Hire professionals to move a fish tank!|a boy with fish in a fishnet|thumbs up
Hire professionals to move a fish tank!|a boy with fish in a fishnet|thumbs up
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November 21, 2019

How to pack and move a fish tank

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Packing and moving a fish tank is not really easy. You need to take care of both the fish and the tank. And either one of them is sensitive to being relocated. However, moving the tank is definitely more difficult of the two. You might want to rent plastic moving boxes for the occasion, though. They will come in handy for moving both the tank and the fish. In order to safely move a fish tank, you will need some supplies before you drain it and pack it. In this guide, we will teach you!

How To Pack And Move A Fish Tank Like A Pro!

Moving a fish tank need not be daunting. With several tips and tricks, you will be able to relocate your fish tank easily enough. The main thing to consider are the preparations. Moving the tank itself is not really difficult but preparing it for the move is. As many New Jersey movers will tell you, preparation accounts for most of the great moving process. So, here are some tips for it!

Preparations Before The Move

In order to properly prepare for relocating a fish tank, you will need to:

  • Gather Necessary Supplies
  • Prepare Your Fish For The Move
  • Drain The Water, Clean and Pack The Tank
a boy with fish in a fishnet

Get all necessary supplies, such as siphon hose, a fishnet, and plastic bags!If you complete these steps, you will be well on your way to safely move a fish tank. Some of the supplies you might need are a siphon hose, plastic bags, and a fishnet, among others.As for the fish, you want to stop feeding them about 36 hours before the move. The reason for this is that they need to expel waste before you can safely move them. As the fish can live off for up to a week without any food, they will be fine.Unless your move lasts for a week or more.Finally, you need to unplug your tank, remove everything that is inside it, drain it, and clean it thoroughly. All these steps are quite necessary before you can relocate the fish tank.

How To Move A Fish Tank Properly

You really want to move your tank in your own vehicle. The tank is really fragile and should not be transported in a big truck. However, if you absolutely cannot pack it inside your own car, you want to let your movers know how fragile and important that tank is. They will then take extra precautions and everything should be fine. Therefore, you should contact your mover and schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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Hire professionals and let them relocate your fish tank fast and safely.

Set Up A Tank and Add Your Fish Back In

After the tank is at your new home you want to set it up immediately. If the relocation was not a long one, you can even use the water that you carried with you.Make sure that all of the parameters of the tank are at their nominal levels before you put the fish back in the tank. These include the level of chlorine, PH and ammonia balance and so on. This will ensure the optimal living conditions for your fish.


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