paper and pen|packing boxes|clothes|sign on a hanger|An overview of top 5 reasons people move.|An overview of the best packing tips.|Tips for finding reliable movers.|Top 10 states people are leaving.|A woman making a schedule.|A woman writing down moving tips.
paper and pen|packing boxes|clothes|sign on a hanger|An overview of top 5 reasons people move.|An overview of the best packing tips.|Tips for finding reliable movers.|Top 10 states people are leaving.|A woman making a schedule.|A woman writing down moving tips.
Relocating to NYC
May 17, 2019

NYC moving tips

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Are you planning to move to NYC? If you are, you will need to organize your move and prepare for your relocation. Use our moving tips and relocate to the Big Apple without much stress. If you have a limited budget for your relocation, our tips will help you save on your moving expenses. Follow our advice and relocate safely even when your budget doesn't allow you to splurge. Fun fact: did you know that the best movers NYC has to offer don't always break the bank? Well, we did, and some of our moving hacks will help you find them. But more on that later.We have tried very hard to create a list of the best moving hacks we think an average person should have. We know just how hard moving is, and we find it our duty to help you smoothly sail through it. From packing tips to just plain old advice on the different aspects of your move, Capital City Movers NYC help you move to your new home stress-free. Grab a pen and paper and start writing this down (or you know, just use a copy machine). Soon enough, you'll be glad you composed your moving checklist with some help from us. There is no way you will fail - that we know.

First things first - why does one move to NYC?

The list of reasons why people move to NYC is a long one. We are talking about the Big Apple, where impossible becomes possible and where even the wildest dreams come true. But, what is a good enough reason to compel someone to leave their home and settle in New York? According to the statistics, people are prone to moving in the following situations:

  • 16% of people relocate because they are looking to move into a new or better home.
  • 9.9% of those who relocated in the past year did so due to a job transfer or because they found a new job.
  • 8.3% of people moved in pursuit of cheaper housing.
  • 5.1% of people relocated because of a change in their marital status.
  • 3.0% is the percentage of those who relocated because they were starting college.
An overview of top 5 reasons people move.

We think that every relocation is a joyous occasion, even though people think it's a stressful one. Whether you will be looking for residential or commercial moving companies NYC depends solely on you. And your needs, of course. Whatever your situation may be, however, our team will provide you with the best moving hacks.

Good organization is the key to a good relocation

Moving and finding an affordable Manhattan apartment on a budget can be quite stressful. To avoid stress and overspending on your move, you should carefully plan each of the moving steps. After you do, you will be able to move with ease and deal with potential problems that may arise along the way.When planning your relocation, first you have to establish your moving budget. Knowing how much money you have for your move will set the course of action for your entire relocation. In case you don’t have an unlimited budget for the move, you can plan ahead and ask your friends for help. Also, you can decide in advance to use our moving tips when packing your belongings by yourself.After you know your moving budget, consider making a to-do list. This list can help you organize better. When you put everything on paper, it is highly unlikely that you will forget anything. Make sure to divide your list by days or tasks you have to do. This way you won’t get overwhelmed and do everything at the last minute.

sign on a hanger
Focusing on the essentials is in every moving tips 101 guide Consider selling the items you don’t wish to relocate. Follow out moving tips sell online or at a garage sale.

Before you hire a reliable long distance moving company NYC, make sure to get a moving quote from your movers. Your movers will give an estimate of the moving costs or a quote depending on the weight of your moving cargo. That is why you should make sure you get rid of all the unnecessary items before you start packing. Go through your home and sort out your belongings.Put aside the items you have planned to but never used. Items that you haven’t touched in over a year or two shouldn’t add weight to your moving cargo. Consider getting rid of the clothes you don’t feel comfortable in, old clothes that don’t fit, etc. After you sort all of your belongings, you can sell new or used items online or in a garage sale. If you don’t succeed, you can always donate them to charity.

Decluttering 101

Lo and behold - decluttering won't be an easy task. But it's quite a necessary one if you ask us, and that's why we think you should include it in your moving checklist. There are plenty of different and equally fun ways to declutter your home. But, we are a fan of the 3 boxes system. Going into a room, bring 3 boxes with you with labels KEEP, THROW, DONATE on them. The proper way to use this method is quite clear so we won't dwell on that. But don't move into the next room up until the moment every single piece has found its way in one of these three boxes.Word of advice: try not to decide with your heart but with your brain. The more items you decide to get read of, the easier it will be for you to move.

