A stack of coins, a house and dollar bills.|An alarm clock next to three stacks of coins.|A piano and a sheet of music on it.|A stand of bananas in a supermarket.
A stack of coins, a house and dollar bills.|An alarm clock next to three stacks of coins.|A piano and a sheet of music on it.|A stand of bananas in a supermarket.
Relocating to NYC
February 27, 2019

Guide for relocating to Long Island affordably

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Unless you are a millionaire or at least have a hefty sum of money stashed away on your bank account, moving will be an expensive endeavor. It doesn't matter whether you will be moving to Long Island, Los Angeles or the Bronx - the truth is that any type of relocation requires a substantial amount of funds. As a resident of the Big Apple, there is a good possibility you have decided to move to Long Island. After all, it is so close by and it is incomparably cheaper than NYC. So, do you fear that relocating to Long Island affordably won't be an option? Well, if you are, let us tell you how wrong you are. As a premier moving company in NYC, we have a few tips to distribute. Keep a close watch on them!

Relocating to Long Island affordably 101

The first thing you need to realize is that the biggest impact on the price of your move will have your movers Long Island of choice. If you hire a moving company with sky-high prices, you can clearly see how your move doesn't stand a chance of being cheap. On the other hand, if you hire affordable movers, who offer high-quality service at the same time, you will be able to get away with an affordable moving price.

An alarm clock next to three stacks of coins to spend when relocating to Long Island affordably.

Being able to relocate quickly and affordably is not just a myth. It can happen in real life, too.

Ask for a few recommendations

The safest way to find good movers is by asking the people around you whether they know of any. Moving has become a common occurrence these days. The moving industry has witnessed a boom, which resulted in two things:

  • Plenty of reputable moving companies with a wide range of prices;
  • Plenty of moving scams and fraudulent moving companies.

Do your job and ask your friends and family whether they can recommend any company they have experience with. Of course, let them know that you are trying to move to Long Island on a budget so that they can adjust their recommendations to your needs.

Compare moving companies' quotes

If you are unfamiliar with the moving terminology, you probably have no idea what moving quotes are. In essence, they are price estimates of your upcoming move. Seeing as you are trying to relocate to Long Island on a budget, this is one term you will have to remember. Upon contacting a few companies and asking for their NYC moving quotes, you just need to be patient. Once the moving quotes arrive, you will be able to do your comparison. Warning: don't be too quick to opt for the lowest moving estimate. Instead, pick the movers that can give you the best services for the most affordable price.

Be careful when choosing the moving services

Now, this is what it all comes down to - the moving services. No one can deny that they are the most useful thing to have during a move. After all, who wouldn't like for someone else to do all the hard work while you have a chance to relax and unwind? But, if relocating to Long Island affordably, or trying to, the truth is that you won't be having the luxury of picking and choosing extra moving services. Of course, this does not mean that you should not have any, quite the contrary. If you see that you will absolutely need help with some of your items, you should make sure you get it. For example, hiring piano movers is the only way to go if trying to relocate a piano.

A piano and a sheet of music on it.

Your piano is a delicate object. Give it the care and attention it deserves.But, don' get those moving services you can do without. For example, packing and unpacking is something that, realistically, all of us can do. Sure, it would be great for someone else to deal with it instead of us, but what can you do if your budget doesn't allow it? Don't force anything and don't try to go over your budget. You will regret it soon enough!

Save your money on the packing materials

When trying to relocate to Long Island on a budget, you will need to save every dollar you can. Places to achieve that are many and a good place to start is when buying packing supplies. Usually, all local and long distance movers NYC will offer you the chance to get the packing materials along with their packing services. Unfortunately, you are trying to save some money and not spend extra. For that reason, you should do your best to find free packing materials or at least reuse your old ones. The best places to find free moving boxes are:

  • Supermarkets
  • Drugstores
  • Bookstores

We are sure you can realize just how much money you'd be saving by not having to buy moving boxes? It would significantly lower your moving cost which would make relocating to Long Island affordably possible.

A stand of bananas in a supermarket.

Visit your local supermarket and see whether they have any leftover cardboard boxes for you.

Don't be a generous tipper

Once the move is over, people usually find themselves in a dilemma - should I or should I not tip my movers? While there is not one correct answer, it's a good rule of thumb to always tip your movers if you were left satisfied with their services. However, if relocating to Long Island affordably, or trying to, you shouldn't become the world's most generous tipper. Instead, give a realistic and reasonable tip, as every mover will have to get their fair share. Imagine how much money you would have to set aside if you decided to give each one of them a 100-dollar tip! Just be smart, and follow our tips. If you do so, you can't go wrong with this process you are about to embark on!


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