New York license|Moving truck||
New York license|Moving truck||
Relocating to NYC
July 19, 2018

Moving permits and licenses NYC you might need

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So, you are thinking about changing your lifestyle and address? NYC is a thriving city that offers many opportunities for a fresh start. If you are just one step away from your new adventure of getting your belongings there, it is important to understand every part of the NYC relocation. Relocating to NYC requires a good moving plan and preparation that includes moving permits and licenses NYC.

Preparing for your NYC move: Find out which moving permits and licenses NYC you might need

If you are ready to pack your bags and make a move to Big Apple, remember following details to make a successful moving day.

Find reliable and professional moving crew in NYC

Before you start packing for the move, the first thing you should do is to hire Manhattan movers and storage experts. Experienced movers assist you in your process of packing, loading, unpacking, and unloading. So, before you sign the contract it is really important to get information about the company by checking their background, reviews, license, services, etc.With professional moving assistance, you can count on quality equipment, customer service, packing materials and cardboard boxes. Professional packers know how to pack your items properly to avoid damages and brakes during the transition to your new NYC home. If you are worried about the price of the move, especially when it comes to expensive NYC, our suggestion is to get moving quotes NYC to know the exact price of your move. And don’t worry, there are NYC moving companies that offer a great balance between quality moving services and affordable price.

Moving truck

Professional movers in NYC know the best what moving permits and licenses NYC are required

Moving permits and licenses NYC

Most of the people who are relocating to NYC ask about moving permits and licenses that are required for NYC move. Luckily, for the NYC relocation, no permits are required. It is good news, right? But, when moving to New York City you have to obtain a parking permit you need for your moving truck. It is really important to check if a city, neighborhood, and street need a parking permit. If you want secure safe and legal parking make sure to follow all parking laws in NYC.

Parking permits in NYC

A simple thing such as loading and unloading moving truck can turn into a real nightmare because of the parking and street –cleaning regulations in NYC. It is really important to stay on planned routes and to listen to your experienced local NYC movers about best routes in NYC streets. Professionals know the best how to avoid a traffic jam. Also, it is really important to check all regulations about parking commercial vehicle in NYC neighborhoods. But, there is good news, commercial vehicles have some privileges for parking in NYC streets. You can park anywhere except in Midtown Manhattan. Also, you cannot park in a bus line, a bike line, construction zone, or in front of the fire hydrant. Make sure not to block the traffic. That’s why you need to plan your NYC move properly in advance so things can run smoothly during the moving day.

Parking permit - make sure to get it as a part of moving permits and licenses NYC

Make sure to know everything about parking permits in NYC

Instead of risking parking problems when renting a moving truck, hire NYC moving company to plan your route properly

Renting a moving truck for your DIY move can cause many problems and complications during the NYC move. Maybe it seems to you like an economical way to move, but it can cost you a lot more than hiring professional to help you relocate, because of possible tickets and penalty. Hiring Capital City Movers NYC is a better idea because moving agents suggest and plan your moving route. Professional moving assistance from NYC knows all about local parking restrictions and places where you can park and unload your belongings.

Additional parking restrictions rules in NYC

  • Time limit for deliveries

When moving to NYC, be careful that delivery doesn’t take more time than three hours. Of course, check your street regulations to get more information.

  • Follow regulations about methods of parking

In the period from 7 am to 7 pm, except on Sundays, make sure that your truck doesn’t occupy more than ten feet of roadway space. And make sure – do not block important parts of the street.

  • Learn more about Lower Manhattan Blue Zone

Some of restrictions and rules apply to the Blue Zone in Lower Manhattan. For example, from Mondays to Fridays, from 7 am to 7 pm, no one can park in any of the streets in the Blue Zone.

The sign

Find out which streets in NYC are forbidden for parking your vehicle

Other helpful tips for a successful transition to NYC

Besides parking restriction and moving permits and licenses NYC, there are few things to consider when moving to NYC.

  • Unloading and delivery

During the unloading process, make sure to have someone who can stay in the truck while you carry your belongings. Make sure that your unloading and delivery don’t take more than three hours. If you hire professionals to unload and unpack your belongings, you don’t have to worry about these things.

  • Check if your NYC building has an elevator

Before delivery, check with your landlord if your building has an elevator. It has, your move of furniture and heavy boxes will be a lot easier. But, think about your neighbors and try not to hold the elevator for a long time.We hope this article about moving permits and licenses NYC was helpful for your NYC move. We want you to have relocation without worries, stress and extra costs.


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