people sitting on bench - move with senior parents to another state|two woman talking - move with senior parents to another state||calculator and tablet|a woman with a box
people sitting on bench - move with senior parents to another state|two woman talking - move with senior parents to another state||calculator and tablet|a woman with a box
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January 4, 2021

How to move with senior parents to another state?

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Interstate relocation is a special kind of relocation. It is usually one of the hardest both residential and commercial moves. The reason is simple, you have to be much more careful because you will have to cover more ground. That means that if you do not do things right, you risk injuries or damage to your items. When we add senior parents, things can get out of control pretty easily. But, a move with senior parents to another state does not have to be a problem. You will have to turn to the best interstate moving companies NYC for help and much more. Find out what it takes to have a smooth interstate relocation with your parents!

Move with senior parents to another state without stress

In order to achieve this, you will have to follow some pretty basic rules. Even though it seems that you need to use every resource you have, it is not that case. You have to be smart while moving and here is what you should do:

  • Talk with your parents
  • Find a senior-friendly home
  • Prepare the moving budget
  • Find movers for your needs
  • Take the physical blow

Talk with your parents

Avoiding talking with parents is one of the most common mistakes that people make. It should not be like this and there is a big reason for this. Moving to another state is a decision thatall of you have to agree upon. Even though you are the one that is 'making the calls', you have to consider your parents' wishes and needs. They may not always be on the same page but it is important for you to start talking about it.

two woman talking - move with senior parents to another state

Talking with your parents is essential for making a decision

Find a senior-friendly home

Before you start making plans for the relocation itself, you need to find a proper home. You probably know that seniors' health usually worsens as time passes. When this happens, you will want to have a home that is senior-friendly. It is hard to do it alone. The best choice for you would be to find a good real estate agent. They specialize in help for finding a proper home. This way, you can lie back and wait until you see what choices you have.

Think about location when choosing a new place

The location of your new home is very important. Even though you have found a senior-friendly home, you are not done. You need to make sure that it is close to everything important for everyday life like stores, doctors, pharmacies, etc. You do not want to be without anyone to help in the case of an emergency.

Prepare the moving budget

Interstate relocations are usually more expensive than the local ones. You probably know this fact but we wanted to repeat it because it can easily happen that you are not financially prepared for the move. It can become a big problem if you are not careful and you may need to make compromises that you do not want.In order to avoid all of this and get ready for the move, you need to prepare the moving budget for the move. You need to divide things and see what would be the usual price for your type of move. If you know that you do not have enough money, you should save. But, how much money to save when moving out of state? You can check this by getting moving quotes. Be sure to get from multiple companies so that you could know the approximate amount.

calculator and tablet

Be careful when preparing the budget for the move

Find movers for your needs

When relocating with senior parents to another state, you want to have the best help possible. You probably know that it would take a lot from you to manage and relocate on your own. That is why it is a top priority to find a good and respectable NYC moving company.Experience is the most important thing you are looking for. Interstate move is filled with potential disasters and the best way to avoid is to have someone experienced to help you out. The easiest way to find and be sure that you have the right mover is to ask your close relatives or friends for a recommendation. If they can't think of anyone, use the internet and check the company's experience. Read moving reviews because you will find crucial information about the company you want to hire.

Take the physical blow

In order to move with senior parents to another state, you have to be in charge. What we mean is that their health is probably an obstacle to heavy lifting and preparing for the move. You should always know that and be the one that will take the physical blow. You are the one that needs to step up and do all the heavy lifting by yourself. Yes, you will have help from the movers but you are still the one that will move things around the current home until you declutter and pack. It will be hard but remember that you are not moving to another state every day.

a woman with a box

Be the one who is managing physical work


Local moves are pretty simple when we compare them to the interstate ones. There are fewer things that you have to do in order to be successful. Your only real job would be to make sure that you have the right movers Long Island city for the job.On the other hand, interstate relocation is tough. You need to be much more careful, especially if you want to move with senior parents to another state. It adds additional weight on top of the already hard work. That is why you should make sure to follow the rules on this list because they will guide you through the process. Make a checklist and cross the items you finish! We wish you a smooth relocation without any big problems during the process!


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