Schedule the date for a donation pick up

They say that sharing is caring, and we could not agree more! Relocation is the perfect opportunity for you to:

  1. get rid of some clutter that has been piling up
  2. get in touch with your sensitive side and do something good for those in need.
A woman making a schedule.

Make sure to find a free way to transport your belongings for donation.Donating your items is something everyone can benefit from, which is why we always suggest this becomes one of the main entries on your moving checklist. While donating clothes and small items is not a complicated task, donating large pieces of furniture is. Not only does the charity have to find space for those items, but you also have to make sure it somehow gets to the charity's premises. Unless you want to hire furniture movers NYC, which will be a pricey option, you should schedule a free pick-up date with the charities in your vicinity. Charities like Goodwill and Salvation Army oftentimes pick up the items for free. That's one moving tip you ought to remember is saving money is your goal.

Stay fit and healthy while moving

No matter how relaxed and carefree you are, relocation will take its toll on you. It's a stressful period for sure, and the sheer number of things you have to do will give you a headache. While a bit of stress might even be a good thing, as it will give you the added motivation you need, letting your health suffer is not acceptable. No list of NYC moving tips would be complete without a few suggestions on how to maintain your good health in the approaching period. So, how do you stay healthy during a move?

  • Make sure you get the mandatory 8 hours of sleep per night. Being sleep deprived is known to have horrible consequences for our entire body and immune system.
  • Stay hydrated and always keep a bottle of water next to you. This is especially important if you are moving during the summer when the heat will leave your body begging for water before you know it.
  • Get the necessary nutrients through fruit and vegetables. You most likely won't be able to prepare home-made meals as that takes time, and time you don't have. But you can always snack on apples and bananas.
  • Try out different relaxation techniques and relieve your body of the built-up stress and tension.

Being smart about your moving date is one of the best moving tips we have to give

Remember how we mentioned that you can find excellent movers in NYC without breaking the bank? Well, this might be the way to do it. For those of you who are uninformed, there are two seasons in the moving industry - peak and off-peak. The off-peak season lasts during the winter months, as that's when people are less prone to moving. After all, you too would rather be celebrating Christmas with your family than packing up moving boxes. But, if you want to save some money, sacrifices must be made. Do you know what you will encounter if you choose the right timing? You'll encounter great movers with numerous discounts and a will to negotiate the price. So what is the best time for moving?

  • Cold months are when movers are not as busy, so winter is the perfect time for moving.
  • A move mid-month will bring a lower price, as statistics show that truck rental rates tend to be lower during this period.
  • For a budget-friendly move, choose a day from Monday to Friday for your relocation. Majority of people move during the weekend so you can have your pick of the companies during the week. Plus, you'll encounter fewer traffic jams. A classic win-win situation.
A woman writing down moving tips.

Do some careful calculation and figure out the best day of the month for you to move.

Make sure you have enough cash for tipping

Even though the tipping culture varies from state to state, and culture to culture, there seems to be one universal rule - if someone provides you with satisfactory service, it's common courtesy to repay them with a good tip. In the moving world, where we are dealing with large sums of money, tipping may seem like an added expense. But, it's really not, since your movers aren't expecting you to give them loads of money. A 40 dollar tip per mover sounds more than reasonable for both parties, doesn't it?So, the night before the big move, head over to the ATM and get some dollar bills. Our tips for moving to NYC are focused mostly on you, but we are firm believers in giving respect when respect is due. And this is one of those instances.

Taking photos as one of the best moving hacks

In the social media era, it seems as if we are taking pictures every step of the way. But, this is not the moment for you to take selfies. No, this is a good opportunity to snap photos of the items you are going to transport. By doing so, you will have a digital inventory list of all the items you have given to your movers, as well as their current conditions. Well, whether you decide to move them or put them in free storage NYC doesn't matter. What matters is that, should any harm come to them while in someone else's possession, you will have more than a good proof of when and how the damage was caused. Staying safe during a move is very important, as there are plenty of dangers that lurk.

NYC moving tips for packing

Packing may be the most important part of your relocation. At the same time, packing may be the most difficult part. After you hire the best residential movers NYC, make sure to use their professional packing service. With professional moving crew, you don’t have to worry about packing your entire household and losing days while you do it. Professionals movers are here to help with the most important part of the moving journey – packing. With them, you don’t have to carry big and heavy furniture pieces and appliances. Because they use proper tools, they make the packing and loading moving boxes onto the moving truck easy. But that is not always the case, so follow our moving tips and hire quality packing service if you can.

