Park|New Jersey||NYC skyline
Park|New Jersey||NYC skyline
Moving out of NYC
August 17, 2018

The Best New Jersey Neighborhoods Close to NYC

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The Big Apple is a great city to experience. All the different cultures and diverse people that are situated together in NYC make it a great melting pot of ideas and experiences. But, NYC can be expensive. If you want to make the best of it, but not spend a fortune doing so, you will need to be clever. One of the good ways in which you can save money when living in NYC is by having an apartment close to NYC but not in NYC. New Jersey is a great place to look in, because of its vicinity and comparatively lower prices than New York City. But where in New Jersey should you live? Well, here are some of the best New Jersey neighborhoods close to NYC you should definitely check out.

New Jersey

Moving to New Jersey can be a great decision.

What you should pay attention to when looking for a new neighborhood

When you start looking for a new neighborhood you need to be attentive. Neighborhoods in New Jersey can drastically differ, and you need to find one that is best suited for you. A family person requires a different neighborhood than a modern business person. By fitting in in the neighborhood both you and your future neighbors will be satisfied.

Consider your lifestyle

Are you an active person or a more static person? Do you prefer outdoors or do you prefer indoors? Are peace and quiet what you are after, or would you like to be near bars? Knowing what you are like will make looking for the right neighborhood much easier. Also, moving will be much easier if you know what you want from your next life stage. Knowing what you need to move will tremendously help New Jersey moving and storage companies. You cannot have everything and you will need to sort out your priorities. Of course, as time goes you will change and your priorities will change. That is normal. But you will need to figure out what you want from life in your next period, and how your neighborhood can help you enjoy that.

What does it mean to be "close to NYC"

Even though New Jersey and NYC are huge cities, they are very well connected. Knowing how public transport works in NYC will make it much easier for you to figure out how much does it take to get from one neighborhood to the other. If you are using a car, you should get informed on the traffic situation in the city. When are traffic jams most common and how to avoid them? Just looking at the map of the city without any prior knowledge can give you false information. Something that looks very close can take a lot of time to get to because of the density of traffic or unfortunate public transport routes. While some things that seem far can be just a couple of minutes away. You should ask your local movers NYC to give you hints since they usually use those streets and can help you navigate them more easily.

Public transport trains

You will need to get acquainted with public transportation in NYC if you want to find the best New Jersey neighborhoods close to NYC.

How to filter neighborhoods

The first thing to do is what you are already doing. Look online. Check for crime rates, median household incomes, and average rents. That will give you a broad idea of what your neighborhood looks like. Read reviews and experiences from the people who live there. Next thing to do is to try and visit the neighborhood as much as you can. Every neighborhood has its own vibe that can never be explained completely with words. You need to experience it in order to get the real picture. And the more time you visit your future neighborhood the clearer the picture will be.

Some of the best New Jersey neighborhoods close to NYC

Jersey City

What better place to start than the second most populous city in the state. By being home to the Liberty National Golf Course, Liberty State Park, and Liberty Science Center, Jersey City has a lot to offer. You can easily see the Statue of Liberty from Jersey City, so you will know just how close you are to NYC. Most of the culture in this neighborhood is Italian and American. Average home rent is $2,053. It will take you between 25-45 min by car and around half an hour by PATH train to get to NYC, making it one of the best New Jersey neighborhoods close to NYC.

NYC skyline - something you will see from the Best New Jersey Neighborhoods Close to NYC

In the best New Jersey Neighborhoods close to NYC you are able to see just how close you are to NYC


If you want a small town vibe while being close to NYC Hoboken is the place to be. It has lots of bars, restaurants, and gyms you can easily visit and enjoy. If you are a fan of walking, Hoboken will be just your speed. You can easily walk from one end to the other in a little more than an hour. And once you figure out how to commute in NYC and New Jersey, you will be in NYC in no time. Median home rent is $2001, while median household income is $118,479.

Union City

Across the Hudson River from NYC's Hell's Kitchen lies Union City. It houses the former Monastery and Church of Saint Michael the Archangel, the landmark on the National Register of Historic Places. The Park Performing Arts Center is also situated in Union City. Union City is the second smallest and the most densely populated city in the country. It is very multicultural with the majority of its residents having Hispanic descent. It is just one bust stop away from New York City. So, when looking for the best New Jersey neighborhoods close to NYC, you shouldn't skip Union City.

Cliffside Park

For a family to get situated new New York City, you need to look no further than Cliffside Park. Good schools, low crime, and family-friendly vibe make Cliffside park an excellent place for raising kids. The diversity of people will help you and your kids experience many different cultures and enjoy their cuisines. Median household income for Cliffside Park is $60,616 and median rent is $1,253, placing on the more affordable side of the best New Jersey neighborhoods close to NYC.


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