How to Pack a Portable Storage Container|Working gloves|Pillows for padding|Balance in all things
How to Pack a Portable Storage Container|Working gloves|Pillows for padding|Balance in all things
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September 21, 2018

How to Pack a Portable Storage Container?

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Portable storage containers are a great tool when it comes to moving. It doesn't matter if your move on your own or hire interstate moving companies NYC. They make a lot of things much easier to do. But, if you want to use them efficiently, you need to know how to properly pack a portable storage container. There are certain steps to take, and guidelines to follow, but we are here to give you all the necessary info.

Get proper tools and materials

Before you start to pack a portable storage container, you need to get yourself proper tools. Nothing can be done right without proper tools and proper technique. That goes for every part of the move and packing storage containers is no exception.

Loading tools

In order to avoid accidents, you need to get some working gloves and work boots. They are a cheap investment that drastically lowers the possibility of you slipping and damaging your possessions, or even worse, getting hurt. Other loading tools are usually necessary if you have some heavy things to load. Heavy items may need a dolly or loading straps as they can make the load and unload much easier.

Working gloves

Working gloves are a must if you are working with your hands.

Packing materials

Packing materials include packing boxes, wrapping paper, padding, bubble wrap, and tape. Make sure that you get all the required materials as lack of them can easily lead to damaged items. You can get free moving boxes from your local supermarkets and bookstores. Make sure that you give them enough time to save you some boxes, as they might not be able to if you give them a week's notice. If you are unable to get quality boxes, be sure to buy them. Saving money on packing materials can cause accidents. Therefore you shouldn't try to save money by getting cheap yet low-quality materials.

Prepare for storage

Once you have the proper tools and materials you need to prepare for storage. Getting your things ready and having a plan will help you tremendously once you start to pack a portable storage unit. There will be a lot of things to keep in mind, and you need to get yourself ready. You can even make sure that your storage is eco-friendly.


The first thing you need to do is to sort all the things you need to pack into portable storage. This way you will have a clear idea about what you need to pack and how you will fit it all into a portable storage unit. When you sort, make sure to make a list of all the things that you've packed. Have a clear idea on what is heavy and what is fragile. Knowing that is vital if you want to properly pack a portable storage unit.

Get in contact with your movers

Once you know what you want to be moved, it is time for you to find quality movers. Moving is a complicated project and you need to find reliable movers if you want your relocation to go without any trouble. Once you contact your desired movers they will send a representative to give you their estimate of moving costs NYC. We strongly recommended getting multiple estimates (at least three) in order to know what is a fair price. If a mover is offering a suspiciously low price, you should keep away. It is most likely a scam.

Wrapping and packing

Once you have your date settled, you should start packing a couple of days in advance. You should first pack a portable storage unit, as it can stay packed for a long period of time. Wrap, pack and label everything carefully. Once things are packed into a portable storage unit they will experience vibrations and changes in temperature. You need to make sure that they do not suffer any damage because of it. Make sure to label if anything is heavy of fragile. Most of the moving accidents happen because of improper packing, and you need to make sure to avoid them.

Pillows for padding

Pillows can be a free source of padding if you need to secure some fragile items.

Properly pack a portable storage container

Once you have your things properly sorted, wrapped, packed and labeled it is time to start packing. Give yourself enough time to make mistakes. The chances that you will properly pack a portable storage container, without any prior experience, are slim. So, give yourself a break. Go at it at a steady pace and follow our instructions.

Weight and balance

You need to balance the weight of your portable storage container. What that means is that the overall weight of items packed inside the portable storage unit needs to evenly distributed. If you put too much weight on one side you risk damage and accidents. In order to make sure that you correctly pack a portable storage container, you need to think about weight distribution. If you evenly distribute the weight evenly you make it much easier for the truck that is carrying your portable storage unit to turn. And, if there is a whole or a bump in the road. the shock will be much better absorbed if everything is balanced.

Balance in all things

You need to think about balance if you want to pack a portable storage unit.

Size and fragility

Heavy items should go in first. Then you should place large, but light ones. Start packing bottoms up, as you will more easily make the most out of your portable storage unit. Lastly, you should place your smaller and most fragile possessions. In order to properly pack a portable storage container, you need to think about the condition in which your items will be while traveling. Proper padding inside and between boxes will help mitigate vibrations. If you do not pad your items, they will scratch or even worse, fly around the storage unit while it is moving. Everything should fit tightly so that there is no risk of things flying about. It is up to you to make sure that your possessions are transported safe and sound. No matter how good your driver is, there is only so much he can do.


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