Enjoy the best museums in NYC.|a butterfly|One of the best museums in NYC is located right across the Statue of Liberty.|The Guggenheim Museum - one of the best museums in NYC.
Enjoy the best museums in NYC.|a butterfly|One of the best museums in NYC is located right across the Statue of Liberty.|The Guggenheim Museum - one of the best museums in NYC.
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April 5, 2018

Best museums in NYC

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Your dream of becoming a New Yorker has come true. After finding the right NYC relocation company you have arrived. You are here. And you are super excited to go out and explore the endless opportunities this city has to offer its inhabitants and visitors, alike. We totally get that. That's why we came up with this awesome guide to the best museums in NYC. As you know, New York is the world's cultural capital where so many different cultures meet and collide, creating a wonderfully diverse offer. That's why the city's best museum expositions include items from prehistoric past and some of the most contemporary pieces of modern art. So, let's go on this wonderful journey.

American Museum of Natural History

Founded in 1869, this is one of the oldest and the best museums in NYC. It is conveniently situated on the Upper East side, right on the brim of Central Park. Its address is Central Park West & 79th Steet and opening hours are 10 AM - 5:45 PM every day of the week. This massive museum takes up 2,000,000 square feet in 28 interconnected buildings and it has four floors. One could spend days exploring its vast collection which includes 33 million specimens of plants, animals, minerals, fossils, rocks, meteorites, human remains, and human cultural artifacts. The visitors are left in awe after seeing a huge skeleton of a Tyrannosaurus Rex in all its glory. Equally impressive are enormous skeletons of Apatosaurus and Wolly Mammoth, both also located on the fourth floor of the AMNH. Besides these permanent exhibitions that mesmerize curious visitors, one can also enjoy the visiting exhibitions. Currently, you can catch the Unseen Oceans Exhibition, Amazon Adventure Exhibition or the one about human senses. Whenever you go, we are sure you will find something that interests you. Or even better yet, you'll discover something you knew nothing about.

a butterfly

The museum boasts a huge butterfly collection.

Elis Island Immigration Museum

It is a well-known fact that America is the land of opportunity, but also the land of immigrants seeking that opportunity. And where better to learn about the stories of many souls that came to the USA right through NYC, than at the Elis Island Immigration Museum. The museum is located at Elis Island, the gate to the new world, where millions of immigrants first set foot in the USA. The restored building of the immigration station complex pays tribute to the brave man and women by telling their stories. The audio tour lasts 45 minutes and can be heard in 9 different languages. There is also a specially adapted version of the tour for children. Through the artifacts, photographs, prints, videos, interactive displays and oral histories, one can really learn to appreciate the sacrifice it took to come to this great country and make it even better.

One of the best museums in NYC is located right across the Statue of Liberty.

Elis Island Immigration Museum is just across the Statue of Liberty and it tells many a story of liberty.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

This museum was built in the 19th century. It has been housing exquisite works of art since 1880. It occupies a staggering 11.5-acre footprint. The largest art museum in the US, popularly called the Met, is located on the 5th Avenue. It opens its doors to visitors every day of the week at 10 AM and closes them at 5:30 PM. Except on Fridays and Saturdays, when it stays open until 9 PM. This is definitely one of the best museums in NYC, due to its grandeur, lavishing building and the stunning works of art it houses. The Met boasts art collections from ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome, as well as modern and contemporary pieces. Anyone with a taste for fine art will enjoy the Met's collection of timeless masterpiece paintings that include works by Botticelli, Velázquez, El Greco, Rembrandt and Edgar Degas. If you are an art aficionado looking for fine arts movers, we have a solution for you. And if you are into arms and armors, you'll enjoy the Met's collection of them, from all over the world.

The Guggenheim New York Museum

What makes this museum interesting are both its building and the art on display in it. The Guggenheim Museum was completed and opened to the public in 1959. Its architect Frank Lloyd Wright was able to design a masterpiece for housing masterpieces of modern art. The museum is situated on the 5th Avenue and it is open from 10 AM to 5:45 PM. It is closed on Thursdays, and on Saturdays, it is open a bit longer, until 7:45. In it, you can appreciate the collection of surrealist, cubist and abstract expressionist paintings, as well as minimalist and conceptual art from the 6os and 70s. The museum offers lectures by artist and critics and classes for teens and adults. If you enjoy guided tours, you can get on at the Guggenheim any day, or you can expand your knowledge with a film screening about artists like Picasso, Monet, and Kandinsky.

The Guggenheim Museum - one of the best museums in NYC.

Enjoy modern art at the Guggenheim Museum.

The Brooklyn Museum

If you want to visit one of the best museums in NYC without leaving Brooklyn, then just head to the Brooklyn Museum. It is located at 200 Eastern Parkway and it has a stunning, large building. In it are housed artworks, artifacts, photographs, videos and other valuable objects dating from ancient history to the modern days. The Brooklyn Museum is famous for being the first to exhibit African artifacts as art in the US. Also, it's known for a large collection of feminist works or art, including the famous Dinner Party by Judy Chicago. This museum has taken over the responsible role of an educator. It offers summer camps for children and lectures for teenagers about art and history. Don't miss out on the current exhibition about the great David Bowie. Just bear in mind, that the museum is closed on Mondays.

More of the best museums in NYC

These are just the top 5 best museums in NYC that we think you should visit after you are done dealing with moving services NYC. Be sure to also check out:

  • the Jewish Museum
  • the Tenement Museum
  • El Museo del Barrio
  • the Studio Museum of Harlem
  • the New York Hall of Science and

in order to better understand the history of many amazing people who make New York so great!


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