Relocating to NYC
November 9, 2022

How to have a stress-free move to an apartment in NYC

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Some people may know how hard and exhausting moving is. Moving to an apartment in NYC, however, is another struggle. NYC apartments are small, making it hard to make them look how you would like them to if you had a bigger apartment. NYC apartments are ideal for minimalists. If you don't care much about space, that may be great for you.

Start planning early to avoid a stressful move

When moving to an apartment in NYC, there are things to keep in mind. These will help you have a stress-free moving experience. New York City is a concrete jungle, and that’s because it is super busy. You’ll have to be more prepared than you would be if you were moving to a more calm city.

Life in NYC is pretty fast-paced and can be overwhelming. Thus, it is best to know how to have a stress-free move to an apartment in NYC.

Tips for a stress-free move in NYC:

  • Research the area and the building you’re moving to.
  • Find out if they allow moves on the weekend.
  • Find a reputable NYC moving company.
  • Start packing as soon as you have a moving date.
  • Reserve the elevator.


Everything starts with research, whether or not you’re in a familiar town. It is prudent to do some research before moving into an unfamiliar area so you know what to expect. We understand that research and experience are completely different. Find out some information from colleagues, or family who live in or have lived in NYC. That can help you immensely during the whole moving process.

Travel to your new neighborhood (if you can) for a day or two to familiarize yourself with the area. Try a few restaurants and scout the area for any markets or public transportation. This will give you a great head start when you’ve moved in.

Call your apartment leasing office or landlord for a walkthrough before you move in. Have the landlord with you so you can ask questions to get ready for moving.

If you’re unable to go there in person, ask a family member or friend to go on your behalf before you sign anything. This is because what you see online may not be the true reflection of what is. Most landlords post new pictures of the apartment and keep them for years to lure people in. To be on the safe side, try to do everything yourself and in person if possible.

Find out if they allow moves on the weekend

This is a very important thing that you’ll have to find out before moving to NYC. This is because many apartments in NYC don't allow moves on the weekend, especially on a Sunday.

There are many reasons for this, but the most obvious is that NYC is a busy city that is full of tourists and residents. Weekend traffic is congested, so reserving an elevator for the weekend isn’t a good idea.

Most NYC apartments have small elevators, and none are for moving. So, you’d have to use the common elevator for your move, which is a huge inconvenience. So the best thing to do would be to move in on a weekday.

Hire a reputable and NYC-experienced moving company

There’s nothing worse than hiring a moving company that isn’t familiar with the area you’re moving to. Thus, it is crucial to research and ask questions. If there’s a company you prefer that’s out of state, inquire, and let them know about your concerns.

A moving company that’s familiar with the area will most likely tell you the best times to move. To ensure you find a good moving company in NYC, you’ll have to contact at least three different ones and get a quote. Once all that’s done, decision-making will be a lot easier.

Start planning and packing as soon as you get a moving date

Be as minimalistic as possible when moving to an apartment in NYC

Planning and packing early will give you an advantage. When you pack early, you’ll have enough time to do everything else about the move. If you aren’t sure where to start with this, here’s a moving plan and checklists. Also, start buying packing supplies early unless you’re hiring packers.

Reserve the elevator

Most apartments require you to reserve the elevator for moving in or out. This is to control and inform the other tenants about the elevator reservation. It is important, no matter what type of building you move into, to reserve one. Reservations can be made for an hour to three hours, depending on the terms of the building.

Reserving a specific time is a great idea because it will allow you to plan and ensure you finish on time. If you’re moving yourself, you will most likely need help to move in. When hiring a moving company, let them know about the elevator reservation, so they get there on time. Because if they are late, that could cause a hurdle.

In conclusion

New York City is a very busy city with small apartments that need as few belongings as possible. When moving to this city, remember that planning early will help you have a stress-free move.

Find a reputable company that is familiar with NYC, as they’ll know the best times to move. Especially if this will be your first time living in the city. Start packing as soon as possible and familiarize yourself with your neighborhood. To have enough time to move all your belongings, reserve the elevator.

Need an NYC moving company?

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