Surviving A Winter Move In New York City
Surviving A Winter Move In New York City
Relocating to NYC
February 12, 2024

How To Survive a Winter Move in New York City

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New York is quite a unique and magical city in the winter, but if you decide to move, it can become a nightmare. Especially during the winter period, when we face additional obstacles and challenges such as low temperatures, snow, ice, and traffic jams.

Wear Proper Clothing For a Cold Moving Day

In today’s article, we will guide you on how to carry out all your moving plans safely and securely and survive the move in the winter to New York.

Tips For Moving In Winter

1. Planning and Monitoring Weather Conditions

Keeping an eye on the weather during winter is crucial, especially in a busy city like New York where conditions can change in the blink of an eye. One minute the sun may be shining, and the next, you might find yourself caught in a snowstorm.

The streets can get pretty slippery, and sometimes not cleaned up as quickly as we'd like. January and February are the coldest months in New York City, so it's wise to stay updated with local weather forecasts. This way, you can steer clear of any unnecessary stress and keep yourself safe from potential accidents.

2. Route Planning

If you're tackling a move during winter by yourself, it's essential to steer clear of dangerous or steep paths. Opt for routes that are known to be safe and well-maintained. Always check the latest road conditions before you set off

For a smoother experience, consider bringing in a professional moving company seasoned in navigating winter's challenges. They'll have well-thought-out routes and the expertise to handle whatever the season throws your way, minimizing your stress and ensuring a safe transition to your new home.

3. Packing

Packing is a crucial part of every move. If you decide to move yourself, here are some helpful tips:

  • Protect sensitive items like glass.
  • Electronics
  • Works of art from colds and shocks
  • Use additional packing protection, such as plastic boxes.
  • Bubble wrap
  • Plastic wraps
  • Waterproof tape and other materials.

For a stress-free move, hire a professional moving company with all the necessary packing materials and experience moving in winter if you can afford to.

4. Pack Smart

When packing for a winter move, it's recommended to keep a box or bag of cold-weather essentials on your person. Ensure it includes warm clothing, gloves, hats, coats, and sturdy boots to ensure your safety.

Also, keep your documents within reach so you're not scrambling to find them when needed. Don't forget to pack food, a thermos, and a drink to keep you warm during breaks. This part of planning can make your winter move much more comfortable and stress-free.

5. Safety Moving in Winter

Whether you're moving across town or to a different city, safety should be your top priority, especially during the winter months. This is particularly true in places like New York, where the weather can be challenging and unpredictable.

It's Important to Rehydrate When Taking Breaks

When navigating icy or snowy conditions, wear the correct footwear to prevent slips and falls. It's also important to protect items that are sensitive to cold temperatures. 

Crafting a comprehensive plan that covers every aspect of your move—from packing and transporting your belongings to unpacking at your new home—can help ensure everything goes well despite the winter weather.

6. Proper Use of Salt

If moving by yourself, it's wise to use salt to minimize the slipperiness of walkways, especially when lifting heavy items. Besides salt, sand and environmentally friendly alternatives can also provide traction. 

New York City has numerous stores that supply street salt and other winter materials. Research and read reviews of these companies before making a purchase. Choosing a reputable supplier can help you maintain safety and avoid any unwanted injuries during your move.

7. Property Insurance

Don't overlook the importance of property insurance, especially when moving during the winter months. The risk of damage to your belongings from snow, ice, or moisture is higher, and having an insurance policy that covers these potential risks is crucial. 

Consider enhancing your coverage with additional protection to safeguard against any unexpected expenses that could arise. Many professional moving companies in New York City not only provide moving, packing, and unpacking services but also offer insurance options.

Make sure to inquire about these when choosing a company.

8. Vehicle Preparation

If you decide to move yourself without hiring a moving company, plan your route before moving. Also, check if your vehicle is ready for winter conditions. Check if your vehicle has:

  • Winter tires
  • Snow chains
  • Spare parts
  • Heating
  • Ignition cables 
  • And enough fuel.

Keeping the vehicle in good condition contributes to safety during the winter move. Moving in the winter can be tiring. If you are moving alone, it is crucial to take regular breaks. Avoid worrying about winter conditions by hiring a professional moving company.

9. Consider a Professional Move

Opting for a professional moving company in New York during the winter can take a load off your shoulders. When you hire professionals, you're getting a team well-versed in handling all weather conditions.

This means less risk of injury for you during the packing and unpacking process, thanks to their expertise and experience. They know how to ensure your belongings are safely transported, no matter what the weather throws at them.

Another perk? You won't have to fret over gathering packing supplies, as professional movers come equipped with everything needed. Ask if the company offers all the services you're looking for, and don't forget to check that they're registered and licensed.

10. Communication With The Moving Company

If you use professional moving companies, communication is the key to a successful move. Different moving companies have different practices when it comes to communication. 

Some companies prefer telephone conversations, but it is better to document all crucial information to avoid misunderstandings. Do not hesitate to ask about everything that interests you. Talk to the company about insurance options. The correct exchange of information is the key to a successful move.

11. Be Flexible

Moving during the winter can be difficult, stressful, and unpredictable. Whether you're moving on your own or with a professional moving company, be prepared to adjust your plans according to weather conditions or potential problems. Flexibility is the key to a successful winter move.


Moving in the winter in New York can be challenging and stressful, but with proper planning and following safety precautions, you can successfully overcome all the challenges that winter conditions can bring. In this way, you will facilitate the moving process, regardless of whether you are moving alone or using a moving company.

Consider the above tips and services suggested to ensure a safe and efficient transition to a new home during the winter.

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