earth friendly - green moving|two hands - green moving|a speedometer|a taxi
earth friendly - green moving|two hands - green moving|a speedometer|a taxi
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August 9, 2020

The ultimate green moving guidelines

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Our world has had a lot of crises. There have been wars, a lot of natural disasters. One of the things that are currently active and are damaging the world is global warming. Of course, there are many more bad things but the thing is that they are all products of human activity. We should all start to think about saving our planet and act accordingly. Green moving is one step towards the main goal. With this kind of relocation process, you will be responsible. Even though this is just a tiny step, it can change the thinking of the people. Learn to prepare for an eco-friendly move and do it in the best way possible!

Green moving - how to do it right?

Even though it sounds like a drag, this is a pretty easy job. All you need is a little information about the consequences of everyday relocation. After that everything becomes much easier. What are the most important things you should consider if you want to move green?

  • Declutter
  • Get proper moving supplies
  • Hire a proper moving company
  • Moving vehicle is important for green moving
  • Pick the right neighborhoods


Before starting to pack your things for the relocation, you should declutter. There are many reasons why you should this. You will lower the number of things that you need to pack and therefore use fewer packing materials for the relocation. When it comes to what to do with unwanted or unneeded things, there are several options too. Besides throwing away things that you do not plan to relocate, you should consider donating them to charity organizations. We do not mean just about donating clothes but anything that you can't use and can donate. Besides donating, you can give unwanted items to friends and family too.

two hands - green moving

Consider donating the unwanted items

Get proper moving supplies

The biggest part of any relocation is moving supplies. They are everything that we see even though there are a lot of other equally important tasks that you need to complete. When it comes to moving boxes NYC, you should always check with the moving company. Most moving companies offer green moving boxes that you can use for this purpose. The great thing about all of them is that they are all in great condition and you can be sure that they will sustain any weight that you put in. On the other hand, moving boxes are not the only packing supplies that you will use. Everything that you need is best bought from the moving company that you intend to hire.

Hire a proper moving company

If you want to have the greenest relocation possible, you need help. The best help that you can find is a particular green moving company. Of course, before you do that, you will need to do thorough research in order to find the best one. There are a lot of moving companies out there so it can be troublesome to find what you need. But, nothing is impossible if you know what you have to do.People usually get confused with the services that one company offers. In most cases, you will not find the 'green' service on the list. Even though you may need furniture movers NYC for the job, they can still be the greenest moving company ever. All you need to do is to ask and express your needs to the moving company. You can now see why communication is important when we talk about hiring a moving company for the job!

Moving vehicle is important for green moving

Any green relocation will have some kind of a negative impact. What we mean by this is that you will still need transportation to get all your things to the new location. That means that you will still need to use a vehicle that is not good for the environment. The good thing is that there are a lot of ways on how to minimize the impact.If you already own a vehicle, you should make sure that it is in the proper condition. You should maintain your vehicle and go to the experienced mechanic. Also, you can rent a vehicle where you have a bigger choice. This is where you can make a difference. Talk about green solutions with the company and ask about vehicles that offer green fuels. After that, driving is easy.

a speedometer

The type of moving vehicle can minimize the negative effects on the environment

Pick the right neighborhoods

The relocation process ends once you move into your new home. That is usually the time where people stop going green. It is important to continue doing this since you can influence other people. When it comes to moving to NYC, there are a lot of green neighborhoods. One of the best indicators that the neighborhoods are clean and green is the air. Air pollution is usually a common thing in big cities but there are some neighborhoods that are different. They have buildings that do not use classic oil but cleaner-burner fuels. Also, the use of public transportation and bicycles is the indicator that people are responsible and care about their place of living.

a taxi

Choose the right NYC neighborhood!


It is very brave and considerate of you to think about green moving. It was not that common just a few years back but the increased amount of information about the particular dangers has made people sit and think. We have only one planet and that is it. Even though we will not be alive in the next 100 years, that does not mean that we can't leave the planet in the best possible condition for our kids. Going green is just a small step towards the big goal. You will need a good and respectable NYC moving company that can offer green supplies and support. We should all start moving this way in order to make a healthy habit. Be sure to follow the tips on this list and you will minimize the negative impact of your moving to the Earth!


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