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Man relaxing in new home|garage|fuel
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January 18, 2020

Packing your garage before you move

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Packing your garage takes a lot of time, especially if you are not decluttering annually. You should definitely prepare in advance, get enough packing supplies and moving boxes, organize a garage sale, and rent storage units NYC if you are planning to store some of your belongings. However, we have prepared a small guide to help you out with packing your garage!

Packing your garage - Useful tips

Preparations are the key to a successful move. You should organize, plan in advance, create a checklist, sort out your budget and hire fine arts movers for your upcoming relocation. However, if you are planning on packing your garage properly, you should consider these things:

  • Organize a garage sale!
  • Gather proper moving supplies for packing your garage
  • What not to pack?
  • A proper way of packing your garage items
  • Label all boxes!

Decluttr your garage before you start packing for the relocation!

Organize a garage sale!

The best way to get rid of unnecessary items from your garage is by organizing a garage sale! At the same time, you will earn some money for your upcoming relocation! Great idea, right? Announce your garage sale a week in advance, put a price tag on each item that you want to sell and you are ready for business!

Gather proper moving supplies for packing your garage

Start gathering packing supplies and moving boxes at least a month before the move. You can rent moving boxes and containers from your professional mover, ask your friends and neighbors if they have some they are not using, or you can also find free cardboard boxes and packing materials in the stores and offices around you.

What not to pack?

You should be aware that there are some items that the moving companies won't move. Tose are hazardous and flammable items such as propane tanks, gasoline, paint, pesticides, chemicals, cleaning supplies and so on. Most of the moving companies refuse to transport these kinds of items due to safety reasons.


Get rid of hazardous and flammable items before the move.

A proper way of packing your garage items

Place screwdrivers, wrenches and small tools into a toolbox and close it securely. Wrap all items with sharp blades. Bundle up shovels and rakes with rope or tape. Use original containers to pack your power tools. Empty the fuel from your lawnmower or chain saw machines. Disassemble all outdoor furniture if possible and stack all the chairs together. If you have freezers and refrigerators in your garage, you should clean them, defrost and dry before packing. Get an original bike box from a bike store for packing your bike. Remove the charcoal and entire propane tank before you pack your grill.

Label all boxes!

Write what each box contains and where does it belong after sealing it! Use permanent markers and labels. However, if the box contains sensitive items, write "FRAGILE" on each side of the moving box. Spend a few extra minutes to label each box because that will significantly speed up your unpacking process later on.


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