Pack your household like a pro|Pack your household like a pro||washing mashine|boxes for packing
Pack your household like a pro|Pack your household like a pro||washing mashine|boxes for packing
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June 27, 2019

Pack your household like a pro

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You will never be able to pack your household like a pro if you don’t start with a plan! When you’re moving you definitely have tons of things in your mind. You’re thinking about what to pack first, where to move boxes if you need to rent a moving truck.. and surely something will slip your mind. Take a piece of paper and write down all the important tasks you should do. Or much efficiently, put them in the Notes app on your phone so they can always be near you and you can’t lose that list. Also, try looking for a reliable Brooklyn heights movers to keep your things safe during relocation. You can even take your organization a step further and put moving tasks on your calendar. For each day on the month, you can create a small task or things to do. For example, on Monday you will pack your kitchen, on Friday you will pack your home decoration, and on Saturday you will call your pet’s vet for advice on relocation.

Pack your household like a pro

If you want to pack your household like a pro, you need to start with a plan and list of the things you have to do every day.

Get rid of unnecessary things Donate/Recycle/Sell

Pack your household as you want but first, make sure you get rid of unnecessary things. When you’re moving you definitely not going to move ALL things from your house. Why moving old kitchen tools, old TV or old furniture when you’re going to buy new? What to do then? Very old things that can’t be used anymore should be thrown away into the trash. Gadgets, furniture in good condition and books and art you can actually sell and earn some money! Besides, some fashion companies, like H&M, offer vouchers and discounts if you bring them old clothes to recycle! If you’re moving with a baby NYC, you can donate some clothes and toys that you’re not going to relocate and make someone’s day!

marker with a checklist

For a smooth relocation, effective packing is needed!

Pack your household: Get free boxes

When it comes to moving people like to know some tips on saving their money. You can save money and pack your household like a pro too! Don’t waste your money on buying tons of boxes and bubble wraps and fancy protection for items. Start with asking your neighbors and friends for free boxes. And if packing on your own is too much trouble consider the benefits of professional packers. Check your local grocery and liquor stores to see if they have some free boxes to give. But, don’t use worn and broken boxes. If you do, use them only for lightweight items and towels. Riped boxes shouldn’t be used for electronics or kitchen dishes. If you want to relocate electronic devices and gadgets, for example, flat TV, use their original boxes if you have.

washing mashine

Do you have old towels in the house? Don’t throw them away, use them to protect fragile items in the box!

Label all boxes!

When you pack your household into boxes, don’t forget to label them. This is important for the unboxing later. First, if you just pack things without any order and labeling, when you arrive at a new location, you won’t be able to find what you need. With this, you can help your movers to put boxes and carefully load fragile items. They will pay attention to where the fragile box should be placed while loading the truck. If you want the next level of labeling, you can create a number system. Write on the box for example number 2 “Books” and write down that number in your notebook. Consider getting some info on packing supplies guide for your relocation too. So when you want to find books you can search for #2. Labeling is simple and easy.

boxes for packing

You are not alone in this relocation process, you shall endure it!

Use various materials to pack your household

If you want to pack your household like a pro, we are sure you want to know some extra tips. People usually use only boxes for packing stuff, but did you know you can use more from your home to relocate your stuff? If you can, ask your local stores and neighbors for free boxes. But, instead of wasting money on buying bubble wrappers, you can use old socks, towels, clothes, papers, and magazines to protect your items. Just make sure you are using ink-free paper because some newspapers can leave ink traces on items.Trash bags are great when you’re short on boxes. You can pack almost everything in them, from wardrobe to stuff from the bathroom. Sandwich bags can be used to keep small parts together. If you have many cables and wires you can use zip ties to bundle them and stick a label on them to know where to put them after unboxing.

Hire a professional moving company

Sometimes there are no tips that can help you if you simply don’t have enough time or you are too busy to try some of them. But it’s not a terrible thing if you can’t manage to pack your household like a pro. Not all people are good at packing and moving things. If you’re in this situation, think about hiring a professional moving company. Professional movers can save you from unexpected situations and problems. They will pack your things, load the moving truck and relocate them on your new address. Just make sure you hire a reputable company with excellent customer service and good reviews. Make sure you check all information with a company because sometimes movers don’t lift items that aren’t packed into boxes or some will ask for full payment ahead.


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