A woman signing some important moving paperwork|A man signing the Bill of Lading||A man talking on the phone
A woman signing some important moving paperwork|A man signing the Bill of Lading||A man talking on the phone
Relocating to NYC
January 10, 2021

Moving paperwork explained

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When it comes to some of the best explanations when it comes to moving paperwork, then you do not need to look more for it, you have found a perfect guide. In this guide, our team of experts will tell you more about moving paperwork and how it functions. In other words, you will learn everything you need when it comes to this. However, you should also know that there is a big difference in paperwork when it comes to simple local relocation and international relocation, for example. Basically, it is all the documents you need to have and sign and submit in order to legally relocate your home. In other words, you will have to do a lot of things and it will definitely take a lot of time. So, the sooner you start doing it the better it will be.

What moving paperwork is related to a moving company?

There is a difference between a DIY move and hiring someone else to do it for you. For starters, your moving company will need to provide you with several documents. Some of the most important things when paperwork is concerned are the three moving estimates you will need to sign. There are three types of moving estimates - binding, non-binding, and binding not-to-exceed moving estimate. We will talk in short about each of them:

  • Non-binding estimate. If you contact some of the best residential moving companies NYC, for example, they might offer you a non-binding moving estimate. This type of moving estimate is not recommended because you are not certain how much you will pay for your move. In some cases, you will pay even more than you expected or what your moving company said. Some moving companies use this to lowball you. Good moving companies will never do this, however.
  • Binding moving estimate. This is the complete opposite of a non-binding moving estimate. You will pay the EXACT sum of what your moving company estimates once they relocate you.
  • Binding not-to-exceed moving estimate. This moving estimate binds you to pay UP to a certain amount. Even if your move costs more, you will still pay only what is designated on a moving estimate. This is definitely the moving estimate to go for.

The Bill of Lading and what it is

Yet another really important moving document is the Bill of Lading. Basically, this document is the most important moving document you need to have if you hire a professional moving company. It does not matter where you are moving - you will need this document the most. This document is the legally binding document between a company and a client. Basically, this will be your moving contract. Everything that is written in the Bill of Lading should also be on your contract as well and on the list of services you hire. This will serve as a checklist because it will list all of your items.

A man signing the Bill of Lading

You should make sure to read your Bill of Lading before you sign it

You will also have some other information on the Bill of Lading. For example, you will have a moving rate and your payment method there. That way, you can easily double-check it in order to see if you have not forgotten anything. However, you will also have your insurance information and your movers' information there. So, if there is any type of problem, you can contact them easier. The Bill of Lading is one of the most important pieces of paperwork. Make sure that you do not lose it at all.

The order for service and inventory documentation as important moving paperwork

The main purpose of this document is to serve as a record and it includes the details about your moving estimate. This will also include some of the most important pieces of information. Most commonly, it will include some of the information about your pickup date and your delivery date. Basically, this document will tell you when your moving company is expected to arrive at your home. Even more, it will tell you when exactly your moving company will deliver your items. It is really important to know both pieces of information.

A man signing a document

Always check if the document is legal

When it comes to Inventory Documentation, your movers will document your inventory before they load the moving truck. In other words, both you and they will know which items they loaded onto their moving truck. This is to make sure that no complications ensue during transport or unloading. For example, if you hired some of the finest Long Island storage options and you need to deliver your items to storage, then you can see exactly which items should arrive there. It is easy to get confused during relocation and your inventory list/documentation will help you a lot. Make sure to keep a copy on you at all times.

A copy of your Rights and responsibilities

Of course, you will also have some rights and responsibilities. For instance, your moving company of choice will know them and you should know them as well. This will, basically, give you legal background if something bad happens during the move. However, you will also need to do some things during the move as well. All in all, your movers will need to provide you with your rights and responsibilities moving document. If they do not do so, then you might be dealing with some fraudulent movers. So, make sure that you keep this in your mind at all times.

A man talking on the phone

Make sure to keep in touch with your service providers

When it comes to moving paperwork, most people do not know the things they should have. Starting from the moving estimates, as some of the most important documents for your relocation, all the way to the rights and responsibilities document, you will know everything you need to prepare for your relocation. Of course, a good moving company will help you with all of that. Basically, you can see if a company is professional or not from the start. If they talk about those documents and provide good legal copies, then they are trustworthy. In any case, we hope that you have learned something new today. Good luck!


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