A morning scene in one of the best NJ suburbs for NYC commuters.|A view of a street in Manhattan during sunset.|A close up of a white alarm clock.|Cupcakes on a plate.
A morning scene in one of the best NJ suburbs for NYC commuters.|A view of a street in Manhattan during sunset.|A close up of a white alarm clock.|Cupcakes on a plate.
Relocating to NYC
February 19, 2019

Best NJ suburbs for NYC commuters

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It is a wide-known fact that NYC is a hectic city. Even though it's filled with opportunities of all sorts, it still lacks one very important thing - space. For that reason, there has been a surplus of those who decided to venture out of NYC and move to a neighboring place - NJ. New Jersey is so close to New York, that it makes the perfect place for those who still want to keep their NYC jobs. Of course, some suburbs are closer than the others, and that's what makes them the best NJ suburbs for NYC commuters. Here, you are guaranteed not to spend a lot of time being stuck in traffic, which was one of the main reasons why you made the decision to leave New York City for good. Here is a list of our top picks!

A view of a street in Manhattan during sunset.

In a city as crowded as New York, getting to and from places is a challenge.

Jersey City takes the lead in the race for the best NJ suburbs for NYC commuters...

As the second most populous city in the state of New Jersey, Jersey City is an all-together great place for life. As a rather big city, Jersey City is filled with amenities of all kinds. From museums and libraries to restaurants and sports centers, this city has everything you need for a comfortable and fulfilled life. And not to mention how close it is to NYC. If you are keen on keeping your job in New York City, but you want to live outside of it, rest assured that Jersey City is the perfect place for you. It is only a 25 to 45-minutes drive away, depending on the means of transportation you choose. Doesn't this fact make you want to call up Jersey City movers and have them move you to this place as soon as possible? Well, if it does, your instincts are right!

...and it's closely followed by Union City!

Given the fact that Union City is just across the Hudson River, you can already imagine how close to NYC it is. It's a heaven for commuters because it's only a short drive away from the Big Apple - 15 to 30 minutes to be precise. Can you imagine it? You get to live in a city that is big, offers all the amenities you and your family need, but without the crowds. Plus you get to sit in your car and be in New York in as little as 15 minutes. With the median home value being $355, 400, it's even significantly more affordable than New York.By moving to Union City, you finally get to clear up your long term storage NYC that you needed because you lived in a cramped-up home and had to store your belongings. In your Union City home, there will be plenty of room for all of your items. Imagine this - you can even upgrade if you want, as you finally have enough space!

A close up of a white alarm clock.

Before you know it, you will be in NYC, ready to get on with your daily duties. That's an advantage of these NJ suburbs for NYC commuters.

Hackensack will win you over with its charm!

Welcome to Hackensack, New Jersey - an inner suburb of New York City and one of the best places to live. Located in Bergen County, Hackensack is one of the best NJ suburbs for NYC commuters. If you decide to drive to work, it will take you approximately 30 to 50 minutes to arrive. It all depends on the traffic and the time of the day. If you decide to take the NJ transit bus, then expect to commute for about an hour.Sure, right now one hour may seem like a lot. But, how much did you spend in traffic when you had to trudge through the Manhattan rush hour? Now, that's a nightmare right there! With median home value being $308,100, Hackensack is the perfect place. You can live on a budget, make good money on your NYC job, and not spend a lot on the commute. What could be more perfect?

Teaneck could be your cup of tea!

Located between Hackensack and Englewood, Teaneck is another place to consider. There is a reason why we as the top NYC movers decided to add it to this list. Depending on many factors, it will take you between 35 to 50 minutes to get to New York City. But, that's a negligible number, don't you think? What you'll get in return will be a wonderful community, amazing sights, and pretty much any type of food your heart desires. From Greek to Italian and everything in between, Teaneck is a heaven for foodies.

Cupcakes on a plate.

Indulge your taste buds in Teaneck, one of the best NJ suburbs for NYC commuters.Besides, Teaneck is rather affordable. An average house price here is $382,000. For that amount, you can buy a decent-sized home, with plenty of bedrooms and bathrooms. Do the best for your family, and buy a house in Teaneck. After you move in with your partner and kids, the fun can begin!

Carlstadt is another affordable option!

How much do you know about Carlstadt? Even though it's only 30 to 40 minutes away from New York, plenty of New Yorkers have never seen it. Which is a shame, as Carlstadt has plenty to offer. With a Wildlife Area spreading over 800 acres of lands, Carlstad is a special place.But it's its proximity that makes it one of the best NJ suburbs for NYC commuters. Not only do you get to enjoy a peaceful life, but you also get to live an affordable one. Although, the median house price is somewhat higher than the other entries on our list. To live in Carlstad, you'll have to set aside approximately $401,300. As a New Yorker, you already know that's child's play compared to the prices in the Big Apple. We expect you'll be moving out of NYC any minute know. After all, with everything you've just heard about New Jersey and its suburbs, it's the logical next step. Good luck and may luck follow you every step of the way!


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