Make sure to sort out your clothes before packing.If you don’t plan to hire professional packers, follow our moving tips and pack like a professional:
  • Use professional packing supplies – and secure your belongings for transport
  • Hire professionals to disassemble your furniture
  • Have someone help you when carrying heavy items
  • Defrost your fridge before movers arrive
An overview of the best packing tips.

Moving tips – packing on a budget

Free moving boxes

When relocating on a budget you may need to ask a friend or two to help you pack your home or your office supplies. If you try to save money on your move, consider finding cheap or free moving boxes. Here are a few moving tips on finding free moving boxes:

  • Online – With numerous websites that offer cheap items and social networks that connect people, it will be easier to find cheap moving boxes
  • Bookstores and other stores – may have regular shipments of books or other items that have their own packaging.
  • Your workplace – In case you are working at the big company, make sure to ask someone for the boxes they plan to recycle.
  • Friends and family members – may have some boxes, plastic bins or other packing supplies they can spare.

Use the items you already have

When saving money on your move, try to avoid buying professional packing supplies. The supplies can cost much more than you expect. That is why you should use the items you already have for packing. You can use blankets, shirts, old clothes and towels to protect your fragile belongings inside the moving boxes.

Pack the box with essentials

One of the best moving tips from professional movers is to pack the box of essential items. Most movers cannot transport all of the items you own because of security reasons. That is why you should pack your important documents and other items to take with you. The „essential box“ should contain valuable items that movers don’t transport. Also, professionals will advise you to take with you all the prescription medication for interminate use. Consider taking all the traveling documents and insurance documents for your move with you. Also, your movers won’t transport cash and irreplaceable items like family photographs.

Packing boxes - NYC moving tips

Your movers may calculate your quote based or the weight of your cargo. That is why you should declutter before the moving day.

By far one of the best moving hacks - bringing a door stopper

You'll be thanking us later for this one. In case you don't feel like wrestling with doors while carrying stacks of moving boxes, which we guess you don't, you will need something or someone hold the doors for you. Having a clear passage from your item to the truck is of utmost importance. That moving box filled with books doesn't get any lighter the more you carry it. But don't worry, we have some good news for you - there is quite a simple solution in sight. You can use a door stopper which is too simple to use, and too cheap to buy. So if you are sketching your moving checklist right now, don't forget to add this entry right away.

Moving tips for finding reliable movers

Follow our moving tips and find the most reliable moving company in New York City: But let us tell you right away - the process of finding a reliable mover won't be easy. However, every relocation (and we do mean every) has a much better chance of being successful with a group of movers who know what they are doing. So, how does the process of finding a good mover go?

  • Check the company’s credentials – license and ID number
  • Read the company reviews
  • Choose the company with years of experience
  • Find movers that have won awards
  • Choose the moving company that offer multiple moving services
  • Always ask multiple moving companies for a quote before you hire anyone
  • Get insurance for your move
Tips for finding reliable movers.

Contrast and compare

The most important part of hiring a mover is the one when you are looking at a moving quote for your NYC move. If you followed our advice, you asked multiple companies for a quote. Now that all of them have delivered their results, it's time for you to contrast and compare. Arguably one of the best moving tips we can give you is not to let the price have too big of an influence on you. Yes, you are supposed to choose affordable movers. But you are also looking for someone who will deliver a high-quality service. Thus, it's best if you looked at which services are offered at which price. It's simple - always have the quality to affordability ratio in mind and you can't make a mistake.

Let's end on a high note

Not everything can be about you abiding by the different moving hacks you learned on the Internet. Sometimes, you need to take a look around, and take a page out of someone else's book. As a person moving to NYC, you might be surprised to hear that New York is the 4th state people are moving out of. Yes, you heard correctly. Interested to know which state took the first place? Here's how the list goes:

  1. Illinois
  2. Alaska
  3. New Jersey
  4. New York
  5. West Virginia
  6. Nort Dakota
  7. Connecticut
  8. Kansas
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. Maryland
Top 10 states people are leaving.

However, what you shouldn't do is let this finding discourage you. If you love New York, and you probably do, there is not a person who could make you leave it. For you, leaving NYC is simply not an option, which we wholeheartedly understand. We love the Big Apple as well! So, relax and make sure to make a copy of our article with the best NYC moving tips. We are sure it will come in handy very soon!


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