Artistic glass - how to pack your glassware for storage|Packing your tea party glassware for storage|Broken glass|Plastic bubbles when packing your glassware for storage
Artistic glass - how to pack your glassware for storage|Packing your tea party glassware for storage|Broken glass|Plastic bubbles when packing your glassware for storage
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September 26, 2019

How to pack your glassware for storage

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It doesn't matter if are moving to a smaller home and don’t have as much space for all of your stuff as you used to have. or you’ve finally decided to declutter your home. Or, maybe, you need space for your new belongings and you don’t have the heart to throw away your old belongings. No matter the reason, renting a storage unit for your belongings can be the perfect solution for you. But just finding a perfect Long Island storage and renting one isn’t the end of it. You still have to pack everything. And to, for example, pack your glassware for storage, can be more challenging than you expected. So read further to discover tips on how to easily pack your glassware for storage.

Make your life easier when packing your glassware for storage

Knowing exactly what you’re going to keep in your storage is important for a few reasons. Namely, it can save you some money, time and energy.First of all, if you don’t know what you are storing you can’t know how big of a storage unit you'll need. So ask, for example, Forest Hills movers what size are their storage units and plan carefully what you want to store. Because the more items you have the more room you’ll need. And the bigger storage unit you’re renting the higher the price will be. This is also applicable to the packing materials. Knowing precisely what you’re going to pack will enable you to know what packing materials you’ll need. And, more importantly, how much packing material you’ll have to buy.Second of all, packing your glassware for storage can take up your time and energy. The reason for this is that glassware is delicate and can easily be damaged. And you’ll have to cover it with a few layers of packing material. So if you want to pack fragile items with ease you can’t rush it. Keeping that in mind, imagine that you pack some of your glassware for storage only to change your mind and have to unpack it. You don’t want that, do you?Now that you’ve decided what you’re going to keep in your storage it’s time to write it down. Make a list of all the glassware you’re packing for storage. Having this list can be quite helpful later on.

Preparing to pack your glassware for storage

The important thing about packing your glassware for storage is that it has to be clean as a whistle. I know that you’d rather just skip this part. You may think why wash it now if you’re going to wash it again before you use it. But trust me, you’ll thank yourself later if you clean it now. Because if you pack your glassware for storage and it isn’t completely clean you won’t be able to take off those stains weeks or months later.

Broken glass

It's better not to use a washing machine for the glass that hasn't been used in a whileBut before you start putting your glassware in the washing machine there’s a catch you should know about if you want to pack for storage like a pro. It’s better to handwash your glassware because, as I’ve already said, it’s easily breakable. Especially if it hasn’t been used for a long time. And, furthermore, if you wash it yourself you can clean some stains that the washing machine can’t. Another catch is that you leave it for at least a day to dry. It is important that when you pack your glassware for storage it is thoroughly dry. If you leave any moisture it can cause mildew.

Packing materials for your glassware

Packing fragile items always requires more packing materials. And packing your glassware for storage even more so. So packing materials that you are going to need are:

  • cardboard boxes
  • packing paper
  • plastic bubbles
  • moving blankets
  • packing tape
  • tape cutter
  • labels
  • markers

You can find some of these packing materials for free. Which can reduce moving costs and leave you with more money to rent perfect storage. For, example, if you drive to your local supermarket, liquid store, pharmacy and so on, you can ask them to give you some cardboard boxes that they would normally throw away. Try to get as sturdier cardboard boxes as you possibly can. Although glassware is delicate it can be quite heavy. And the last thing you want is a cardboard box filled with your glassware to fall apart while you’re carrying it.

Plastic bubbles when packing your glassware for storage

Plastic bubbles will be your best friend when you're packing your glassware for storage

Make it green!

If you really want to save your money and at the same time help save the environment you can actually do that. And it's easier than you'd think. Instead of the cardboard boxes, you can rent boxes made out of recyclable plastic. They are cheaper and better for the environment. And not to mention that it’s safer to carry your glassware in them than in regular cardboard boxes. Another thing that you can do is to use newspaper and old clothes and cloth to secure your glassware when packing it for storage. A newspaper is a great isolator and can save your glassware from blows and scratches. And you can use, for example, old socks to put them inside of the glassware. Or you can use clothes to fill all the empty spaces between your glassware. By doing these little things you will help save the environment because you’ll leave less waste after you.

How to pack your glassware for storage

Once your glassware is dry you can start packing it for storage. You should aim to wrap every part of each item. You can spread a sheet of plastic bubbles or newspapers on a table. Next, put packing paper, newspaper, socks inside each piece of glassware. This will prevent scratches from the inside. Then, wrap that piece of glassware in the plastic bubbles or newspaper you’ve prepared. And, finally, secure the plastic bubble or newspaper with packing tape so it stays on during transport.If some pieces of glassware have some parts that are thinner or that stick out, like stem or handle, you should pay more attention when wrapping them. The reason for this is that these parts are easier to scratch or break. So you need to protect them more. You can easily do this by wrapping them in an extra layer.

Packing your tea party glassware for storage

Some glassware can be harder to pack than otherWhen you fill the boxes it’s important that they’re not half-empty or too filled with your glassware. If they are half-empty your glassware can fall on each other and get damaged. And if the box is filled too much it can break. You can fill the empty spaces in the boxes by putting plastic bubbles, packing paper, newspaper, clothes and so on. That way, your glassware won’t be touching each other and scratching during the transport. And it’ll also soften the blow should there be any.

Finishing up packing your glassware for storage

Remember that list that you’ve made? Now it’ll come in handy. Because labeling everything is very important when you pack your glassware for storage. You can write a number on each box. Then, you can write the number of the box where you put something next to that it on your list. After you’ve done that you can make a list for every box and write on it everything that the said box contains. Once the list is finished you can stick every it to its corresponding box. That way you won’t have to open every box and unpack everything when you’re searching for something.


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