A calculator on a contract.|A person researching different types of moving estimates and writing them down.|Dollar bills on a laptop.|A person holding two dollar bills and a phone.
A calculator on a contract.|A person researching different types of moving estimates and writing them down.|Dollar bills on a laptop.|A person holding two dollar bills and a phone.
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March 10, 2019

The different types of moving estimates

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Have you ever moved before? If you have, then you are certainly familiar with the notion of a moving estimate. But if you haven't encountered this term yet, pay attention! A moving estimate is an important term and it will be all you will ever hear about during your relocation. Considering the fact that there are different types of moving estimates, finding the right one for you may be a challenge. But, what are we here for if not to help you with all things moving related? Right now, Capital City Movers NYC debunk all the relevant information about moving estimates and teach you what to focus your attention on.

First and foremost, what is a moving estimate?

A moving estimate which is otherwise known as a moving quote is a rough or precise estimate of your upcoming expenses. Whether you get a precise estimate or a rough one depends on the type of quote you choose.

  • Take an online moving quote calculator.
  • Request an in-home or on-sight price estimate.
A person researching different types of moving estimates and writing them down.

A moving quote calculator or an in-home price estimate? What's it going to be?It's a well-known fact that the most accurate moving quotes NYC are the ones where you directly work with a relocation agent. And that would be during an in-home price estimate. For this one, a relocation agent is supposed to be sent by your movers to come to your home and inspect your property. You should give them as many details as possible because only that will ensure that your quote is a precise one. Once the agent has what they need, they will make an estimate based on the information you provided.

The importance of an accurate moving estimate

Well, we are sure you can see how you can benefit from knowing the cost of your move, right? This will allow you to plan out your budget beforehand and not worry about it. Of course, you will have to worry if you will have to make budget cuts, that's only natural. But always bear in mind that it's better to hire reputable Manhattan movers, no matter how expensive they are, than to hire a company with low prices and even lower level of satisfactory service!

The three main types of moving estimates

Now we get to the real topic of this article - the different types of moving quotes. Don't worry, you won't have to learn too much on the topic. It will be enough to remember a few key details about all three types. And we'll gladly help you out by sharing only the most vital information on the subject!

A non-binding moving estimate

Well, it pretty much explains itself, don't you think? As the name itself suggests, a non-binding estimate is only a rough prediction of the cost. Precisely because there is room for it to vary, it's not exactly your best option. You may wake up on your moving day ready to pay one price while at the end of the day you are forced to pay a much higher one.

Dollar bills on a laptop.

Have some extra cash stashed away in case your move turns out to be more expensive.If, however, you opt for a company with a non-binding moving estimate, you first need to be careful. Sometimes fraudulent movers are the ones who offer this type precisely because they can turn the tables on you when you least expect it. So, if you want to protect yourself from moving fraud, keep your eyes wide open. And secondly, always have additional costs in mind. Yes, your move may end up being cheaper than predicted, but it may also be more expensive. It will be good to have some extra cash just to be sure.

A binding moving estimate

Now we get to the real deal - a binding moving estimate. Whether hiring local or long distance movers, this is the estimate you want to have. Unlike a non-binding moving estimate, a binding one is completely accurate. Well, as accurate as it can be. What matter is that the price of your move will be the one in the moving contract - no more, no less. That means that even if the movers estimate that the original predictions were wrong, they can't charge anything more. But they also can't reduce the price of your relocation if it turns out to be cheaper in reality. Considering the fact that it mostly happens for the moving price to grow, not decrease, this is your best option. Of all three types of moving estimates, our vote goes to this one. It's majesty - a binding moving estimate!

Binding not-to-exceed moving estimate

Were a binding not-to-exceed estimate typical for local NYC moves, we'd without a doubt say it was the best one. But, since it is usually typical for long distance moving, we can't make such a claim. A binding not-to-exceed moving estimate serves as a promise that the price of your move can't be higher than estimated. But, surprise, surprise, it can be lower. If the weight of your cargo turns out to weigh less than estimated, your movers will gladly lower the price. Of all the types of moving estimates, the reality is that only with a binding not-to-exceed one can your price be lowered. What a shame that not all moving companies use it for all moving types!

A person holding two dollar bills and a phone.

Take a look at all the different types of moving estimates. By choosing the right one, you might even be able to lower your overall moving price.All it takes is some good will on your part. Will to inquire into the matter and learn some moving terminology. Once you get to moving quotes, take a look at the three different types of moving estimates. Choosing the right one will be the best thing you can do for your upcoming relocation, no doubt. So, do the best thing for you and your family, and don't procrastinate with doing it. Every minute you waste is a minute that could be spent getting valuable knowledge!


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