Cut NYC moving expenses by following simple guidelines offered here.|The earlier you book a mover, the more room you have to negotiate and ultimately cut NYC moving expenses.|Negotiate your way to the best deal possible with your NYC movers.
Cut NYC moving expenses by following simple guidelines offered here.|The earlier you book a mover, the more room you have to negotiate and ultimately cut NYC moving expenses.|Negotiate your way to the best deal possible with your NYC movers.
Relocating to NYC
August 24, 2017

Tips on how to cut NYC moving expenses

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No matter what people say, relocation will always cost you, and that is a fact, but you can get the NYC moving quote and know what's the budget you need! The only way for this not to be true would be either one of your friends owning a NY moving company or to go with the DIY method. However, the good thing is that just like with everything else, there are plenty of ways to cut NYC moving expenses – you just need to know where and what to look for in a moving company.

Cut NYC moving expenses by following simple guidelines offered here.

There are endless possibilities towards reducing NYC relocation costs - so get to it.

A short exhibition on standard ways to cut NYC moving expenses down to a minimum

Basically, the process of relocating to New York is a large undergoing, no matter if we’re talking about local, interstate or international moving services. Since it is composed of many smaller parts, relocation has quite a few money-saving shortcuts. We won’t really be able to cover all of them here since each move differs, but we’ll go into some of the major ones that can apply to 95% of relocations.

Cut NYC moving expenses through negotiation with the mover

Getting the best deal on the moving services and saving on professional movers is a significant accomplishment when organizing a household move. Relocating happens to be a very expensive undertaking and negotiating for a better deal and cheaper moving costs may be beneficial for you. There are several criteria that influence the overall cost of your relocation to New York:

  • Use of professional movers vs. rental truck vs. friends with pickups
  • Moving distance covered
  • Need for packing supplies and extra moving services
  • Size/weight of the household moved
  • Season of the year
Negotiate your way to the best deal possible with your NYC movers.
  • Negotiation can be a powerful tool in lowering moving estimates.

If you want to put your negotiating skills to the test, you should know that moving companies’ rates are usually not firmly established and that difficult to influence. Besides, you have nothing to lose if you try to lower the price of moving services.

Booking your NYC mover early on to get that first-minute deal

The earlier you schedule and book your move, the better deal you’ll be able to receive. When looking at possible dates, you need to be aware of two major periods when it comes to moving season:

  • Peak season (May – September) – Warm weather, clean roads, need for change…you have it all, which is why people usually choose these months to relocate. This is also why it is considered the peak of the moving season. So as you might imagine, companies are not looking to bargain that much since they will always have work, which leaves you as the customer quite vulnerable if you wait for that last-minute booking.
  • Off-season (October - April) – This is not what you would call a gold mine for movers. People will rarely choose to move during colder months due to all complications with the weather, accessibility, risky roads etc. NYC movers also know this, which is why they don’t expect that much business during those months and offer low-cost estimates for all those brave enough to risk it.
The earlier you book a mover, the more room you have to negotiate and ultimately cut NYC moving expenses.
  • The early bird catches the worm - cut NYC moving expenses by grabbing that first minute deal.

Now, if you are looking to cut NYC moving expenses, we would recommend going for the in-between periods (April-May / September-October). The weather is acceptable, travel conditions in the green and most importantly – movers are willing to offer good early-bird deals.

Reduce moving costs through DIY packing for NYC

Professional NYC moving companies will charge you for packing/unpacking services, and this is not something that you need experience for. You can do it on your own, especially with a little help from family and friends. So you are already saving money there. Then let’s take is a couple of steps further and say that you can also minimize relocations expenses by:

  1. Getting rid of clutter belonging. What this means is relieving yourself of all those things you no longer need or use, as well as those things that are no longer functional. There are plenty ways to de-clutter of those possessions you won’t have room for in the Big Apple, and some of them can even earn you additional cash.
  2. Finding cheap or free packing material to cut packing expenses. No matter where you are moving, boxes are something you will need in larger quantities. If you opt for professional local NYC full-service moving help, all this will be covered but included in the overall price. The good thing is that there are places where one can find cheap or even free boxes, or you can buy them off of movers. Another way to save money is on wrapping material, where you can substitute bubble wrap with newspaper, old clothing and linen.

Flexible methods to cut NYC moving expenses

Hiring low-cost movers to reduce cost of moving to New York

Establishing a moving budget should be an introduction into every move. Not only does it help you organize within budget limits, but it can also help lower your moving costs. Reach out to the top Big Apple moving companies and arrange for a house call with the representatives to get moving estimates. Then cross compare the quotes and choose the one that best fits into your moving budget. Bear in mind that a good mover will help you stay within your budget by providing personalized moving packages that will enable you to save on your moving expenses.

Be wary of black-listed relocation companies in NYC

Unfortunately, scamming moving companies (aka rogue movers) do exist, so be on your guard for suspiciously low quotes that seem too good to be true. That being said, you must know how to recognize and avoid moving scams, as well as what to do if you ever became a victim of a fraudulent relocation scheme.

Cut NYC moving expenses through tax deductions

After you find your ideal moving company (low cost and high quality), you can research a little bit about tax deductible moving expenses and save on your international/interstate moving cost. You just may be eligible for tax deduction on the costs of packing, transporting and storing your household items. So be sure to keep all the documentation related to your move (including all the receipts) and consult a professional tax consultant whether your move is tax deductible or not.

Avoid using low-quality packing supplies for your Big Apple relocation

As previously mentioned, finding moving boxes free of charge will lower your relocation costs greatly but there is a border to be drawn between cheap/free and low quality. Even one moving container in bad condition can break easily and cause a destructive domino effect. And that damage alone could triple the amount of money you saved by not using good quality boxes. Considering this scenario, perhaps using sub standard moving boxes is a risk not worth taking. your moving costs is something you should definitely attempt by doing your homework in advance. If there are some real opportunities to keep plenty of money in your pocket, then why not take these chances? And the above tips on how to cut NYC moving expenses will help you accomplish just that – conduct an affordable move. So get to saving!


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