 in Manhattan. Most of them are like private car parks instead of storage units.

How do I compare prices?

Comparing storage prices is like getting an estimate when moving. Request estimates from two to three different storage companies. The best way to know which will be best is to compare rates within a certain distance of each other.

Storage units are cheaper outside of the NYC city center compared to outside the city. Remember that some storage units are outdoors, and some are indoors. Mention this to the company when looking for an estimate (especially for car storage).

As mentioned earlier, car storage is a different type of storage.

Rent it

After you’ve done all the legwork and searching and found your ideal storage unit, you can start renting it. Allow yourself enough time to move your belongings into storage. Pack and label all items appropriately to make it easier to pack and place the boxes. Cover and wrap any exposed furniture for longevity with the correct supplies.

Ask for help when moving items into storage to make the process faster. Also, take your time packing to ensure it's done properly.

What happens after I’ve moved my items into storage?

Nothing, absolutely nothing! Once you’ve moved everything in, you can then relax, and make use of the extra space you now have in your home. You would need to pay monthly rental fees and visit the unit frequently for maintenance

In summary

Finding the perfect storage unit for all your needs is easier said than done, especially, in a busy city like New York. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. It is very much possible if you research, search around, and compare a couple of storage companies. You want your belongings in a good environment, so finding an ideal storage unit is crucial.

Determine the number of items, and look for the size and location you want to store your belongings. Of course, the closer it is to your home, the better. Make sure you know exactly how much it will cost to store your items so you can plan your budget ahead of time.

Once you’ve found the best rental storage in NYC, you can relax knowing your belongings are in a safe environment. Don’t forget to clean your unit frequently.

Looking for the best storage in NYC?

Capital City Movers provides reliable and secure storage services for all your belongings. Whether you’re moving, doing renovations, or need to store your belongings for a short, or long period. We are here to make it easy for you. As the most reliable storage in NYC, we pride ourselves on making sure your belongings are well taken care of.

Contact us for your storage needs at (718) 619-4881 or visit our website for more information.

Tip: If you don't have enough belongings and no space in your home, or you can’t afford the monthly rental fees. Ask a family member or friend if they need anything stored and if they do, great. This way, both of you can share the unit and the expense.


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