piano - hire professionals to relocate your piano|an anvil can be pretty heavy|dollars|a person stepping on a banana
piano - hire professionals to relocate your piano|an anvil can be pretty heavy|dollars|a person stepping on a banana
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July 27, 2019

Why should you hire professionals to relocate your piano?

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There is nothing like having to move. You are literally putting your life into boxes and shuffling them off to who knows where. Of course, this is not always the case. Sometimes, you are facing an item so huge and heavy that no box can contain it. When dealing with these items, then your best bet would be to call furniture movers NYC who can help you deal with them. And having a piano is exactly one of the items we mentioned. There are so many things that you need to deal with when you want to move your piano - and so many reasons to hire professionals to relocate your piano. Even though you might be tempted to try it alone, in this article, you can discover the most important reasons to miss out on this decision.

The costs of moving your piano

One of the biggest reasons why you might opt not to hire professionals to relocate your piano is the costs of the process. As you already know, the piano can be quite heavy. And moving companies will often charge for their services based on the weight of the item. When you add these two factors together, you are getting a nice bill at the end of the day.


Moving a piano can be expensive.When you look at some moving averages, the cost of moving a piano can range anywhere from $400 to over $1,000. This is quite a hefty sum to add to your already staggering moving budget. However, it should still not be enough to tempt you to move a piano without professional movers! If something goes awry, then the costs of repairing or replacing the piano can be even higher. And since you probably do not have too much experience with moving heavy objects, then the chances of something going amiss get high. Think about this when planning your move.

Hire professionals to relocate your piano when you don't know its weight

Probably the biggest factor you need to consider when moving your piano is its weight. This will be the biggest challenge for you, but it will also give you important details about the whole process. By knowing this number, you can figure out exactly what manpower you might need. You will know whether or not to hire professionals to relocate your piano. Then, you can also figure out which equipment to use and what free storage NYC to get.

an anvil can be pretty heavy

You never know just how heavy your piano is.A piano can weigh anywhere from simple 300 pounds to a monster with over 1000 pounds. You won't know this unless it says so in some manual you got - or you put it on the scales. And since the weight of your piano is really significant for the move, it's best to leave the process to the professionals. Once they examine it, they will know exactly how to deal with your piano. Their experience helps them guarantee a safe move - and this is something you don't have when moving your piano alone.

The professionals will have the right equipment

We already mentioned that moving your piano will be tough. Just imagine having to shift around a box that weighs a ton around the halls and down the stairs! In order to do it, you don't only need proper technique, but proper equipment too. If you do not have it, then you are risking dropping your piano and damaging both the item as well as your floors, walls and other items. Since repairing the piano can cost a lot - this is something you want to evade by all costs.This is why piano movers NYC are lifesavers! They will have the right equipment for lifting heavy objects, and this will make the job easy. What's more, when you hire professionals to relocate your piano, they will come with the safety equipment too. What this means is that your piano will not just be safe when you move it to the truck - but during the travels too! So, in order to get your piano in one piece - call the professionals!

Hire professionals to relocate your piano to evade injury

Another important thing that you need to think about is the risk of injury. It is not only your piano that can get hurt during the move - but you and your friends as well. As anyone who ever tried can tell you - lifting heavy objects is not an easy thing to do. You need proper stance and preparation! And even then, the risk of injury can be pretty high! Then, you can lose the grip on your piano while transporting it, and the fall can cause further injury as well!

a person stepping on a banana

Evade injury with professional movers!To evade this, you need to hire professionals to relocate your piano. Not only can they offer valuable piano moving tutorials, but they will also know exactly how to behave around such a huge and heavy item. Even better, while they are doing their job, you can rest, finish up the final preparations or just hang out with your friends. Since moving can be quite stressful, you will be saving yourself from a huge amount of it with professional movers on your side.


As you can see, there are multiple reasons for you to hire professionals to relocate your piano. Even though it might seem like an expensive thing, you will actually be saving your money in the long run. With them, you are sure to evade any damages that might happen to your piano - and you will be skipping out on any injuries as well!


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