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comparing moving estimates|agreement|bookkeeping|signature
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January 21, 2019

How to compare moving estimates?

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When moving it is important you compare moving estimates and find the best quality movers to help you relocate. Here are some tips and tricks on finding the best company for your relocation even when moving on a budget.

Why getting a moving estimate is important?

Hiring moving companies for your relocation is essential to a successful moving process. You will need time to organize your move and check the moving companies you are considering in detail. It is always the best option to hire a moving company near you. If you do, you will be able to visit their facilities, talk to a company’s representative and get the most reliable moving quote. If the moving company’s base of operations is located near you, it is easy for a moving company to send a representative to your location to do an estimate.


Most reliable moving companies always ask to sign the moving contract.Getting an estimate in person is better than getting it over the phone. Sometimes you may miscalculate the number of belongings you wish to transport. On the other hand, you may make a mistake when calculating the number of packing materials your movers may need to properly pack and secure all of your belongings for a move. If that happens, your movers may come to your location and still need additional packing materials or other moving equipment for moving your bulky and heavy items. That situation may lead to additional charges and costs you didn’t plan for. To avoid problems, consider getting multiple moving quotes from more than one moving company. Various moving companies will offer different moving quotes NYC. When they do, they issue an official document as an estimate. After that, you can compare moving estimates and find the best moving company for your relocation.

What is the moving quote movers provide?

Moving quote that movers usually provide is an estimate of your moving costs. In most cases, reliable movers will offer to do a free estimate of your moving costs. A representative from a moving company you are considering comes to your home and estimates:

  • The number of items you need to transport
  • The type of your moving cargo
  • Services you will need
  • The distance of your move
  • Accessibility to your home and your new location
  • The amount of packing supplies you will need for packing
  • Any special services your relocation may need like storage, transport of valuable belongings etc.

After your movers calculate everything, he will estimate the costs of your move. He will provide an official document you can use in case you decide to hire his company. After you have more than one estimate from different movers it is easy to compare moving estimates. You will know if the companies you compare offer various services for the same cost. On the other hand, it will be easy to calculate which moving company offers the best deal.

Compare moving estimates when moving on a budget

When moving on a budget, it is essential you compare moving estimates before hiring any movers. Sometimes if movers see that you are acquiring estimates from various moving companies in the area, he will try to offer a better deal. Reliable moving companies like Park Slope movers know that organizing and conducting a move can be hard when on a budget. For this reason, you should mention to your mover when moving on a budget. Most quality movers may offer advise or try to offer different services to fit into your moving budget.


Compare moving estimates and the services your movers offer.Even if you are moving at the last minute, you shouldn’t skip getting an estimate from a moving company. It is best if you get more than one estimate even when you don’t have much time to prepare your move. Quality movers can help you organize your last minute move without difficulty. They have the necessary equipment and tools to make the packing process go smoothly even when moving with a limited timeframe. In case you are moving at the last minute, consider hiring movers to pack your belongings. After you compare moving estimates and find the most affordable solution, your movers can pack all of your belongings in a day or two. They will save you a lot of time and stress because they are professional, efficient and fast.

Compare moving quotes – tips

Before compare moving estimates, you should be aware that not all estimates are the same. This is one of the most important aspects you should consider. There are three types of moving estimates your movers may provide:

  • A binding estimate is the type of estimate that includes the costs of all services movers provide. That is the final amount you need to pay after your move is complete. This estimate doesn’t include any additional costs. When asking your movers for an estimate, it is always better to get a binding estimate for your move. And it will be easier to compare moving estimates that don’t include any additional expenses.
  • A non-binding estimate is the type of estimate that may include additional costs and expenses. Sometimes movers can provide only this estimate for some type of moves. However, if your movers provide a non-binding estimate, ask about possible additional charges you may face after the move is complete.
  • A not-to-exceed estimate is the best type of estimate out there. However, not all movers provide this type of estimate for an average move. You may receive a not-to-exceed estimate in case you are shipping your cargo overseas or moving to a long distance location. This estimate provides the cost you need to cover and you are not expected to pay more even if movers have additional costs.
  • Before you sign the moving contract, make sure you know the type of a moving quote movers offer.

When asking for a moving quote for your relocation, make sure you know which type of an estimate you will receive. For most regular moves, your movers will offer a binding quote. However, if they don’t, make sure to discuss all the details before you compare moving estimates and hire quality movers for your relocation.


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