Pack your glassware the safest way|Use bubble pack when you pack your plants for moving.|notebook on the table|fragile sign
Pack your glassware the safest way|Use bubble pack when you pack your plants for moving.|notebook on the table|fragile sign
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May 28, 2019

Pack your glassware the safest way

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A moment to move your family home is upon you. Or even better, you are moving your business to the more prosperous area. Whatever is the case, the inevitable packing process awaits. But with a good organization, everything is possible. Take some time to prepare everything and start clearing your moving tasks one by one. And there is one stage of your packing process that you should pay special attention to. It’s how you should pack your glassware the safest way. Let us show you.

Protect your glassware with a set of packing materials

The choice here is huge, and it depends on how much you want to invest in the safety of your fragile pieces. To pack your glassware the safest way would mean to invest a bit more in the higher quality packing materials. Those are plastic bins, corner paddings, peanuts, Styrofoam, and bubble wrap. On the other hand, we have regular everyday packing materials. And they are moving boxes, tapes, scissors, box cutter, and old cloth. Cloth, rags, and blankets are used to provide a softer foundation and make the inside of your moving boxes as safe as possible. Tuck in your glassware.

bubble wrap

Use a lot of bubble wrap for packing your glasswareIn any case, you will use moving boxes, tape, and some form of a cushion. Just remember to label all boxes with the “fragile” sign, and with the contents. Or simply write the room which box belongs to. Also, consider purchasing the packing services NYC from your moving company. It can feel good if you know that for a cheap price, your glassware will be handled most safely and efficiently. And most importantly, reach its destination intact.

You will need a lot of boxes

No packing project can go without the moving boxes NYC. And you’ll need a lot of them. At least 15 and sometimes over 30 per move. This depends on the amount of stuff you have. Furthermore, you’ll need different sizes as well. Cardboard boxes are the best and most common option. But as we already mentioned, you can use plastic bins also. Bins are more expensive, but they are a long term investment and can be re-used. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong. All you need to do is to protect your boxes with corner padding and a few layers of tape from the outside. And on the inside, make bedding out of your sheets, blankets, and old rags. Place your items nicely and fill the gaps between with the crumpled newspaper. This is to prevent items from breaking of one another.

Sort your items

Before you start packing your glassware, you need to know how much there is to pack. Therefore, you should inspect everything and figure out how many fragile items you have and how many boxes require special attention. The best solution for this situation is to make a moving checklist and inventory sheet. This way you can keep track of everything. Moreover, you can inspect those boxes you marked, straight away. You need to know if everything arrived safely to your new home. And if you are unlucky and your movers carelessly damaged your goods, you’ll react faster. You can file a complaint immediately and make a claim against movers. Also, this technique will make the unpacking process easier. You’ll know exactly where certain boxes should go, and what to unpack first.

notebook on the table

Make an inventory list of your belongings

Let’s pack your glassware the safest way

Now when your boxes are ready and all the packing materials gathered, its packing time. There is a universal way on how to pack your fragile items like glassware, mirrors, and china. Start with securing the boxes. Check if everything is ok inside out. You want to be sure that the box that will hold your glassware is stable and strong. Next step is to make a cushion using towels, old cloth, shirts, or whatever similar solution you find. Or if you decided to use Styrofoam and packing peanuts, this is the best moment for it.Now you should start wrapping items individually. Use bubble wrap or wrapping paper, whatever is better for you. And finally, fill in the gaps and empty spaces between items, with already mentioned fluffy solution. Seal the box, label it, and move out of the harm’s way. Lastly, do not forget to place heavier and bigger items on the bottom and work your way up filling the box with lighter and smaller objects. You want to avoid crushing your fragile pieces. And this is how you pack your glassware the safest way.

Who will move your glassware?

To be on a safe side, consider hiring a professional moving crew. You should research and look for reliable movers NYC that will handle your move safely and affordable. Moving companies have many moving services that they provide, and we are sure you’ll find some of them useful. It is a smart move to place your fragile boxes in the hands of those who handled certain items many times before. But be sure to do a background check of the company you choose. You want to avoid fraudulent movers and unrealistic prices.

fragile sign

Choose a moving company that can take care of your fragile itemsBut we might have a solution for this situation. We can point out the Jersey City movers as one of the most reliable local moving teams. They have countless moving projects resolved, and many satisfied customers behind each of them. Give them a call, you won’t regret it.

Pack your glassware the safest way but consider purchasing the moving insurance as well

When it comes to the fragile items like glassware, one thing they have in common is that they can break just by looking at them. Joke aside, some of those items are not only extremely fragile but rather expensive and unique. Therefore, you should think about purchasing moving insurance NYC. You can purchase one from your moving company. But keep in mind that movers protect themselves by refusing to transport high-risk items. Items that are hazardous, volatile, or extremely fragile. Movers will offer partial coverage that will secure your broken furniture and, in this case, glassware.Although, if you want full coverage, you can find it at the third party, which is a proper insurance company. This would be a wise thing to do if you have rare items like family china set or a set of crystal glassware. Some items are irreplaceable and you should go the extra mile to protect them.Hopefully, we provided enough information for you to know how to pack your glassware the safest way. When the time comes, you’ll be more aware of the unfortunate events that may occur. Protect your belongings by applying the safety measures we advised. And wish you the safest relocation possible.


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