Learn how to minimize house-hunting stress in NYC|get rid of the unnecessary items|It is important top research your options before renting or buying a property.|Determine the budget for your move.
Learn how to minimize house-hunting stress in NYC|get rid of the unnecessary items|It is important top research your options before renting or buying a property.|Determine the budget for your move.
New York CIty housing
July 15, 2020

How to minimize house-hunting stress in NYC?

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If you have ever moved or tried to find a new home, you have probably experienced the nightmare of house-hunting. This is particularly true for people in NYC. Just when you find a place that works for you and your family – someone snatches it. New York City housing market is extremely competitive and it requires you to be fast and flexible. Also, prices are incredibly high and hidden feesoften emerge subsequently. That’s why it’s important to figure out how to minimize house-hunting stress in NYC. We will explain how to find a perfect home for you and your family while staying within your budget.

Do a thorough research and set the budget

Research the average market rate in different New York neighborhoods. This is a time-consuming and tiring process so be prepared to invest a lot of time and energy. Empower yourself with information so that you can make an informed decision and find a perfect home for your family. Once the research is done, set your budget. Figure out a price range you are comfortable with and stick to it. The same goes for moving expenses – make a list of all moving activities in advance. For example, if you are moving to Long Island, it’s necessary to hire Long Island movers, gather moving supplies, rent a storage unit, etc. Request an in-house moving estimate so that you can calculate the exact cost of your move.

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Invest time in researching the housing market in New York and explore different neighborhoods

Make a list of your priorities

Before you start searching for your new home, make a list of the most important features it should have. Do you want to live in a trendy area? Are your priorities short commute to work, living in a safe area, having a lot of space, being close to shops and restaurants. Do you want peace and quiet? Your must-have list should be realistic and in accordance with your pre-determined budget. Here is a list of things to consider when house-hunting in NYC:

  • Location/neighborhood
  • Price
  • Size and layout of the house
  • School district
  • Commuting options

A lot of time and energy foes into looking for a new home, so it’s important to narrow down your priorities. Incorporate your entire family in this process because buying a new home affects everyone. Once you decide what you want your life to look like, you can start the search.

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Before you start touring properties, set a budget you are comfortable with

Ask if appliances and furniture are included

When you start touring NYC houses, prepare a list of questions about a house. One of those should be “Are there any appliances or furniture included in the cost”? Sometimes there will be a refrigerator, stove, and kitchen sink in the houses you tour. This is important information because it will affect the packing and moving process if you decide to buy or rent this particular property. So make sure you know exactly what’s included so that you can plan in advance and avoid any miscommunication down the line. Gather as much information as possible before you make a decision and hire furniture movers NYC.

Packing and moving process

As we have already explained, the moving and packing process will be affected by the appliances and furniture you find in a particular house. The cost of your move will depend on the size of your relocation and the weight of the moving boxes. The more items you decide to bring, the more expensive your move is going to cost, and the longer it will take to pack and unpack. So, if you want to keep your moving bill manageable, start thinking about downsizing your belongings. This means that you should not transport things you no use or need in your new home. Check whether a particular piece of furniture fits into your new house before moving it, especially if it’s heavy and bulky. Go through all your belongings and organize them before you start packing. Divide all your possessions into three groups: keep, donate/sell, toss.

get rid of the unnecessary items

Sell or donate items you will not need in your new home before the relocationOnce you decide which items you want to transport into your new home, start thinking about what you want to do with the rest of your inventory. You can earn some money for your second-hand items if you organize a yard sale or sell them on eBay. Also, you can donate things that are in good condition and would be of use to someone, such as old books, clothes, toys, houseware, etc.After you declutter your home, start packing your belongings. Gather moving supplies such as moving boxes in various sizes, bubble wrap, furniture blankets, markers, and tape a couple of weeks prior to your moving date. This will allow you to start packing well ahead and be ready on time. Safety of your things is of the utmost importance so make sure every item is well-protected before you place it into a moving container. If you don’t want to pack on your own, you can hire a reliable company such as Capital City Movers NYC that will handle the entire packing process.

Spend some time in the neighborhood

Spending some time in the neighborhood you have chosen to live in will minimize house-hunting stress in NYC. It’s important to get a sense of where you would be living and become familiar with the area. Take some time to explore the neighborhood on your own. Visit shops, spend some time in a local café, walk a few blocks. This will give you an idea of what your daily life will look like. Also, test the commute to work and school. Figure out the time you will spend on public transportation.


The housing market in NYC is quite competitive. New York is one of the most densely settled cities in the United States. Prices are extremely high when compared to the other parts of the nation. That’s why it’s important to do everything you can to minimize house-hunting stress in NYC. We have offered advice regarding both the research and moving process that will come in handy and ensure a happy relocation.


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