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November 6, 2022

5 things not worth packing

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When moving, packing can seem tedious, but it can be simple. You should always go through all your belongings to determine which ones are worth packing and which ones aren’t. We're sure you’ll find these 5 things not worth packing in your home.

To make things easier for yourself, it would be best to have a packing plan. A packing plan is a guide to help make packing easier, so know exactly where to start without missing any important items. A packing plan should be one of the first things planned before the moving process starts.

Donate your old clothes to charity

I'm sure we can all agree that sometimes when moving, most people tend to take everything with them without thoroughly looking through it. This isn’t a good idea because you can end up taking things that are not worth packing. Packing only what’s necessary will save you time, money, and energy. So, make sure you pack accordingly.

These are the five things not worth packing:

  • Old, damaged furniture
  • Torn clothes and shoes
  • Food
  • Old books
  • Outdated gadgets

Old, damaged furniture

If you have furniture that you aren’t using or that is old and damaged, it is not worth packing, so leave it behind or throw it out. Furniture is heavy and takes up space. To save money and the hassle of moving it, throw it out and buy new furniture when you get to your new home.

Getting new furniture will give you a fresh start. If you can’t afford to buy new furniture and prefer to repair the old, damaged furniture, then do so.

Torn clothes and shoes

There’s absolutely no reason for you to pack torn clothes and shoes. First, you probably aren’t wearing them anyway, so why take them with you to your new home? If you do have clothes that aren’t torn but are old, and you haven’t worn them in a long time, you should give those away to charity or sell them online.

Shoes tend to be on the heavy side, adding more weight to your belongings. Remember that most companies charge items by weight, so to avoid extra fees, don't pack shoes or clothes you won’t wear.


Food, whether fresh or frozen, should not be packed. Most moving companies don't allow any food in their trucks. This is because most fresh and frozen foods need a temperature-controlled environment, and most moving companies don't offer that for residential moves.

Do not pack frozen foods

What you could do (if you have a lot of fresh and frozen food left) would be to host a going-away dinner and invite close family and friends over. Use food in your house to make dinner, so you don't waste it. If you are pressed for time and can’t host a dinner or lunch, donate the food to homeless shelters or give it away to friends and family.

You can, however, pack non-perishable foods and keep them on your person during the move. Avoid packing any food, though, if you don't have to, as it is not worth it. Buy fresh food when you get to your new home.

Old books

If you know that you won’t use them or ever read them again, why take them with you? Books are heavy and can add excess weight to your belongings. Consider donating old books to libraries and schools or selling them online and making some money.

If you have books that you’re planning to use for your kids or other reasons, it would be better to send them separately via post or have your family bring the books when they visit you.

Outdated gadgets

This point is arguable, as some people collect old gadgets. But let's say that if you are a collector, then great. If not, there’s no point in packing outdated gadgets that you won't use. They are just not worth packing.

If your outdated gadgets still work and are in good condition, sell them online to vintage collectors. They may actually be of high value, and you could make good money from them.


Packing takes a lot of time and energy. If you have items that you haven’t used in a while or that are outdated, it is best to just throw them out, give them away, or donate them. You have to understand that hoarding an item you don't use is not worth it.

Have a packing plan in place as a guide to make things easier and help speed up the process. If you need help packing, ask family and friends, and always have a floor plan ready for them or movers if you’re hiring a moving company.

Be aware of what moving companies can and cannot move. If you aren’t sure about this, call and ask just to be sure.

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