a checklist - moving day list of chores|documents - moving day list of chores|a sandwich|a dollar
a checklist - moving day list of chores|documents - moving day list of chores|a sandwich|a dollar
Relocating to NYC
November 14, 2019

A guide on preparing a moving day list of chores for your NYC move

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Moving requires a lot of sacrifices. You may not have free days at work due to your move so you will have to be extra productive to pull everything out. Making arrangements like hiring local movers NYC and packing is one thing, but thinking and coordinating everything that you have to do is totally another. Preparation is the most important part of any job or task so you will have to be careful when you prepare a moving day list of chores. Let's see what are the most important things you will have to think about.

Why are checklists important for moving?

Moving is stressful. There is a high chance that you may forget something if you are not careful enough. Making checklists is the best way to be sure that you have completed everything that you have to. The good thing about them is that you can cross the job you have just finished. This way you can concentrate on other stuff that you have to do in order to move. Of course, in order to make the perfect checklist for moving out of NYC, you have to start on time. Only like this, you can even correct any mistake that you have possibly made.

What should you include on a moving day list of chores?

We already said that moving is hard and requires numerous stuff that you have to be careful about. Only one little mistake is enough to stress you out completely and make you lose money.

  • Proper packing
  • Taking care of the movers
  • Tipping
  • Final inspection

Proper packing

You should have started packing a few days before the moving day. But it is very important to check whether you have done everything correctly. What we mean by this is that you need to have some kind of order when it comes to packing. The first belongings you should pack are the ones you will not need until you unpack at your new home. The last should be stuff which you will have to use until the moving day comes. The most important things on a moving day list of chores are personal documents. Some of them are necessary so that you could actually move from NYC. Be sure that you do not pack them and keep them close to you. Also, avoid putting them on plain sight because no moving company will take responsibility for stuff like this.There are also a lot of other documents like medical documents, financial documents, etc. Those are also very important and there many tips on how to pack personal documents like that. Be sure to pack them independently so that you always know their location.

documents - moving day list of chores

Pack important documents properly

Taking care of the movers

This is the second most important thing on this moving day list of chores for moving out of NYC. New York City is a major city with a lot of people living there. Traffic can be quite a problem when it comes to moving. Your movers could have a lot of problems to park in order to relocate your stuff into the vehicle. Be sure that you have a free parking space for them so that they avoid any problems.Also, this is not the only thing you have to think about. Movers are working for you but they are still people. That means that they get tired and hungry. In order to get the best possible service, be sure to provide food and refreshments for them. That does not have to be something extravagant but simple sandwiched and juices. They will be more fresh and eager to perform well for you.

a sandwich

Take care of your movers!


It very common to tip people in the USA. There is a good reason for that. The USA is a very advanced country with very competent people in any business. It is natural that you would want to award people working for you. When it comes to tipping movers, there are the same rules as anywhere. Everything depends on their performance. If they were good, then it is okay to tip them even more than you would want to. There is one thing that you have to understand tough. This does not have to be on the moving day list of tasks. If you do not want to tip your movers, then do not! You have no obligation to do that so everything depends on you whether you want to tip them or not.

a dollar

Tip your movers

Final inspection

Many people forget to do this when the moving day comes. That is the reason why this is also an important part of the moving day list of tasks that you have to do. Your New Jersey movers have finished their job and now you have an empty house or apartment. This is the perfect opportunity to check if there is anything that you have not packed. You should also use this opportunity to see whether there are any damages so that you do not have problems with your landlord after the move. You can also call your landlord and check everything together. This is the only way to be sure that you will not have any problems later.


There are many more things that you have to do on a moving day. This moving day list of chores should be even longer but we all know that some things are just more important than others. It is vital that you do not have any delays on a moving day because it can cost you a lot. On the other hand, it does not have to cost but you can be so stressed that you will regret your decision to move in the first place. You have to understand that everything requires time. Time is the most important factor on which depends whether you are going to have an easy or hard move. Start on time and be sure that you complete everything that you have on a moving day.


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