To pack and move bunk bed isn't such an easy thing|Planner on the table|Mattress and pillow|Person with back injury|Tools
To pack and move bunk bed isn't such an easy thing|Planner on the table|Mattress and pillow|Person with back injury|Tools
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April 15, 2019

Guide to pack and move bunk bed

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It is time to relocate your household. For some of you, it is the first time, and some are more experienced in the field. Nevertheless, the process of packing and disassembling furniture is waiting for you. It is a tiresome and stressful process that is asking for a lot of your valuable time and a safe and careful approach. That is why today we will bring you up to speed. By reading this article you will know more about how to pack and handle bulky items. Especially how to pack and move bunk bed.

Hire professionals to pack and move bunk bed

When you decide on your moving date, you’ll probably assemble a moving checklist to cover everything regarding your move. One of the steps on that list is to disassemble your furniture. It is a hard job, especially if you never did it before. Many bulky items require a delicate approach since they are assembled by the manufacturer and delicately transported. Some of those items even can’t be disassembled at all. Items like pianos or pool tables. And we all know that every household has closets, tables, and beds. Most of those items need at least two people to move, and that is why you’ll probably need additional help. You can do it on your own, but that might come more expensive in the end. Not only that you can lose more money but damage your health as well.

Planner on the table

Before you start packing your belongings, assemble a good moving checklistIf you are unsure of how to do it, consider hiring reliable movers NYC to pack and move bunk bed. Moving professionals are always ready, with the proper tools for the job and extra manpower. Book your moving company on time and set your mind at ease.

Do not forget about the free moving estimates!

Many moving companies are offering free moving estimates. Someone from the company that is in charge of your project will visit to evaluate your cargo. Also, they need to know the location you are moving from and the new address. Movers need to be sure that both of your addresses are approachable with the moving truck. Furthermore, they need to know the sizes of your packed items, your furniture, and other belongings. This way they will be sure that everything will fit in one vehicle. Also, someone must check the doors and staircases, along with handrails. A path between your house and a loading area should be without obstructions. And who knows this better than an experienced moving estimator. So, do not think twice, and book a moving company on time. And do not forget that you are entitled to a free moving quote NYC.

Should you pack your bed by yourself?

To pack and move bunk bed won’t be easy as it sounds. It is a huge piece of furniture that is by its design, hard to work with. Consider the following:

  • Separation – Split the bed in two. Separate the bottom and top half to reduce its size. It is almost impossible to move them together since the bed is too big to fit in any hallway. Not to mention the doors. Make two smaller beds that are easier to work with.
  • Mattress – Remove the mattress and the bedding and move them as separate pieces of furniture. This will make the whole process easier. Avoid damages and scratches to your mattress by wrapping it in a protective sheet.
Remove mattress so that you can pack and move your bunk bed

Remove mattress and bedding for easy packing

  • Disassembling – There are usually four bolts in all four corners of your bunk bed that keep everything together. Unscrew them and split the bed in two. Although, be very careful and ask for a helping hand. You need to hold the top part midair unless you want to see it crashing on the floor.
  • Parts – Keep all the small pieces in a designated area. You can re-assemble your bed easier once it reaches the new destination.
  • Loading – Since the individual parts of your bunk bed are long and bulky, be sure to position them in the back of the truck. Ask your movers, they know how to do it.

For any furniture that you for some reason can’t move at that moment. Or for anything you do not know what to do with, consider renting one of the affordable storage units NYC. Storing your unwanted items and deciding later is a lucrative way to reduce the size of your cargo. Furthermore, this way you get to keep everything and yet pay less for the relocation.

Do you have all the tools to pack and move bunk bed?

The moving company you hired will provide all the packing materials if necessary. Moving boxes, covers, bubble wrap and packing paper. But more advanced and higher quality materials you’ll have to buy yourself. A fine example are plastic bins. They will endure long after your move and can be used for storing seasonal items, tools, toys, etc. A solid investment.


You should have the right tools for disassembling of your furnitureSame is with the tools used for moving. Not all moving companies are equipped with a proper arsenal for the job. Do not forget to ask what is at your disposal, and if you miss something try to supply yourself. To have a dolly or two on a day of the move is very useful. Same with the screwdrivers, clamps and other handy tools. Try asking your neighbors and friends if anyone can lend a spare. And do not forget to ask what is the size of the moving truck. These things are important when you are about to pack and move bunk bed. Everything has to fit, and if possible to go in one batch.

Protect yourself by purchasing moving insurance

To make your move safer, consider purchasing moving insurance NYC. Ask your movers if what kind of insurance they offer. And if you find the offer appealing, negotiate with your movers. Most of the moving companies offer partial coverage. This is because they are simply unable to commit to paying for damaged antiques or items of emotional value. For special items, you’ll need to hire a moving company specialized for such an endeavor.In conclusion, moving insurance will cover basic damages that can be reimbursed with money. But, if you need full coverage, better try with a proper insurance company. There is no better way to protect the old painting that is in your family for generations.

Safety always comes first

If you decided on moving yourself, you should be aware of the risks that come with the territory. Not only that you can damage your belongings, but you can seriously damage your health. While packing and decluttering, be aware of the sharp objects, chemicals, and similar items that lay around the house. Same with the hazardous materials, especially if you have kids running around while you pack. Heavy lifting is a serious business as well, and if not done right, you can hurt your back or worse. Be sure to use your legs rather than your back.

Person with a back injury

Inappropriate lifting of heavy items might cause back injuriesBut keep in mind that movers are working in such an environment every day. If someone can come to your aid, that is a professional moving crew. Maybe it is better to supervise than to expose yourself to potential harm. Movers will handle your furniture and pack and move bunk bed in the safest manner possible. Think about it.We provided basic tips on how to prepare for moving and most importantly how to pack and move bunk bed. Hopefully, you’ll make the right choices and have a safe and successful relocation. We wish you the best of luck!


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