deposit deductions|home interiour|lease|wooden surface
deposit deductions|home interiour|lease|wooden surface
New York CIty housing
September 22, 2018

Tenancy deposit deductions your landlord can make

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Moving can be quite a big job when you have to organize everything yourself. One of the biggest parts of your move is finding a new home for you and your family. When moving out of your current residence, your landlord would give back your security deposit if everything is in order. If you are thinking of canceling your lease, find out about the deposit deductions your landlord can make. Find out how to avoid losing your security deposit and relocate with ease.

How to prepare for canceling the lease?

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Make sure to prepare your home for your landlord.When you know you should move to a new location, the first thing you should do is to prepare for the next step. The most important thing is to calculate your moving budget and other costs. When you know how much money you can spend on your relocation, organizing everything is easier. The first thing to do is to pick relocation companies NYC you like. Professionals advise that you should consider more than one option when choosing the right movers. When you have moving professionals in mind, it is time to deal with your landlord.To avoid tenancy deposit deductions your landlord can make, you should consider preparing your home for the landlord's visit. The first step should be cleaning thoughtfully every corner of your home. After you clean everything you will notice if you need to make some small repairs. Keep in mind that most of the big repairs in the apartment are your landlord's concern unless you are responsible for the damage. If that is the case, consider fixing up everything before your landlord arrives.Before calling tor landlord to make sure you read your lease agreement carefully. The agreement should clearly explain all of the landlord's responsibilities. The lease should also note all of your responsibilities and the reasons why your landlord can make deposit deductions. That is why you should check if everything in the apartment is taken care of before your landlord visits. It is best to clean your home and schedule a meeting with your homeowner after your mover's pack and move your belongings.

What can my landlord deduct from my deposit?

There are specific laws that regulate landlords and tenants agreements. The landlord should always make a specific contract when the tenants plan to move in. They both should follow these specific laws but sometimes the disputes happen. The most common situations are when the landlord won't return a security deposit. Here are the reasons when landlords can make deposit deductions:

Terminating the lease prematurely


Read carefully your lease before you talk to your landlord about terminating the lease.Your landlord can deduct from your deposit or keep all of it in case you terminate your lease early. In most cases, early termination clause is included in your tenant-landlord contract. If you break your lease prior to your one-year lease agreement, your landlord can keep your security deposit. In this situation, you may be obligated to pay additional costs. If you move out long before one-year expires, you may have to cover the months for the remainder of the lease.

Not paying your rent or bills

If you are unable to cover your rent or utility bills, your landlord can make deposit deductions. This is considered a breach in the contract and your landlord can keep as much money as he needs to cover unpaid rent or bills. Keep in mind that you can avoid this situation if you talk to your landlord and explain your situation.

Damaging the property

Your landlord can keep your security deposit in case of damage. However, there are different points of view on damages in the apartment. Your landlord can and will make deposit deduction in case you cause real damage to the property that requires repairs. The damage is different than normal wear and tear on the property. Consider examples of the apartment damage:

  • Large holes in the walls
  • Big carpet stains or holes
  • Water damage to hardwood floors
  • Broken kitchen or other countertops
  • Cracked doors or windows
  • Unreturned keys at the end of tenancy
  • Broken or missing outlet covers or smoke detectors
  • Damaged bathrooms or toilets

Cleaning costs

When your landlord comes to inspect the apartment before he returns your security deposit, make sure to clean the space in detail. If the apartment is not very clean after you move out and it requires detailed cleaning with a professional cleaning service, your landlord can make deposit deductions.

The situations when landlord cant make deposit deductions

We all know that landlords may have numerous reasons to terminate the lease or make deposit deductions. However, that is not always the case. You will be able to keep your security deposit if the apartment doesn't have any major issues. Recognize usual wear and tear damage that doesn't require deposit deductions:

  • Small holes in the walls for picture frames
  • Loose kitchen or bathroom cabinet handles
  • Smaller stains on the carpet

Choose the best moving company for your relocation

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Choose quality movers that will protect floors when moving your boxes.After you deal with your former landlord and avoid any deposit deductions, you will need to choose quality Manhattan movers to help you relocate. Quality movers will help move your belongings to a new location with ease. They can pack your apartment quickly and efficiently. Professional movers use professional packing materials to secure your belongings for transport.With years of experience, movers can deal with any situation, no matter if you are moving at the last minute. If you already have few moving companies in mind, make sure to ask for the reliable moving estimate NYC. That way you will know which company best suits your needs. Choose the moving company that has the best moving quote and the company with the numerous online reviews. With reliable movers that have experience and training, you will be able to move without any damage to your former landlord's apartment and avoid any deposit deductions in the process.


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