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May 18, 2022

Apps to help you sell stuff before your move

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You finally have your moving date and want to get rid of some stuff and make a few bucks out of it, but don’t have an idea where to start? Well, with moving stress it is understandable to worry about selling your things on time before moving day comes. We have a list of apps to help you sell stuff before your move.

It is very hard these days to find reliable people to sell things to, and for some people, a garage sale isn’t an option, this of course depends on your living location/arrangement.

We will be sharing some of the most trusted apps you can use to sell your stuff. Be careful anytime you sell stuff online even through an app as unfortunately, there are always bad apples in this world. Some of these apps you may have heard of. They make life much simpler as, you don’t have to go around telling everybody that you are selling. This is a quick and convenient way of putting your stuff out by clicking.

Facebook Marketplace

This app is completely free and lists your stuff locally. Have buyers conveniently pick up the goods themselves. All you do is take a picture of the item and list them. Buyers will find you by scrolling through the marketplace and setting up a time to meet up.


  • Wide reach as the app is used by many people so, this means big numbers
  • Can list stuff for locals only
  • Quick and easy listing
  • Free app

Conveniently sell your furniture online
Conveniently sell your furniture online


This has been deemed the best-selling app according to TECHLICIOUS. The great thing about this app is that it's not just local so you can sell your stuff to anyone anywhere, the only downfall is that you would have to ship the stuff yourself once you’ve received payment for the purchase.

We would recommend using this app if you’re trying to sell high-value items, you can expect to make good money with this app. 

Other advantages of using this app include:

Wide reach

Can list your items as “pick up only”

Available for apple and android users and computers, laptops, and tablets.


This is another free app and you can use it to list your items in numerous categories like electronics, furniture, home goods, sports equipment, etc., so you can be very specific as to what you’re selling. Very convenient app and has great reviews as it’s been featured in a few well-known newspapers like the New York times. Can be used by both iPhone and Android users. 


In-app chat

Verified user profiles

The easy sales process (for selling cars)  


OFFERUP lets you see your items nationwide, the app sends you a prepaid label and you get paid through the app directly into your bank account. Buyers have the option to choose local pick-up only or nationwide pickup only. The buyer pays for the label so you don’t have to worry about that. They have a wide variety of categories so you can list as many things as you want.Offerup is among the fastest growing marketplaces we have ever seenGEEKWIRE 


This is listed as a top choice in the community marketplace by MoneyPantry. This app is also similar to the Facebook marketplace. You also just take a picture of the item you’re selling and upload it immediately and put the listing details right away. 


No listing fees

Multiple categories for listing

You can share your listings on other apps like Facebook or Instagram

Access to speaking directly with potential buyers

There are special interest groups you can reach out to and list your items specifically to those groups

Available on both Android and iPhone 


This app is great for selling gadgets, games, books, etc. the app is different from the others as you sell to the app itself and not potential buyers. All you do is log in, get a quote, and if you like the offer you simply ship off your items. It’s that simple. 


Fast and easy

Free app

Free shipping on all orders

Instant valuation of the stuff you’re selling


This app is great for second-hand clothing. If you have old clothes that are still in good condition that you’d like to sell, then this app is for you. But, it doesn’t end there; you can also sell home decor, makeup, and more. All you do is take a picture of the outfits and upload them, write a description of the item, set the price, and upload.

When you make a sale Poshmark provides a prepaid label addressed to the buyer. Once you’ve packed the package, all you do is drop it off at the post office or have it picked up by USPS for free from the comfort of your home. 


Fast and easy

Available for Android and iPhone users

Also available on computers and laptops With the world becoming more and more digital, there are so many apps coming out that conveniently help users. 

Below are some more apps you should also look into:






We are sure that there are tons more apps you could use to sell things. However, these are some of the best and well known reliable and well-known apps that you should try to use.

We all love the convenience of getting things done with just the click of our fingers. We always advise that you take extra precautions when meeting up with sellers. Choose an app wisely by doing research and reading reviews. That’ll make your decision much easier. Feel free to contact us for a free moving quote at(718) 619 4881. Capital City Movers will help with all your moving needs and questions. Visit our website for more information. Happy Moving


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