Well decorated living room.|NYC apartment decoration idea for a loft - use interesting light fixtures.|A club table with some drinks and a plant.|NYC apartment decoration idea - keep your furniture multipurpose.
Well decorated living room.|NYC apartment decoration idea for a loft - use interesting light fixtures.|A club table with some drinks and a plant.|NYC apartment decoration idea - keep your furniture multipurpose.
New York CIty housing
April 12, 2018

NYC apartment decoration ideas

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Decorating an apartment is a lot of fun. It is a chance to make your living space as comfortable or cool or classy as you like. It can be anything you want. Decorating your living space really gives you the opportunity to express your creativity and personal style. And there's no better time to do it then after a move. Maybe you were busy arranging moving services NYC to think about NYC apartment decoration ideas. But you are in your new place in the Big Apple and you want to put a personal touch to it. Once again, we got you! We are here to show you a few decorating tips that work in spaces of different sizes.

NYC apartment decoration ideas for a small space

After you move to New York City with NYC movers, chances are your apartment is pretty small. But that shouldn't be a discouragement from going on a decorating spree. On the contrary! In a small space, you need to think not only about the decor but about functionality as well. Making a small living space work is all about multi-purpose furniture. A piece should fulfill both its decorative function and serve a purpose. A bookshelf is used for depositing books and displaying memories. But, it is also a visual space divider, that turns your studio into a one-bedroom apartment by separating your bed from your "living room". Here a few more pieces of furniture that can serve a double purpose in your first NYC apartment:

  • fold-down beds - there is a wide variety of manufacturers who make fold-down beds. The beds are camouflaged behind other, vital pieces of furniture, like work desks, dinner tables or they are simply built into the wall. You can explore some fold-down furniture here.
  • storage space ottomans - when space is limited, it's difficult to find storage space. That's where storage ottomans come in handy. You can sit on them and keep your sandals in them during the winter.
  • folding iron board and a mirror - every girl needs a full-size mirror. Why not attach an ironing board behind it and score some points in the small NYC apartment decoration category?
NYC apartment decoration idea - keep your furniture multipurpose.
  • Use your space wisely in a small NYC apartment - give every piece a double purpose.

NYC apartment decoration ideas for a loft

At first, the idea of living in an old industrial place used to be offputting. But, shows like Gossip girl and many talented interior designers have made us reconsider. Nowadays, it is a luxury to live in a loft. If you are one of the lucky few who get to live in a space with high ceilings and walls made of windows, we have some decorating ideas for you. The spaciousness of a loft really allows you to walk on the wild side. So, take an idea and run with it.

High walls make for a great exhibition space

You can use your tall walls to put a statement painting in your living room. Or a bunch of different sized photos of family and friends. Even antique frames with nothing in them can be very interesting. If you are doubtful about transporting pieces of art, don't worry. We have solid fine arts movers NYC who can safely move your valuables so you can display them in your sweet loft.

Play with light

NYC apartment decoration idea for a loft - use interesting light fixtures.

Use interesting light fixtures to make your loft cozy.Lofts are amazing for playing with natural light, as well as light fixtures. You can play with the abundance of natural light that many lofts get by installing a vitrage. These stunning works of glass and iron will transform the natural light that enters your home and give your living space a unique, artistic look. You can choose to design your own vitrage or hire an artist to do it for you. And as for light fixtures and lamps, only your imagination and your budget are the limits. You can make the place feel really cozy despite its size with a few strategically placed lamps.

Expose the beams

What gives lofts the amazing vibe they have are the exposed beams and hardwood floors. The combination of wood on both the floor and the ceiling makes space feel warm and natural, despite its industrial past. So, if you have hidden beams, we strongly suggest you make the effort and expose them. If they are already visible, you're in luck. Just put a fresh coat of oil on them, and they will be ready to put visitors in awe.

NYC decoration ideas for a house

When you have a spacious house, you can really get into decorating. It is a bigger task, but take it slow. Nobody's saying you need to decorate it all at once. Put in the vital pieces right away, so you can have a bed to lie in and a sofa to sit on. But dedicate some time to finding the details. A great thing about living in a big house is that you can go for the high-low design. You can invest a lot of money in one piece of furniture, like a massive wooden dinner table. And you can save money on other pieces. Hit the many New York flea markets and search for unique, yet cheap(er) chairs. It can be a fun activity on Saturday mornings that will also help you get to know the city. The beauty of the high-low design is that it takes time to build it. Your search for the perfect items can last for a few months. This also allows for your design ideas to be fluid and change over time.

A club table with some drinks and a plant.

Spend some time at a flea market, and you can score some unique yet cheap pieces of furniture.To sum up, NYC apartment decoration takes some time and planning, but it will give you great pleasure to sit in a fabulous place, knowing that you decorated it. And while you're in the process, you can check out our NYC newcomers guide to get to know the city for the better.


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