If you need to move cross country, you will need a few tips...|If you need an estimate, book an in-house one.|Here's how you can cut the costs of your cross country relocation.|Your cross country relocation is safe with a good plan.
If you need to move cross country, you will need a few tips...|If you need an estimate, book an in-house one.|Here's how you can cut the costs of your cross country relocation.|Your cross country relocation is safe with a good plan.
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January 12, 2018

Cross-country move - preparation tips

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Moving house is a pretty daunting task which numerous homeowners take on with reluctance. And, a cross-country move is even more difficult. It means leaving behind everything you own and turning a completely new leaf for your life. And, sometimes, this is quite refreshing. It means that you’re starting over. Though, usually, it involves more stress than expected and leaves you tired by the time you’re finished. So, is there any way to make this NYC relocation easier for you? Well, here are some tips from experienced NYC movers who will aim to help you out. These are the preparation tips for your cross-country move – the best of advice and hacks.

The important thing with any relocation is to be organized and start early

Your cross country relocation is safe with a good plan.

First, get a binder. Then, make a plan. Next, everything else.If you’ve been reading up on moving tips online, you’ve likely already seen this mentioned. A relocation is a difficult, mess of a project which one easy loses control of. So, the first thing we advise our clients to do is make a plan. In a best-case scenario, this is a two-month plan. Head out to the local Walmart or Staples and get yourself a good binder. This is going to be your Bible for the rest of our guide to a cross-country move. Here, you should put your monthly, weekly and daily to-do list. Also, include a note with all the long distance NYC moving companies which you’re considering as well as their information. Any affordable binding quote you get, place it in the binder, too.

Next, before booking a cross-country move, you will need a bit of preparation

Most homeowners underestimate the number of their belongings. And, when a move comes, they are surprised by the NYC movers’ quote. So, here’s what you should do about eight weeks before you decide to move cross-country. Go to the room with you use least and start sifting through the items there. You should decide what will be moving with you and what won’t. There is an important tip we’re going to give you here. It’s the so-called ‘would I buy it again’ rule. So, when you come across something you’re not sure you need, ask yourself if you would buy it again today. If yes, you should bring it with you. If not, it’s time to donate. And, when you’re really not certain about an item, here’s another tip. Put it in a box, label it with the date 18 months from today’s and leave it in storage. If you haven’t opened the box by the date on the lid, you don’t really need that item.

If your moving budget isn’t high, there is a way to earn money on the go

When you’ve finished the purge, you will have some stuff on the side which won’t be moving to your new home. So, you should use this as an opportunity to gain some money during a cross-country move. Here are a few ways:

  • Hold a garage sale before your cross-country move. All of the things you don’t need can fetch a good price on the sale. Also, you will get a chance to hang out with your neighbors for a while and say goodbye.
  • Auction things online if you don’t need them at your new NYC apartment. You can find quite a few websites online, like eBay, which are open to re-selling items in good condition.
  • Donating may not seem like a first option to earn money, but you can claim a tax deduction on a cross-country move if you do so. Hence, look up the rules to donation tax deduction and give away anything you don’t need for a good cause.
Here's how you can cut the costs of your cross country relocation.
  • There are a few ways to cut the costs of an interstate move to New York...

Then, it’s time to find a good NYC cross-country moving company for the job

Finding good New York movers isn’t that difficult. After all, there are a number of companies you can choose from. So, we suggest getting recommendations from friends and family first. Then, have a look online for any company you like. Jot the names and their information on a list in your binder. If you start out with five companies, that is perfect. Call them for references and check out their reviews online. Though, when doing so, take them with a grain of salt. Not everyone will be satisfied with their service, despite their expertise. Then, when you have narrowed the choice down to three companies, ask for an in-house estimate. At this time, the movers should send a representative to assess your belongings.A quote over the phone is also alright, however, it can be unreliable. You may not remember to tell the phone operator about everything you own. When a representative gives you an in-house quote it is usually quite accurate. They can consider the elevator in your building, any stairs, etc., as well. Then, you only need to compare quote and choose the most affordable one.

If you need an estimate, book an in-house one.

An in-house estimate is the most reliable for a cross-country move to NY.

Finally, be ready on your cross-country moving day with everything packed

The first and last tip we have for you is not to underestimate the packing process. It will definitely take more time than you think it will. So, start early. And, if you don’t have the time for it, consider booking NYC packing and unpacking services. The movers will be in and out of your house, preparing everything for loading on schedule. Though, if you’re doing the packing yourself, here’s what to do. Label every box and color code them according to rooms. It will make unpacking a breeze. Also, keep a detailed list of everything you’re shipping by movers. In case there’s any damage or something is lost, you’ll be able to file a refund. If you’re moving something fragile, be sure to add extra protection inside the box. Also, consider buying additional insurance for anything precious. Don’t forget to leave valuables and important documents aside and take them with you. Finally, remember to pack an overnight bag which you can use during the cross-country move.


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