a kitchen - pack food for moving|hands - pack food for moving|fragile|moving boxes
a kitchen - pack food for moving|hands - pack food for moving|fragile|moving boxes
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June 13, 2020

How to pack food for moving

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Packing for a move is always daunting for most people. For others, it can be fun. It is true, some people do like to do this because they get a sense of responsibility. There are a lot of tips on how to pack your furniture, how to pack your kitchen, etc. On the other hand, there are not that many tips on how to pack food for moving. Most Jersey City movers do not have a lot of experience in this area. But if you are having that kind of move, we would like to present you a couple of tips on how to prepare your food for moving like a pro!

Pack food for moving like a pro using these tips

  • Throw food out
  • Get moving supplies
  • Deal with fragile items
  • Bring the cooler
  • Label moving boxes

Throw food out

We understand that you are confused after this statement. On the other hand, it is true. If you want to prepare your food for the move, you will probably have to throw some of it out. There is always an item in your refrigerator or freezer that is near its expiring date. Well, there is no reason for you to move it since you will not use it. The best thing to do here is to throw it out and make more room for the things that you will actually use after the move ends.

Donate it instead

Instead of throwing your food out in the trash, you can donate it. It is a very good way to get rid of the items that you do not need and still do something noble. There are a lot of nonprofit organizations like feeding America that you can contact and get rid of the food that you do not need.

hands - pack food for moving

Do not hesitate to donate!

Get moving supplies

You will probably need a lot more than just moving boxes since you will not move only food. Since you are moving it, we will tell you what kind of packing supplies you will need. Moving boxes are essential for every relocation, even when relocating with food. You should not buy boxes that are too big. It is a mistake to fill it completely since there will be a higher chance that something bad will happen with it. Get smaller moving boxes and in good shape! You can find them with your moving company and at a good price. Also, you will need packing tapes since you probably do not want something to get spilled during the transport.

Deal with fragile items

You may be confused again but you should not be. Glass is not the only fragile item that you use for your food. When it comes to coffee and sugar, they are usually placed in some kind of 'mini box'. As we have said before, you should avoid glass and use something else. Plastic, for example. Even though it is much more durable, you should still protect it. After all, it does not matter what kind of move you have, it is important to learn a couple of safety tips. Yes, moving furniture is probably much harder and more dangerous but you still do not want something to get spilled while on the transport, right?That is why you should use better protection in the form of quality packing supplies. Using plastic containers is much better since it can sustain some weight over it without cracking or breaking in half.


Avoid packing fragile items as much as you can

Bring the cooler

Even though it is unusual, there is no reason for you not to try it. When you see the big picture, you will already bring a lot of items with you like electronics, chargers, important documents, pets, etc. Well, if you want to preserve an expensive piece of meat, you can. Just bring the cooler with you on the road and relax. The only thing that you will have to think about is the unpacking. That should be the first thing that you will unpack actually. If you do not do that, there is a chance that it will go bad and you will be empty-handed.

Label moving boxes

In order to pack food for moving, you have to label moving boxes. Some items require special care and therefore, you need to provide that to them. Even though cross country moving companies NYC can do the actual transfer, you should inform them what to pay attention to. Fragile and perishable items are two of those things so be sure to write perishable on the moving box. Once you relocate, you will not waste time searching for items. You will have all the information just by looking at the boxes!

moving boxes

Make your job easier and label moving boxes at the end of the packing process


Most people avoid moving food due to many obvious reasons. The biggest con of doing this is that you make a move more complicated than it has to be. On the other hand, if you have a surprise move and have a lot of food in your refrigerator, why not do it, right? As you can see, there are a lot of ways to pack food for moving. You just have to be careful and think of the bad things that could happen. This way you will know what to protect in order to have a safe and stress-free relocation. No one would want to realize that something was spilled during the move. You will have to clean it and it will ruin the moving day. Follow these tips and you will have no problems whatsoever!


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