map of New York can help you when you need to move long distance with children|ferris wheel||a parent and a child talking
map of New York can help you when you need to move long distance with children|ferris wheel||a parent and a child talking
Moving out of NYC
October 24, 2019

How to move long distance with children

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There are many things that people dread when it comes to moving. They fear all the packing that they need to do, as well as the logistics of the move and transferring their things. However, one thing that people seem to fear most is having to move long distance with children. Moving with a baby NYC can be tough - both because of the child and the city. But when you add the long distance you need to cross to this equation, it can become quite a nightmare. However, you don't need to fear it too much! In this article, we give you a step by step guide on moving with your kids with ease and without any stress!

Understanding what makes it so hard to move long distance with children

One of the first things that you need to ask yourself is just why so many people believe moving long distance with children is hard. How can it be that such small creatures can make it difficult for you? Teenagers might be more obvious here, but you still would not believe just how many difficulties children of all ages can present.

Try to understand what it is about the move that is making your kid sad and depressed.Luckily, movers Long Island have an answer for you. The main thing that causes stress with children of all ages is the same thing that might cause stress to you as well - the fear of change. We live in a world that built upon trust and having a system we can lean on and count on. This can be our colleges, our friends, as well as our family members. When we are feeling under the weather, it is the people we turn to and the activities we do to distract us from these feelings.Kids have these systems as well, no matter what age they are. This can even be a group of friends at school - or someone totally random. Moving long distance means not only breaking away from all their habits and activities they love doing - but saying goodbye to their home and friends as well! This creates a build-up of emotions that children don't usually have a really good handle on controlling.

Talk to your children to prepare them for the move

This is why you, as their parent, need to be there and talk to them. This might be the toughest part of having to move long distance with children, but it's something you need to do. You will need to be open to their emotions, fears and anxieties. Make sure that they know you understand them and you are here for them. Together, you can deal with this process and find new people and friends to hang out with. After all, New York is huge! There are so many ways to find friends in NYC!

a parent and a child talking

Make sure you have a long and open conversation about the move with your children.However, you should not forget about being strict, too. Yes, this is a stressful period. But, at the end of the day, you are the parent and they are children. They might try to rebel or throw tantrums, but it's important that they understand that the move is happening and that they cannot change it.Finding a balance between being strict and understanding can be hard. It is a fine line you will need to walk. But, just like with everything when it comes to parenthood, you will need to deal with it in your own way. Every child behaves differently, and every family functions in different ways. It is up to you to figure out how you will move long distance with children, and how much trouble they might create. Also, you are the one who will need to find ways to make this process easier on your kids, because you are the one who knows your kids the best!

Get your kids excited about the move

One of the sure ways you can help you kids deal with the stress of the move is by getting them excited about it. Luckily, there is a multitude of ways in which you can do this. The easiest thing would be to get them talking about New York City. It is a huge and marvelous city - and getting excited about it can be quite easy!

ferris wheel

Ferris wheel at Coney Island is a great attraction!There is just so much you can explore in the Big Apple! From free art exhibitions to awesome children's playgrounds, there is a lot that you can show your kids. If you are able to, try to take a weekend trip to the city. Walk around the neighborhood and let them experience it for themselves. This can get them hyped about the moving, thus making the process easier for you. You can also go online or get some books about the city and start reading up on it. This way, you all will be ready to hit the streets running after the move!Another way in which you can get your children excited to move long distance to NYC is by letting them help you pack. You can get them to think about what their rooms will be like in the city. With that, they can think about the items they will take with them. Once they are thinking about packing, you will be able to control their choices better - if they are younger. This way, you are also giving them some control of the process. It is calming and reducing their stress, which is a huge win for you. What's more, they will be doing a portion of the work - so it's a win-win situation anyway!


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