sofa - Disassembling furniture for a move|tools - Disassembling furniture for a move|manual guide|people sitting
sofa - Disassembling furniture for a move|tools - Disassembling furniture for a move|manual guide|people sitting
Moving out of NYC
January 23, 2020

Disassembling furniture for a move: Tips & Tricks

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Moving is a job that has many little pieces that you have to get together in order to succeed. Disassembling furniture for a move is just one of them. The problem is that this particular job requires a lot of time so many people hate doing it. On the other hand, it does not have to be. With the help of furniture movers NYC, you can get your furniture at your new location in no time. No matter what way of moving furniture you choose, there are some tips and tricks that you should know before your next move!

Before you start disassembling furniture for a move...

This is a rule for anything when moving, no matter how small it is. Do you actually need that piece of furniture? This is the first and most important question that you should ask yourself. The problem with disassembling furniture for a move is that it is time-consuming and you can get really stressed in no time. So, before you start this job, you should see whether you will use that piece of furniture or not. If not, there are ways to get them away from you.Of course, many people choose to throw them away. If the piece of furniture that you are throwing away is good and usable, why should it go to the trash? There are many people you can give the furniture to like friends and family. You can even try and donate it for some organization that may use it.

What do you need when disassembling furniture for a move?

This can be a very hard job to pull out if you do not have proper tools for it.

  • Drill or power screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Rubber mallet
  • Dropcloth etc.
tools - Disassembling furniture for a move

Be sure to have proper tools for the job

Do not have the equipment for the job?

If you do not have the proper equipment for the job, do not panic. This is the worst thing that you can do since it will decrease your ability to think. That means that you will make more mistakes and that is not good for a big job like relocation.You can find all of these things in the local store that sells this kind of stuff. On the other hand, if you feel more modern, you can find hammers, power screwdrivers, rubber mallets online where you just have to order and wait. As you may think, this requires a couple of days so be sure that you have enough time.

Start on time

Now it comes the hard part. When it comes to disassembling furniture for relocation, you want to have enough time to do it. This is the first and most important thing when making a moving day list of chores. Proper organization will bring you more time to work and less time to overwork and stress out. You can separate the job on more days and then work just a couple hours a day. Of course, everything depends on the size and complexity of the furniture that you would like to disassemble.

How to disassemble?

There are many ways on how to disassemble your furniture when relocating. It is one thing to call your local movers NYC to deal with your furniture but totally another to do it by yourself. But before you start doing anything, it would be best if you could measure everything. Some pieces of furniture do not even need to be disassembled.

Use manual

There is no disassembling without a manual. They are usually papers where you have everything about the piece of furniture that you want to disassemble. It is a problem that many people do not keep it and just throw away. Others do not know where they have put it but the result is the same. This manual is important because you have a number of pieces that the furniture has. If you do not know how many pieces there are, there is a chance that you can't make the furniture whole again once you relocate.Another very important thing is to keep track of all the pieces. It is best if you could make a checklist where you can cross the things that you have done. Also, the same parts should go together while different should go separate.

manual guide

Use the manual in order to finish the job sooner

Ask for help

Moving is a group project. It is natural that you would want someone to help you since things will go much smoother. Before you start working on your furniture, be sure that you can get some help from your friends and family. The good thing is that it will take less time for you to finish. On the other hand, this kind of help has even some cons. We already said that you should keep track of all the things that you have when it comes to the furniture itself. This can be compromised because you can't overview constantly. Before you make a decision about a friend, be careful. Consider their skills when it comes to manual work and then make a decision. You will have less chance for your friend to make some mistake and ruing your relocation.

people sitting

It is okay to ask for help when disassembling the furniture


Disassembling furniture for a move can be a very troublesome job. There are so many things that can go wrong. That is why you should be efficient when packing for a move by starting on time and avoiding procrastination. When you have enough time, you have more space to maneuver and correct any mistakes that you may have made.Besides being responsible, you need to know at least something about a piece of furniture that you would like to disassemble. That is the reason why you should always keep the manual that comes with it. There is so much detail and you need only a short period of time to adjust. Be sure that you keep track of numbers and check once you finish. It will be much easier to assemble the furniture again if you have pieced together and separate.


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