People walking through a business building|Apartment size will influence the costs of relocating for a job|Man driving a car|Negotiating a deal with the employer about who will cover the costs of relocating for a job.
People walking through a business building|Apartment size will influence the costs of relocating for a job|Man driving a car|Negotiating a deal with the employer about who will cover the costs of relocating for a job.
Moving out of NYC
March 23, 2018

Costs of relocating for a job

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You got a great job offer. Congrats! But there's a catch - it requires you to move. On one hand, you are excited about your career taking off. On the other, you are aware of the amount of work and time the relocation will take. Or you might feel reluctant to leave behind the life you have built in New York City. There are many mixed feeling involved in this big decision. And the costs of relocating for a job are definitely a factor to consider. Even though the ultimate decision is yours to make, we can help you out by presenting you with the costs associated with moving to a new city for work. Some of them might not have even crossed your mind yet, amidst all of the initial excitement.

Costs of residential moving

When you think about the costs of relocating for a job, you immediately think of the costs of moving your home. It is probably the biggest part of your total moving costs and surely the most obvious one. How much is the relocation from New York going to cost you depends on:

  • where are you moving to
  • how big is your home
  • how pressed for time are you

When you have to move long distance for a new job prospect, it's best to entrust professional long distance movers NYC with that job. You don't want to add to the stress of handling your own relocation when you are already dealing with a challenging and an eventful time in your life. If you chose a trustworthy professional moving company, you can rest assured your belongings will arrive safely at your new destination.

Size of your home is a price shaping factor

If you live in a one-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn or in a three-bedroom family house in Queens is going to influence the price of your residential move greatly. This is due to the fact that long distance moving prices are determined by the weight of your shipment and the distance it has to travel before reaching your new home. You can find out more about moving costs NYC in our previous blog posts or you can provide us with the specifics of your move and get a free moving quote.

Apartment size will influence the costs of relocating for a job

How big is your NYC home?

Costs of storage

There is a strong possibility you are going to need storage services when you have to relocate for a job in a hurry. If you have to start working right away you might not be able to find permanent housing solutions in your new city that fast. Perhaps you will have to use a small apartment during the transition period. In this case, you will need to rent a storage unit to accommodate your belongings until you find a more appropriate home for you.

How will cover your costs of relocating for a job

Costs of moving for a job can really add up when you are moving cross country or when you are moving a large family home. This is why you are hoping your new employer will cover these costs. And it was customary for the employer to reimburse the new employee or transferee for those costs. Sadly, those times have passed. Whether your company will cover your costs of relocating for a job or not depends on the size of the company and your ranking within it. According to a survey by employees working in executive level positions received larger reimbursements (65-100% of the costs covered) than entry-level employees (around 30% coverage of relocation services).

Negotiating a deal with the employer about who will cover the costs of relocating for a job.

Negotiate with your employer until you reach a satisfactory deal.If your job offer does not mention costs of relocation, you shouldn't hesitate to raise the question yourself. After all, it's not a small thing to ask a new employee to leave everything behind in order to come work for their company. And if you are not satisfied with the relocation package offered by the employer, go ahead and negotiate. You might be able to get a better deal than initially proposed.

Hidden costs of a job-related relocation

There are many possible scenarios when one moves for a job opportunity. Do you have a family who is set in their routine in NYC and is not happy about the relocation? Do you have a partner or a spouse who is doing well at their job and would have to sacrifice their career in order for you to pursue yours? Do you have a real estate in New York you would have to sell due to this big life change? These are important factors you will need to consider when making the decision about moving for a job. All these factors could influence the cost of your relocation, one way or the other.

Costs of childcare

When you have to juggle career and family obligations it's a tremendous help to have family members live nearby. Having your mother, sister or cousin babysit your kids when you need to run an errand or rush off to work is something you might be accustomed to. But, if you relocate to a new area for work, you might be facing yet another challenge - lack of help with childcare. You will have to hire a babysitter, which will translate into a monthly expense after you move. Bear this in mind too, when calculating the costs of your relocation.

Cost of commuting

A man driving a car to work.

The cost of commuting to work by car is one of the hidden costs of a job relocation.If you have lived in the Big Apple your whole life than you are used to commuting to work by public transportation. But if you move to another state, you might not have that option. Commuting to work will cost you gas, parking and toll money each month. Not to mention the intangible cost of time spent on the commute. You should think about this too while deciding whether or not to take that job offer.Hopefully, by now you have a better idea of the actual costs of relocating for a job. Weigh your options and good luck with making your decision!


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