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November 11, 2022

Moving a Piano without hiring professional movers

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Piano moving is a significant deal, particularly if you don’t use experienced movers. Moving it requires caution, especially if your home contains stairs. Because pianos weigh about 180-270 kg, you’ll need to enlist the assistance of family and friends. 

Moving a piano without hiring professional movers requires you to be well organized. Be careful as you wrap it, move it and lift it onto the moving truck to avoid damaging it.

Be careful as you wrap a piano to avoid damage

What packing supplies do I need for packing?

You must first purchase the appropriate packing materials for the piano. Purchase goods at Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart, etc. You will need a lot of moving blankets, a roll of plastic wrap, tape, scissors, and a dolly big enough to fit the size of your piano.

If you aren’t sure which supplies to get, ask a store assistant, or do some research. It is critical to protect your piano to prevent any scratches or damages. Pianos aren’t cheap, and some are irreplaceable, so do whatever it takes to protect them. If doubtful, contact piano movers in your city, and let them handle it for you.

To avoid slipping, make sure the room from which you are moving the piano is dry. Remember that there are different shapes and sizes of pianos.

If you can’t afford to buy all the supplies needed, you can rent them. Some truck rental or storage rental companies will rent out supplies like a dolly. 

How do I ask for help?

Asking for help can be a difficult thing for most people. If you’ve always been independent, you may need to come out of that shell and ask for help from family and friends. You will not be able to move the piano successfully alone. Here are a few tips on how to ask for help.

Be mindful that your friends and family have their own lives and may not be available to help move your piano. This shouldn’t stress you, though, as you can hire professionals to do it for you. 

Moving the piano out of the house

Once you’re done wrapping and ready to move the piano into the truck, make sure the path leading to the door is clear. 

Here are a few things to do before moving the piano out of the house:

Clear the area: Move everything out of the way to prevent slipping and stepping on anything that could cause injuries.

Measure doorways: This may sound a bit dumb, but it is crucial. You probably got the piano in the house without measuring anything. However, the reason why you should take measurements is that after you wrap the piano, it may be a little chunky. This will help you not overwrap the piano, so it can come out of the house easier.

Lifting the piano: If doing it with the help of friends, there is a specific way that you should use to lift the piano. This is to reduce damage and keep it intact.

  • Wrap the piano and make sure to protect the keys properly.
  • Secure everything well so there’s no movement.
  • Move the piano with at least three people-one on each side and another pulling the dolly.
  • Use your knees and bend to lift the piano onto the dolly.
  • Secure the piano and start moving it. Make sure the person pulling the dolly has a clear view leading to the door and can give clear directions. This is especially important if you have stairs in your home.
  • A grand piano will need more manpower.

How to move a grand piano?

Wrap pedals separately

  • Remove the piano
  • Wrap the lid properly to prevent damage
  • Remove the piano lyre where the pedals are attached
  • With the help of a second person, lay the piano on the side
  • Wrap the piano with blankets
  • Put the piano on the piano board and use straps to secure it
  • Remove the piano legs and wrap each separately
  • Wrap the pedals separately too
  • Set the wrapped piano on a dolly
  • Slowly roll the piano into the moving truck
  • Secure it firmly inside the truck

Use the correct dolly.

There are numerous types of moving dollies, and most are for normal box or bin packages. When looking for a dolly, be sure to find one that can carry the weight of the piano. If you aren’t sure of the weight, consult with the store clerk, or if you are hiring it from a supply company, ask the agent.

After moving the piano

After getting the piano in the truck, secure it with ratchet straps. Put extra blankets around it before you secure it for extra protection. Clear the house and double-check that the piano is safe and ready for the move.

In summary

Now that we’ve established how intense moving a piano can be, remember to ask for help where you can. Do not attempt to move it alone, no matter how small you think it may be. It takes a great deal of proper handling and the right supplies to make a piano move successful. 

Follow instructions carefully. If you have tried and determined that you can’t do it yourself, hire an experienced piano moving company.

Numerous resources can help and we hope you now understand the complexities of piano moving. The size and shape of the piano determine how many people you’ll need for assistance.

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