|Use several colors for better organizing|Bubble wrap is definitely one of the best packing supplies you can use|It is commonly used for furniture
|Use several colors for better organizing|Bubble wrap is definitely one of the best packing supplies you can use|It is commonly used for furniture
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June 10, 2019

Packing supplies guide for your relocation

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When it comes to moving, people often tend to think that everything has to be perfect. Yes, we agree. But that is not always achievable. There are many factors that you can't influence on so it is better you understand that there is a very low chance of achieving perfection. When moving, there is one thing where you can actually achieve that: packing! It is a very important area of moving because this way you protect your belongings from damage. So, you should learn how to do packing supplies for your relocation.

Get packing materials

The first thing, the first step towards the success of packing is getting packing materials that you need. Without them, all of your stuff would be in danger of something happening to them. Do not ever avoid this step when moving. There are a few ways on how to do this:

  • Call a moving company- Moving companies offer a lot of services and this is one that people often forget for whatever the reason. This is actually the best way to get packing supplies because no company wants to provide bad quality. It is in their best interest to provide the most quality materials to you. You can try various Long Island Movers and they will use their experience to estimate what you need and in what quantity.
  • Borrow from friends and family- If you want to save money, you can always try alternative ways to get material that you need for packing. Try reaching to your friends and family and see if they have extra materials or ones that they do not need at the time.
  • Reuse- You can always use leftover packing materials. Probably the easiest way to get packing materials. Just be sure that you have in the amount you need for your move. If not, you will probably have to fill the gaps by calling a moving company of trying your luck with your friends and family.

What are the common packing supplies for the move?

There is a difference between every move. Not every person needs the same packing supplies for the move. It is due to having a lot of different things you have to move. Some people have to move big pieces of instruments which require a different type of moving supplies. The key thing is to know what you need for the move. The most common packing materials are:

  • Cardboard boxes
  • Packing tapes
  • Sheets
  • Bubble wrap
  • Plastic wrap etc.

Cardboard boxes

They represent the most commonly used packing material. It is the most helpful also because almost everything you have can be put inside. For example, if you have a big collection of books, the best way to move all of them is to put inside moving boxes. There is actually no other way to do that. If we said before, if you do not have any available at your home, try getting packing boxes NYC from moving companies.

Label moving boxes

No matter the content of a moving box, you should do this before put them into a moving truck. Labeling moving boxes is important because this way you prevent confusion. There are many cases where people pack their things but remember whether they have put something or not. When something like this happens, they do not know what is where so they have to open up all boxes in order to find the thing they are looking for. This can easily be prevented by writing the content of the box. You should do this using several colors so you could give every color its meaning.

Use several colors for better organizing

When using cardboard boxes, label them properly

Bubble wrap

It is one of the most thankful packing supplies to start with. Its built allows us to protect our stuff from damaging and breaking. For example, it is the best way of packing glassware. Glassware is very fragile so you have to be careful when moving it. Especially when we talk about expensive glassware when we have important guests in the home. The best way is to wrap it around the glass and carefully put in the boxes. This does not mean that when you do this can move the boxes like nothing is in them. This just means that you have more chance of protecting it, but also have to move the boxes carefully.

Bubble wrap is definitely one of the best packing supplies you can use

Use bubble wrap for fragile items

Plastic wrap

This sort of packing materials is important for much bigger stuff. You have to understand that there are some pieces of furniture that can be moved with nothing at all, but some have to be wrapped properly in order to successfully prevent any damage during the move.For example. when moving couch, you have to know how to use plastic wrap. A couch is not made in one piece, even if it looks like it. It consists of several pieces put together. During the move, there is always a risk that those pieces can be split. This usually happens with unprofessional moving when the workers do not care too much about your belongings. When something like this happens, depending on a type of damage, you may have to buy new furniture to replace the old one. We all know how expensive it can be. So in order to prevent this from happening, wrap your furniture and all stuff that requires additional safety and move without thinking if something will happen or won't.

It is commonly used for furniture

Use plastic wrap for more expensive stuff

Home appliances

Home appliances represent the core of the move. They are usually the most expensive in the home so they require additional attention in order to prevent losing money. Packing home appliances require adequate boxes, wrapping, and padding materials. As you can see from this, it is not an easy job so when it comes to this, we advise you that you consider hiring professional help that will do that for you the best way possible.


Packing is not a piece of cake. It can just be harder or easier, depending on the knowledge you have about it. There two most important things when we talk about packing, packing supplies and your experience on how to use them. We hope that you understand the importance of managing packing materials and that you will know what to put where when packing for the move.


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