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August 16, 2022

How to ask friends for help during a move

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Let's face it, moving takes an emotional and physical toll on everyone involved and may be pretty stressful at times, especially when moving alone with no help. This is where asking friends for help comes in. We understand that it isn’t always easy to ask for assistance from anyone, but sometimes we may have to just swallow our pride and do it. Receiving help will make the move a little less stressful.

Ask friends for help to speed up the process

You may have no clue as to how to ask friends for help during a move and that's completely okay. In this article, we’ll be discussing a few tips and tricks that’ll help make it easier for you. There are also a few things to consider before asking friends or family for help like availability, location, logistics, etc.

You should also understand that sometimes help may not be available when you need it and that's okay.


Ask ahead of time so they can clear their schedules and make time to help you. You need to remember that people have their own lives and they may have other obligations at the time you need them. The best thing to do would be to ask them as soon as you have your moving date so they have enough time to prepare. Tell them the dates you would prefer to have them help you, whether it is to pack or help on the actual moving day.

Never be upset if friends aren't available when you need them. Everyone has their obligations and it may be due to something out of their control.

The best time to ask your friends for help would be on weekends as they are probably off work and can put aside a few hours to help you. Asking around this time frame will better prepare both you and them in advance. A lot of people aren’t rushed to get anywhere on weekends if they don’t have plans, thus it is the best time to have them over to help.


Tell them exactly what it is you need help with, be it packing, cleaning the house, throwing out items, or cooking. Whatever it is, make sure to tell them ahead of time so they know what to expect when they get to your house.


If your friends live a bit far from you and you are unable to ask them for help in person, send them an email or contact them on social media. Some people are afraid to ask for help in person, so this would be a good thing to try.


If you have the exact days to ask for help then tell them. It will be better for everyone if they know exactly when they're needed. Try to ask your friends not to come on the same days, and split them into groups to make it easier for you so you have more hands. This of course also depends on how many friends you have and how many are available to help.

Show appreciation by simple gestures
Show appreciation by simple gestures


When you finally have your friends over to help, prepare a hearty meal and have some refreshments. They will need them throughout the day. This is a great opportunity to cook the food you are unable to take with you instead of wasting it by throwing it in the trash.

If you can’t cook, order fast food and have snacks around for everyone. It’s a good gesture to show how thankful you are for their help and your friends will appreciate it.


Assigning responsibilities makes things easier and faster while packing and on the day of the move. This is where the floor and packing plan comes into play. These plans will help make everything easier as your friends will know exactly what to expect without feeling bossed around or out of place.

It will also save you time as you would’ve prepared the plan ahead of time. And you'll only just need to supervise everyone and make sure they have all the packing supplies they might need.

Also if you need someone to take care of your younger children, friends would be the best people to ask. This will help tremendously and will speed up the moving process.


It is very important not to have too many expectations when asking your friends for help. If they can only help you for an hour instead of say 3 or 4 that you need, accept it because 2 hands are better than nothing.

Communication is key at this point. That’s why you need to be transparent at the beginning and allow them to tell you when/if they are available without you getting upset that they can’t help much.


Return the favor if you can by asking if they also need help with something. Some friends may expect you to pay them for helping you. Talk about this at the beginning to avoid any disputes. If they ask for compensation, decide if you want their help still or not. The best thing you can do is buy them a little gift to show your appreciation.

If you need your friends to help with tasks that are too hard for them or yourself, like moving heavy items. Remember that your friends are not professional movers and can’t always help with everything you need.

Sometimes getting professional help is recommended especially if you have fragile, heavy, and hazardous items. Leave the professionals to do it as they are trained and are able to handle everything with caution.


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