a man thinking about how to move valuable artwork in NYC|pictures on the wall|a man in a suit|bubble pack
a man thinking about how to move valuable artwork in NYC|pictures on the wall|a man in a suit|bubble pack
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April 1, 2020

How to move valuable artwork in NYC

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Moving brings with itself a set of challenges and difficulties that you need to tackle. However, one of the toughest amongst them is probably how to deal with expensive and fragile items. Artwork, for example, is the top of the list when you think about these items. One of the solutions to move valuable artwork in NYC is to, of course, call fine arts movers who are ready and have the equipment for it. But if you cannot, what is there to do? In this article we take a look at what you can do to secure your valuable artwork, and how you can help you moving company deliver it to New York City.

Get ready to move valuable artwork in NYC

The biggest thing you can do for your East Village moverswhen you want to move valuable artwork in NYC is to prepare it well. Without this, you might as well not even relocate! Bad preparation increases the risk of something going awry with your move, while preparing reduces these odds. This is how you make sure your artwork will be in great condition once it arrives at your NYC home!

pictures on the wall

Make sure to keep your artwork safe at all times during your New York City move!So first, start by cleaning it. Of course, you should do this on a regular basis - but doing it before the move is a must. People believe that moving is dirty and it is better to clean stuff afterwards - but the more you reduce the dirt beforehand, the less you will have to clean. Trust us, you will be thankful you do not have to do too much once you arrive in your new home all tired from the move. Luckily, your artwork doesn't need much. Just make sure you have the solutions that will not damage it, and use the proper technique.

Packing is important when you move valuable artwork in NYC

The next step is to properly pack your artwork. This is also important because the supplies you get will be the only thing standing between your art and damages! So, you might be tempted to get some cheap moving boxes - but getting professional packing supplies is a must here! You need high-quality boxes that will maintain their integrity throughout the transport. Luckily, good movers usually have special artwork boxes for any relocation. These are specially designed to keep everything intact when you move valuable artwork in NYC. You will also want some padding and wrapping materials. Make sure you talk to the movers about what to use for each piece.

bubble pack

Use a lot of padding materials to protect your valuable artwork.When it comes to packing, we again encourage you to think about professional packing services. There is a lot of work to be put in packing. You need to be efficient but should also organize the work carefully. First, wrap up the items in the packing material. This way, you keep it from moisture and temperature shifts. Then, put the padding around it. This can be anything from your clothes to bubble packs. It serves to reduce the vibrations and impacts your box might suffer. Finally, slide the whole thing into the box. Make sure you tape it up securely and put the label on it. This way, both you and movers will know which boxes to pay special attention to.

The importance of a good moving company

Of course, there is just so much you can do when you want to move valuable artwork in NYC. No matter how hard you try, it is a state of matters that it will be safer in the hands of the pros. Now, there is a lot of discussion about this. Many believe that professional movers can get quite expensive or that finding them is not that easy. The counter-argument, which is quite a good one, is to just think about the cost of repairing or replacing your artwork. Is it something you will be able to handle? The movers decrease the risk of something happening to your artwork significantly - and they also offer insurance. So by using their service, you will be better off in the long run.And while on the topic of the good movers, there is actually quite a lot that you get by using them. First, you have someone experienced on your side. They have already dealt with moving artwork in NYC, so they will know exactly what to do with it. What's more, while they focus on packing up and moving your artwork, you can deal with other moving chores. This gives you a lot of free time which is always valuable when moving.

a man in a suit

Let the professionals help you move valuable artwork in NYC!But how do you find these movers? Well, start by checking online. Visit the About us pages of companies in NYC and see if anything works for you. Then, contact us to talk to our representative and schedule an estimate. Afterwards, it is all about letting us take care of our job, while you focus on what you need to do for your move!

Ask us about the insurance policies

We already talked a little about the insurance, but it is important to stress it again. When you contact us, make sure you ask about the insurance policies. This is something that you will want to have when you move valuable artwork in NYC. Yes, we are professional and reliable movers, but we are aware that mistakes sometimes happen. So, having insurance to cover for this is always a smart idea! This way, you can move without stress and anxiety, and you will be ready for your new life in New York City!


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