|meter - Furniture moving|a door|men sitting
|meter - Furniture moving|a door|men sitting
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November 24, 2020

Furniture moving hacks and solutions

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Relocating furniture is usually something that most people do not like to do. It requires you to plan everything and to be prepared. Even though this sounds like an easy thing, it can be troublesome. The good thing about furniture moving is that it can be much easier than you think. Besides hiring the best furniture movers NYC for the job, you should just follow the best tips and you should be okay. Have a look at some of the best advice on how to relocate your furniture with ease!

How to handle furniture moving like a professional?

Even though there is no particular advice that will make you a professional for furniture relocation, there are many things that will make the process much easier. See what are the best things you should do in order to have a smooth relocation:

  • Measuring is important
  • Make the necessary corrections
  • Use proper equipment
  • Get help
  • Hire good movers

Measuring is important

The first thing that you want to do when relocating furniture is to measure. Before trying to move anything around your current home, you need to be sure that your furniture can fit. That means that you will have to get a measuring tape and see whether your walls and hallways are wide enough. Apartments are usually a bigger problem. The walls are usually not that wide and you could have problems moving the piece of furniture. You may need to disassemble furniture for a move so that you could move everything. After all, this is an easier way, even though it will take you some time to disassemble.

meter - Furniture moving

Measure everything before you even try to move the furniture

How to disassemble furniture?

Disassembling furniture - easier said than done. It is not that easy if you do not know what you need to do. Well, in order to do it right, you will need the furniture manual and hand tools. The manual usually comes with the furniture but the problem is that most people throw it away. They think that they will not need it. But, when the time comes you need it, you will be in a problem. Everything is labeled there and you know where to unscrew in order to get many pieces of your furniture that are easier for lifting and transport. Another thing you need is hand tools. You can get them almost anywhere and they are not expensive to start with.

Make the necessary corrections

Furniture moving requires all sorts of jobs that you have to do. One of them is making the necessary corrections in your home. Even though your furniture can fit through the halls, you still need to make sure that nothing stands in the way. Doors can be a pretty big problem when moving the furniture out of the room. If you want to be safe and avoid frustration, you should remove them. Of course, your doors may not be a problem but if they are, your job is to make certain adjustments. If you do not know how, call someone that could help you.

a door

Remove any doors that represent an obstacle

Use proper equipment

Furniture is usually heavy. If you try and lift it, you risk injuries. Of course, smaller pieces are not a problem but you should be careful with the big ones. When it comes to relocating big pieces of your furniture, you need to use proper equipment. Moving dollies are the perfect choice for transporting heavy pieces of furniture. Of course, you can't place the whole thing but if you disassemble it, you will have much greater chances to pull everything off without problems!

Get help

Most people call their friends for help. It is a good choice if your friends know what to do. The problem is that most people do not move every day. They do not have the experience needed for this complicated job. Yes, strength is very important since you will have to lift and move things. But that is not everything. If you do not know how to lift and take care of yourself, you can get hurt. It is vital to be careful and not force yourself too hard.Another type of help is the moving company. It is the best one since there are a lot of movers that can take care of you with ease, like Capital City Movers NYC. Your only job is to call and ask for their services!

men sitting

If you feel confident. call your friends to help. Be careful and do not hurry!

Hire good movers

Finding good movers is probably the most important part of relocating your furniture. Yes, you can pull everything off by yourself, but it is much safer when you have someone with knowledge and experience. Besides physical work and placing all your items in the moving truck, there are other services that you can use.You can store all your furniture in the storage unit until the moving day. It can reduce the stress of having to do so many things on the moving day itself. There are many storage facilities NYC you can choose from and make everything much simpler. The good thing about this is that most storage units are very affordable. You will not have to break the bank in order to afford it!


Furniture moving is usually a problem for a lot of people. The core of the problem lies in the thinking that you will do it in no time. Well, if we consider what you have to do, you would have to reconsider. The most important thing here is to take things seriously. There is plenty of room for you to get injured and ruin your relocation. Hiring a moving company will definitely be a big step that will ensure you have a smooth move. You need to follow the tips and tricks on this list, start rather soon and you will have no problems with your relocation!


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