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December 28, 2022

How are long-distance moves charged?

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There are various forms of moving, and each has its specific requirements. The majority of movers provide an estimate based on the kind and distance of the move, as well as other elements that we'll go over below. You should be aware that long-distance relocation is expensive, so be prepared to pay more.

The size and load of the truck also determine how much the move will cost

When considering long-distance moves, many elements are taken into account. Ask the moving company about the costs and any additional fees that might apply during the move. Ensure you have all the data they might require. 

Let's now get into how long-distance moves are charged:


Since there is a significant difference between local and long-distance relocation, charging by distance is the primary criterion for moving companies. 

What distinguishes local relocation from long-distance moving, then? 

Local moves are within a 60-mile radius of your present area. A short-distance move is another name for it. 

Moving over a distance of more than 100 miles is referred to as long-distance moving. Moving over long distances is not confined to within the same city. Other states, nations, and continents are among these (freight moving). It is feasible to work with a moving business that provides several long-distance moving options.

According to, long-distance removals are typically charged by the load and "may vary from $2000 to $5000 each load." Therefore, the more weight you have, the more you'll have to pay. Be aware that some businesses charge by the mile. Therefore, before hiring the organization, get in touch and inquire. 

How many belongings do you have? 

The amount you'll be charged depends on the weight of the truck. The duration of the move is determined by the weight and quantity of your possessions. Moving a one-bedroom house won't cost the same as moving a two-story house. You pay less if the residence is smaller. Once more, clarify this with the moving company.

The number of movers

The more movers you require to relocate a larger house will increase the cost because more laborers are needed. So keep this in mind as you prepare your relocation budget. For the moving company to provide you with more movers, it is crucial to inform them in advance.

Types of items

Whether you prefer it or not, this has a big impact on long-distance moves. The price of the move will depend on the types of items you have. For instance, the cost of moving if you have a one-bedroom home with standard furniture is cheaper as opposed to a similar-sized home with heavy and antique furniture. This is so that long-distance moves can be priced according to the weight of the cargo rather than the size of the objects.

Find out if the moving company offers a full-service move

Due to their tendency to be heavy and require specialized packing materials, antique and vintage furniture requires careful handling and more labor. The moving company will be prepared on moving day if you let them know what kinds of stuff you have in your home. If you don't let them know before hiring them, it could be a big problem because some moving firms don't offer to move for antiques and fine art. In other cases, you might need to look for a different company that specializes in moving antiques. 

A piano, artwork, and sculptures are additional objects. These products need to be handled and packed carefully because of their weight. This will increase your bill, so you should let the movers know well in advance.

Truck size

Moving firms frequently charge based on the size of the truck as well. Along with charging by the load, they also track mileage and gas costs. Professional movers will have the right size vehicle for a load of your belongings, but some moving firms could attempt to scam you by loading tiny goods into larger trucks to charge you more money. To avoid being duped, discuss any concerns or questions you may have with your moving company.


If you require a full-service move (which includes packing), that’ll be charged to your long-distance move. Packing isn’t easy and doesn’t come cheap, so if you can afford it, go ahead; if not, do it yourself and enlist help from family and friends to hasten the packing process. If you have special items like pianos, fine art, and antiques that need moving, you should leave that to professionals.


Any move will cost you money, so it is crucial to plan and have a budget. There may be some additional fees that may occur during the move, which your moving company will have to communicate with you. This also depends on the type of moving estimate you have agreed to.

Keep in mind that long-distance moves require a lot from both you and the moving company, so ask questions before you hire them. The factors to consider when determining how long-distance moves are charged are based on the distance, the number of belongings you have, the number of movers required, the types of items, if you’ll need packers, and the size of the truck.

Ensure you are well informed of this information before reaching out to any moving company and be careful not to get scammed by unprofessional moving companies. Remember that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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